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2010 Census Data

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Want to see what happens to the information you filled out on your 2010 Census form? As the results reach the public in order to set congressional districting and funding for many public programs, we'll keep you up to date and provide data on the US population from previous years. The following data uses 2000 Census and population estimates from 2000 to 2009.

Currently, you can choose three different search options below:

  • population data for the nation's incorporated places (such as cities, counties, vilages, and more)
  • county demographic data
  • state and county housing unit estimates

Incorporated Place Population

The following data set contains July 1, 2009, population estimates for each of the nation's incorporated places, including cities, boroughs and villages and minor civil divisions, such as towns and townships. The new estimates are not 2010 Census population counts. They are, however, the last estimates to use 2000 Census results as a base.

U.S. continues to become even more diverse

The U.S. Census Bureau's county population estimates show that our nation is becoming older and more racially and ethnically diverse. One in every 10 counties nationwide have minority populations that exceed 50 percent, as does Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Texas and the District of Columbia. These are the last county estimates to use 2000 Census results as a base. The 2011 population estimates will be the first in the estimates series to be based on the 2010 Census population counts.

2009 State and County Housing Unit Estimates

Geary County, Kan., in the northeast part of the state, had the highest growth rate of housing units of any county in the nation last year. The following database contains updated estimates of the nation's housing stock at the state and county levels for 2000 to 2009.

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