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CLARK IN LOVING MEMORY OF ERIC D. CLARK KIA MAY 11, 2006 Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for his friends. Never Forgotten, Mom, Bob, Jade and Evan
AIELLO In Loving Memory of Dolly Aiello 7/7/40 - 6/26/14 Sadly Missed by your loving family, Bruno Cathy, Jeff & boys Lucy, Rob & family Jim & Alison
ANGELO In Loving Memory of Jack J. Angelo 11/20/23 - 3/17/09 Air Force Nothing can ever take away the great love and memories we have for each other. Love you and miss you “more” each day. Great Love, Wife Dorothy
BEHRINGER IN LOVING MEMORY OF TAMMY BEHRINGER 2/15/1968 - 8/12/2012 “Gone But Never Forgotten” We miss and love you so much! Your Loving Family, Mom, Dad, Terr, Andrew, RJ, and your dog Clark
BOOTH JAMES L. BOOTH 9/22/32 - 3/23/11 NAVY I cried when you passed away. I still cry today. Although I loved you dearly, God broke my heart to prove to me that he only takes the best. Lovingly missed by Wife Trinidad, Daughters Kim & Char, Grandson, Jack
BORDO IN LOVING MEMORY OF NICHOLAS BORDO 12/6/23 - 5/12/03 Dad, no one knows how much I miss you. No one knows the bitter pain I have suffered since I lost you. Life hasn’t been the same or ever will it be. In my heart your memory lingers. Sweet, tender, fond, and true. There is not a day, dear Dad, I do not think of you. God alone knows how much I miss you and love you. Sadly missed by, Son Dave and Daughter-In-Law Maureen
BOWKER IN LOVING MEMORY OF YVONNE MINK BOWKER 05/05/1960 - 05/29/2008 Know that I will keep you close to me, No matter where I go or where I’ll be. Missed by her Family and Friends
CAIRA Amedeo Caira 1928 - 1994 It has been over 20 years without you, but not one day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. Loving you for eternity. Your wife, Maria and family.
CAIRA PAUL CAIRA 1959 - 2012 Remembering you on this Memorial Day and you are always in my heart. I love you and miss you everyday. Love, Mama
CESARIO IN MEMORY OF FRANK CESARIO WHO PASSED AWAY July 30, 1997 When one we loved was called away, God took him home it was his will, within our hearts, he liveth still, to have, to love, to part, is the greatest sorrow of ones heart. The memory of those happy days, when we were all together, there is a link death cannot severe, love and remembrance lasts forever. Sadly Missed by, Wife Ral, Sons: Frank, Rick & Keith, Daughters in law & Grandchildren
COOLIDGE In Loving Memory of Dorothy Coolidge 1937 - 2009 Always in my heart, always in my thoughts, butterfly kisses. Love, Marge and her loving family.
EWASKOWITZ IN LOVING MEMORY OF Dennis Mark Ewaskowitz 6/2/1956 - 6/9/2014 We little knew that morning that God was Going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone; For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, Your love is still our guide; and though we Cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken And nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, The chain will link again. Sadly missed by, Sandy, Crystal, Jeni, Joel, Brayden & Tyler Family and Dear Friends.
FEUKER Jason S. Feuker 5/25/79 - 1/26/14 on your 36th Birthday The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two, one side filled with memories, the other died with you. I often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheek. Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain, you see life has gone on without you but will never be the same. Sadly missed by Mom, Family & Friends.
JACOBS Jr. WEST CHUTE JACOBS Jr. Lt. US Navy WWII 1922 - 2000 Joined the Navy V-5 flight Program in N.Y., he served as a Navy fighter pilot WWII in the Pacific and served on the USS Hoggatt Bay CV-99 in and around Ryukyu Retto Islands. He was one of a few pilots who were on Okinawa to be checked out on the Corsair F2G-1D that was outfitted with a P&W R4360-4 Wasp engine; these aircrafts were used to attack the “kamikaze” suicide squads. During the Korean War, he was assigned to cryptographer. After the wars, he became a pilot for TWA, and in 1969 was acknowledged as TWA’s pilot of the year.
JACOBS Sr. WEST CHUTE JACOBS Sr. Lt. Co. US Army 1886-1940 In 1904 West was given a direct appointed to West Point by President Roosevelt. He graduated 17th in his class. In 1908 he was assigned to Coast Artillery Corps at Fort Monroe, Va. Later in his career he was an instructor of Modern Languages and a Professor of French at West Point. He was later assigned to Panama, for coastal defenses. In 1918 he attained the rank of Lt. Col., some years later he taught at the University of Minnesota. He later left the service in 1919.
JACOBS HARRISON CHASE JACOBS, 1st Lt., US Air Force (Brother of W.C. Jacobs Jr.) 1928-1950 During the Korean War, he was assigned to the 25th Fighter Intercept Squadron, within the 51st Fighter Intercept Group, flying the F-80C’s. Flying a mission into North Korea, his aircraft was attacked by two MiG’s from behind and he radioed that he was hit, on fire and over water and was bailing out, just North of Pyong Yang. Records state he was captured thus he went MIA and after the war in 1953 he was officially KIA.
JACOBS JOSHUA WEST JACOBS Brigadier General 1843-1905 He entered the Union Army as a private, and at the end of his career as a Brigadier General. He is also known as the father of Fort McPherson, GA., being the designer of the fort. During the Indian wars he was assigned to the 7th Cal., within the command of Gen. Custer. His wife Grace Chute Jacobs, was reportedly with Mrs. Custer when the word of the massacre of the Little Big Horn, was reported to her. He served in Cuba during the Spanish American War, were he contracted malaria.
JACOBS SHIRELY CHUTE JACOBS, Cpl. US MARINE CORPS (Sister of West and Harrison Jabos) 1915-1968 During WWII she served in the Women’s Reserve Sq. 21 USMCAS, Quantico Va.
JOHNSON IN LOVING MEMORY OF COREY KEITH JOHNSON 2/7/1988- 5/3/2015 Honored among the nation’s brave Lies our loved one; Beneath a simple wooden cross his crown. And we who knew and loved him, can say, “A simple love, a simple trust, A simply duty well done.” He was so very kind and good In action, words and deeds; Made no murmur, nor complaints, Seemed to have no need. God saw the road was getting rough, He boldy stood the test. The battle fought, the victory won, Come home, dear soldier, to rest. Love, Your Family
JOHNSON IN LOVING MEMORY OF COREY KEITH JOHNSON 2/7/1988 - 5/3/2015 Nothing can ever take away the love a heart holds dear. Fond memories linger every day, Remembrance keeps him near. Sadly Missed By, Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, and Niece
KRAMER IN LOVING MEMORY OF Bernadette A. Kramer October 27, 1932 - November 27, 1987 Walter W. Kramer December 24, 1913 - October 24, 1988 Rodney J. Kramer May 14, 1960 - May 14, 2007 We love and miss you a lot. Love Always, Your Loving Family
LAHEY IN LOVING MEMORY OF PATRICIA ANN LAHEY Dear Pat, I just wanted to let you know that the kids (Brad, Deanna, Christine) are healthy and happy. Our five beautiful, grandchildren (Sam, Max, Hanna, Sophia, Quinn) are the best! We think of you often and love you very much.
LAMERE Steve LaMere 3/12/70 - 7/30/13 You’re remembered today &  everyday with love.
LINDERMAN In Loving Memory of Betty Linderman 8/27/29 - 7/9/14 Gone, dear mother, gone forever; How we miss your smiling face, But you left us to remember None on earth can take your place. A happy home we once enjoyed, How sweet the memory still, But death has left a loneliness The world can never fill. Within our home, where all seemed bright, And took from us a shining light, We miss that light, and ever will, Her vacant place there is none to fill. Down here we mourn, but not in vain, For up in heaven we will meet again. Very dearly missed by her loving family
MARCINIAK IN LOVING MEMORY OF ANTHONY MARCINIAK 10/9/1921 - 9/17/84 Private First Class Tony R. Marciniak, 36370696, Infantry, United States Army. For gallantry in action on Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, on 19 April 1945. When the enemy launched a fierce counterattack against friendly positions on Skyline Ridge, Private First Class Marciniak, a light machine gunner, immediately opened fire. Although his position was subjected to intense mortar fire, Private First Class Marciniak continued to place effective fire on the enemy. When his squad leader was wounded, Private First Class Marciniak immediately assumed his duties and remained at his gun. When four of the enemy advanced within hand grenade distance of his position, Private First Class Marciniak fired his weapon with his left hand and simultaneously threw grenades with his right. During this action Private First Class Marciniak was wounded but steadfastly remained with his squad until the counterattack was repulsed. Private First Class Marciniak’s gallant action with complete disregard for his own safety, was in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service. Go Cubbies! Love, Your Entire Family P.S. Say hi to Ernie for us!
MILZ In Loving Memory of Frank & Waltraude (Wally) Milz “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. There isn’t a day that goes by where you are not thought of.” In our hearts; Love, Dave, Cindy, Maddie, Max and family.
NICHOLS IN LOVING MEMORY OF VIRGIL L. NICHOLS JR. 3/9/43- 3/20/15 His smiling way and pleasant face, Are a pleasure to recall; He had a kindly word for each, And died beloved by all. Some day we hope to meet him, Some day, we know not when, To clasp his hand in the better land, Never to part again. Deeply Missed By, Wife & Family
NORSTROM In Loving Memory of Josefine “Madi” Norstrom 11/29/34 - 12/31/14 With love forever. -Marv
OLSEN In Loving Memory of Carl M. Olsen 1/13/22 - 4/18/15 Husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. World War II Veteran. Even though it has only been a month since you were called away, you are already missed by all those who loved you! You will live forever in our hearts and memories! Sadly missing you, Your Loving Family
OLSON In Loving Memory of Lt. Col. Harvey Olson 3/5/19 - 8/12/93 Sadly missed by, Harriet, Sue, & Family
PERRINE In Loving Memory of RICK L PERRINE 04/13/54 - 11/05/14 Heavy are our hearts today, Memory brings you back once more to the time when you were with us, to the happy days of yore. Dearly missed by All of us Love, The Perrine Family
PIENCIKOWSKI IN LOVING MEMORY OF DANIEL PIENCIKOWSKI 11/29/1948 - 5/14/2015 Always loved and you will never be forgotten. Love, Your Brothers, David and James
PIERANGELI In Loving Memory of Steven Pierangeli Deep in our hearts you are fondly remembered. Sweet, happy memories cling round your name; True hearts that loved you with deepest affection, Always will love you in death just the same. Sadly Missed By, Mom, Dad, Dino, Gina, Little Dean & Future Nephew
PISCIOTTI IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR PARENTS VITO & MARY PISCIOTTI ON MEMORIAL DAY Deep in heart lies a picture of loved ones laid to rest. In memory’s frame we shall keep it, because they were the best. Love, Bobby, Denise, Danny, Judy & families
POFAHL Philip R. Pofahl 1940-2011 Time slips by and life goes on, but in our hearts you are never gone. We miss you everyday. Your Family.
PONTILLO Little Frankie Pontillo We love and miss you all more than words can say. Cheryl Pontillo Frank Pontillo Uncle Scottie Papa Jack Love Suzie Crystil, Merissa and Samantha
POTEET In Loving Memory of our Mom, Grandma, Daughter, Sister and Friend Kim Poteet 1-30-59 to 5-13-2011 We can’t believe it’s been this long, it seems like yesterday to us. No time to say good bye, you were gone before we knew it. Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow. We Love and Miss you so much, Until we meet again. Love your Family and Friends
RIESSELMANN Remembering George Riesselmann We dedicate our love and whole heart this Memorial Day to our Husband/Dad, a Sailor, who like many others, did his part when called upon. Forever missed, C, G, M, K, M, M, B
SCHRAKE IN LOVING MEMORY OF HANS SCHRAKE AND RONALD SCHRAKE “If tears could build a stairway and memories a Lane, we’d walk right up to Heaven and bring you both home again”. Miss you both, Your Family
SONNENBERG IN LOVING MEMORY OF ARDEN GENE SONNENBERG August 3, 1948 - August 25, 1968 Sadly Missed By, Your Family
SOTO IN LOVING MEMORY OF EDDIE SOTO 05/26/2011 My angel up in Heaven, I wanted you to know I feel you watching over me everywhere I go. I wish you were here with me, but that can never be, memories of you in my heart, that only I can see. My angel up in heaven, I hope you understand, that I would give anything if I could hold your hand. I’d hold you oh so tightly, and never let you go, and all the love inside me to you I would show. My angel up in Heaven, for now we are apart. You’ll always live inside of me, deep within my heart. We Miss You and Love You, Wife, Children, and Grandchildren
STELLA IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR PAPA LEWIS M. “PAPA” STELLA Love your 3 M’s Mitchell, Maddie & Mollie
WITT In Loving Memory of (Son) Randy Witt 2-5-15 (Husband) Raymond Witt 3-19-98 Miss me a little, but not too long, and not with your head bowed low. Remember the love that we once shared, miss me but let me go. For this is a journey we all must take, and each must go alone. It’s all part of the master’s plan a step of the road to home. Love, Ma
THE LIGHT SHINES! Tonight The 1866 Kenosha (Southport) Lighthouse shines May 25, 2015 In Loving Memory of troy giovanelli 09/02/1965 - 05/25/2010 Our friend, King of the open road. You begin an eternal trip to only you know where. Your iron horse will be strong and true to get you there. Guided by the light of the full moon. Your journey has begun way to soon, As we bid you farewell on the road away from hell. Our friend King of the open road The places we’ve been The things we’ve seen With you in our hearts Our journey continues To Light the Light Call 262-654-5770 Ext 109 Tues, Wed, Fri. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or email Email.


Classified Deadlines For Tuesday thru Friday paper: DEADLINE -- Before 4 P.M the day prior For Saturday paper: DEADLINE -- Before 3 P.M. on Friday For Sunday paper: DEADLINE -- Before 4 P.M. on Friday For Monday paper: DEADLINE -- Before 10 A.M. on Saturday Check with us for early deadlines for classified ads with photos, legal notices and for holidays. CUSTOMER CARE CENTER LOBBY HOURS: Monday thru Friday, 8 A.M. to 5:30 PM Saturday 8 A.M. to 10 A.M.; Sunday -- closed. • 262-657-1000 (general inquiries)262-657-1500 (classifieds) 262-657-1600 (delivery/circulation) or use our 24 hour online services!


Happy Memorial Day to my darling, Pam The rain wont keep me away on this special day. I’ll be in the neighborhood..... Love, Charlie


FOUND CHEF’S KNIFE - In a sheath. Found at the train station on Tues a.m. Ph. 262-945-9813
LOST -- 2 little league baseball helmets, 2 baseball gloves, near Lance Jr. High on Sat. 5/16/15. Call 262-374-2901
WEDDING RING -- Men’s. Gold with 4 diamonds. Reward! 262-909-4159.


MEDICAL ASSISTANT TRAINEES NEEDED! Doctors & Hospitals need you now! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! MCC can get you job ready! Call for details! 1-888-512-7115
VET TECH TRAINEES NEEDED! MCC is the area's only Nationally Accredited Vet Tech Program! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Train & Work with animals every day! Classes forming now! 1-888-627-1690


*** PAINTING AND DRY WALL *** Fully insured. 10% off after $1,000 bid. Ph. 262-484-7016.
LANDSCAPE SERVICES - willowspring Complete cleanup, lawn mowing, trimming, shrub removal, mulch, top soil, seeding, sod installation, brick patios, Retaining walls. RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL. Insured & Free Estimates. Call 262-721-8197 Senior Discounts.
AFFORDABLE TREE CARE Removal * Trimming* lnsect/Disease Bulk Mulch - Delivery Available INSURED * ARBORIST * 262-697-4001
CONCRETE -- DLK LLC. Thinking about concrete? Family operated business. Free estimates, Senior or Military Discount. Call Dennis or Rebecca Koke 262-878-5644.
CONCRETE -- Professional Concrete. Drive-ways, patios, sidewalks, foundation repair, tuckpointing, FREE est.’s. Ph 262-960-6215
HANDYMAN SERVICES -- Plumbing, decking, electrical, painting, basement remodeling, kitchen/baths, fencing. Ph. 262-237-7904
HAULING -- Will’s Job Service; Clean basements, attics, garages. Insured/bonded. 262-658-2250 or 262-945-4521
ODD JOBS WANTED -- Minor plumbing & electrical, painting, doors, windows, etc. Call 262-705-6625.
ROOFING -- AFFORDABLE CARLINO’S ROOFING “Don’t wait until it’s too late!” 262-705-0756
ROOFING -- A-Tech Roofing Systems. Locally owned & operated with over 30 years experience and service. Call 262-484-8464.
TREE TRIMMING -- Tree removal. Bushes. Storm damage. Quality work. Fully insured. Call Adam at 262-344-4879.


CAPRET CLEANER BUISNESS FOR SALE! Truck mount unit, van, equipment, and client list Willing to train 262-945-0290


MATTRESSES & FURNITURE NEW Twin sets $130 Full $150 Queen $170 3456 - 52nd Street 262-652-6387 We deliver! Removal of old.
ANTIQUES -- 1930’s dining room table, 2 leaves, 4 chairs $200; Ice cream table with glass top & 4 chairs, $125. 262-308-1137
MATTRESSES--Full $65, Queen $75, King $95, like new, No re-builts 6224 22nd Ave Drop off avail. 262-496-6750.
PIANO -- Baldwin 44” Upright Acrosonic Piano. Mahogany. In very good condition. $3,000 OBO. Call 262-694-6255.
SECTIONAL -- Lane. LIKE NEW. Has Queen bed and 2 recliners. Dark blue; Paid $3300. $400 262-358-2464; No delivery.
SOFA & LOVESEAT -- Cream color, $250. Recliner tan, $100. Snowblower 10hp $350. 262-880-9971 delivery
SWIMMING POOL -- And all accessories. 24X52. Very good condition. Take down. $300. 262-654-7938 Sat - Mon.
WIN -- A $2,000 grand prize! Take our survey at www.pulsepoll.com and tell us about your media usage and shopping plans. Your input will help this paper help local businesses. Thank you!


BOAT -- 18 foot Mercury 115 hp outboard and trailer. Many extras! $1500 obo. Ph. 262-551-0269.
TRAVEL TRAILER -- 2003 Palamino Trail Cruiser Travel Trailer. Excellent Condition. 19', Stove/oven, air/heat refrigerator, full bath, awning, sway bars. GWV. 5000#. $5995 please call for additional information. Ph. 262-553-1171.


MAY IS BLOOMING WITH SAVINGS! ITEMS FOR SALE UNDER THIS COLUMN ARE PRICED AT $100 OR UNDER! ********************* TO PLACE YOUR AD HERE AT NO CHARGE TO YOU, Contact us: KENOSHA NEWS Customer Care Center 5800 7th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140 Ph. 262-657-1500 Fax: 262-656-1820 Email: Email You may list one item for sale priced at $100 or under, or a set of related items selling for one price of $100 or under! (for private party ads only) SOME RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY Six ads allowed per year or if you are a KENOSHA NEWS SUBSCRIBER, you are entitled to unlimited ads under this column throughout the year!!
This classification is reserved for private party ads only. To place a business ad, please call 262-657-1500.
patio chairs -- 6 with cushions. Excellent shape. $100 or best offer. Ph. 262-694-7630
AIR CONDITIONER - GE; Floor model on wheels portable. 10,000 Btu’s; Exhaust out window 90° is coming.! $100 firm. 262-553-9839
BASEBALL -- Ernie Banks statue. 15” high limited edition. #1664 of 2500 made. Asking $50. Ph. 262-456-2245
BEDROOM SET – Full/queen headboard and dresser – 9 drawers – oak – high quality. Beautiful! $100 obo. 262-914-6355.
CAMERA LENSES -- 2 Cannon telephoto lenses, auto focus, 180-200 zoom, 175-300 zoom, $100 for both. 262-552-9695
CHAIR -- Antique, white Victorian. Rosewood. $45. Ph. 262-551-8586.
CHEST FREEZER -- Frigidaire, deep freeze, like new, black in color, 3’ long x 2’ wide. $95 OBO. Call 262-287-8898
COMPOUND BOW -- Golden Eagle complete. 65lb. draw w/ case, arrows, sights & release. $100 262-945-9644
DOLL - Alice in Wonderland in a show case. $50 obo. PH. 262-764-0681
DOWN RIGGERS -- Riviera deeptroller. $60 for pair OBO. Call between 7-9pm. 262-484-9015.
GEESE -- 2 life size geese cement; just need beaks painted orange. otherwise good condition. Heavy. $100 obo. Ph. 262-657-5942
HEADBOARD AND FRAME -- oak, in good condition, $25, 262-694-1773
HOIST -- $100 262-652-2921
HOT TUB SPA TUB -- 92” x 92”, $100 firm. 262-859-2364
JACKET -- Ladies motorcycle black leather, asking $60. 262-657-5539
KITCHEN TABLE AND CHAIRS - Pecan laminated table top, with leaf, 2 chairs. $50. Ph. 262-945-7522
LAWN EDGER - Cub Cadet, 3 yrs. old, runs great, $75. Ph. 262-942-8406
LAWN MOWER -- Yard Man. 1 year old. Like new. Big wheels in back & grass catcher. $100. 262-634-5991
PARTS CLEANER -- electric, for autos. Like-new. $75 or best offer. Ph. 262-237-2832
POND -- Kidney shaped pond vinyl liner. 6ft. long, 3½ ft. wide. $30 262-843-3652
PURSE - Coach leather legacy, 12X8X4, outside and inside pockets, like new, $70. 262-914-3550.
REFRIGERATOR -- small. Great for garage or basement. Excellent condition. $60. Ph. 262-652-2363.
REFRIGERATOR -- Whirlpool, good condtion, $100. 262-945-4477
RIMS -- Set of 4 steel wheels, 14” Honda 4-bolt pattern. $75 Call 262-455-5960
ROLLER -- Roll your lumpy lawn. Works good, with handle. $30 OBO. 262-656-1189
SOFA -- Sleeper sofa. Beautiful condition. Covers, pillows, matching ottoman & chair. $100. 262-496-4874
STORM DOOR -- 36” x 80” $60 262-748-6986
STROLLERS -- (3) beautiful strollers. Like brand new. $95 for all 3. Call 262-359-9551
SWING SET -- Large, wooden swing set/playset. $100 Call 262-496-6699
TRACTOR -- Model 111 yard tractor. John Deere. For parts. $100 or best offer. Ph. 262-748-4926.


PET CREMATION SERVICES Pets are family too! Cremation services for your pets. Kenosha Funeral Services & Crematory. Ph. 262-652-1943 - 8226 Sheridan Rd.
PUPPIES -- Teddy Bears, Shorkies, Morkies, Westies, 8 weeks, shots, vet checked. pattyspups.com Ph. 847-271-7965. All forms of payment accepted.


ANIMALS We are sorry; We cannot accept animals in the “Free For The Taking” classification. Please contact your local animal shelter.
FENCE PANELS -- (old) can be used for firewood. Ph. 262-652-8545 after 5pm for details to pick up.
HORSE MANURE -- COMPOSTED. For fertilizer. Free for the digging & taking. Ph. 262-945-0764.
ROCKS -- Red Lava Rock, large amount. Free for the hauling! Call 262-496-5994.
ROTOTILLER -- for garden, 5hp. BRICKS -- dark brown, large quantity, matching (must take all)! Ph. 262-552-8646 for details
TRAMPOLINE – 10 ft Diameter. Outdoor use – good condition. You dismantle and remove. Call 262-914-6355.


MULCH & TOP SOIL -- Premium double shredded hardwood, natural or colored, pulverized dirt. Pickup or delivery. 262-697-0359


11TH ST & 87TH AVE. -- 2 BR. Avail 6/1. Somers, 5 min.from town & I-94. Appliances, new carpet, newer kitchen. No dogs $675 No yearly lease 262-945-8651.
21ST AVE./42ND ST.-- 2BR LOWER, plus appliances, no pets, $750/mo. + deposit. Ph. 262-909-3254.
22ND AVE., 6443 - Lower. 2BR, 1 ba. Stove, Refrigerator. Remodeled, NO pets, AC, handicap ramp. $720 plus gas & electric, water included. Lease, Security. 262-325-1042 10am-6pm.
25TH AVE./61ST ST.-- Studio/Efficiency. Electric, appliances & parking included. $530 per mo. + deposit. No pets. 262-909-3254
30TH AVE., 969 -- ORCHARD COURTS 2BR $795 FREE Heat, Hot Water, Electricity On-site laundry, Garage Available. Beautiful, Quiet, Park-like Setting. 262-553-9009. www.orchardcourts.com
39TH AVE., 5518 -- Side duplex, 3 BR, 2 bath, private basement, 1 car garage, No pets. $1000 + utilities. Ph. 262-653-1465.
57TH ST., 1911 -- 1 BR Lower, $525 Heat and water included. Ph. 262-653-9132
80TH ST., 1508 -- House. $1,450. Privacy yard, full remodeled basement, fireplace, central air,. Avail. July 1st. 262-818-1674
ROOM FOR RENT - 5632 PERSHING BLVD NON-SMOKER, furnished, clean, quiet, safe, laundry, kitchen. $100 wk. 262-652-5252.
KENOSHA COUNTY -- 2 BR house off I-94, between Chicago & Milwaukee. No pets. $875 mo. + security & 1 year lease. Ph. 262-859-3151.
OLD BRISTOL RD., 10246 -- Bristol. 1 Large BR apt. Heat included, washer/dryer in apt. $600. Ph. 262-758-3843
SHERIDAN RD., 1778 - Small studio apartment above tavern. Utilities included. $475 plus escrow. No pets. 218-341-2838
SHERIDAN RD., 590 -- 7BR, 2 BA, Very clean. 5 minutes from Carthage. Appliances incl. No pets or smoking. Call 262-620-1018.


10TH AVE., 6215 -- 10 rooms, kitchen, 3 BA, previously a daycare, $3500 + deposit. Avail immediately, 262-945-0650
GREEN BAY RD., 5017 -- 1000 - 7500 sq ft. professional office space for rent. Ph. Century 21 - Colleen Deininger at 262-997-5707 for more info.


Search area home listings with the click of a mouse! http://www.kenoshanews.com/homes/
WHITE CAPS - For sale or rent. 9423 72nd ST., new on market, 2200 sq ft, 4BR, 2.5BA, + office, fresh paint & carpet, full basement, fenced yard. Avail now. Asking $239,000/$1750. 262-656-1000 or 262-818-2048.


HARLEY DAVIDSON -- 2008 Fat Bob, like new, many extras, must see, $10,500 obo. 262-577-5996
HARLEY ROAD KING - 2002, $10,000 obo, only 12,000 miles, maroon, like new. 262-914-5138.
MOTORCYCLES WANTED -- junker or vintage motorcycles. Running or not, title or not. Ph. 262-527-0208.


GMC -- 2006 Sierra, ext. cab, Z78 towing, excellent condition, 54K miles, $15,500. 262-496-8679


BUICK -- 1988 Skyhawk. 51k original miles. Some surface rust. Many new parts. Best reasonable offer. 262-694-9124.
CHEVY 1998 Cavalier; Z-24 convertible. 130K runs and drives good. $1450. Ph. 847-209-9145.
WANTED TO BUY - AUTOS--Junk cars, vans, trucks. We pay high prices on the spot. Immediate removal. JANTZ AUTO SALVAGE 262-654-0238


MERCURY MARINER 2006, 67K miles, silver, V6 automatic with air, $7200. 262-496-9285

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