February 23, 2017
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Holden Henry


Parents: Joseph Henry and Tess Kuykendall Carlson

Favorite class: Video Announcements

Most influential teacher: Jane Rider, Advertising, Video Announcements and Newspaper

“All my teachers care about me and my future, but Ms. Rider goes above and beyond. I can talk about my plans and goals and she encourages me to do what I love and believes in me. She is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had the pleasure to meet.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When I won the Curators Award for a charcoal piece that I made in art class. I was surprised that I won it because there were so many talented artists that could have received it as well.”

Emilia Jackson


Parents: Randy and Becky Jackson, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Music Theory

Most influential teacher: Ken Wiele, band director

“Mr. Wiele not only teaches students to be better musicians, but also to be better people. He reminds us to always ‘Be kind, work hard, stay humble, be grateful, laugh a lot and be happy for others.’”

Most memorable high school moment: “Since I plan to major in music education, having a chance to practice those skills as a mentor to other students has been awesome. The most memorable moment though was my first rehearsal conducting a woodwind choir for the WSMA Solo & Ensemble event.”

Rose Carrillo


Parents: Gregory and Margaret Carrillo, Kenosha

Nickname: Rosie

Favorite classes: AP U.S. History; AP U.S. Government

Most influential teacher: Katie Phillips, AP Language and AP Literature

“In Ms. Phillips’ class, it’s a given you’ll learn where to put your commas and the difference between synecdoche and metonymy. But you’ll also learn how to think deeper, how to challenge yourself, and how to approach problems with a broadened view.”

Miracle Hermann


Parents: Paul Hermann and Karla Krack, Kenosha

Favorite class: Choir

Most influential teacher: Brian Chike, AP Government and Politics

“Mr. Chike was passionate about what he taught. You could tell that he knew what he was teaching about and relayed the information well to understand. He also was good at making everyone laugh.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When I was in La Crosse for the FBLA State Leadership Conference. We got to go off and have lunch with our friends and shop and it was just a great experience.”

Deimante Cimiaskaite


Parents: Arunas Cimiaska and Violeta Cimiaskiene, Pleasant Prairie

Nickname: Demi

Favorite class: AP Literature

Most influential teacher: Katie Phillips, AP Literature

“She has been my English teacher for three consecutive years and has taught me more than just how to write an essay or analyze a poem. She demonstrated to me what a strong, independent and intelligent woman is. Mrs. Phillips has listened to my rants and laughed at my jokes. Most importantly, she has been there for me through nearly my entire high school experience.”

Ivar Iverson


School: Bradford High School

Parents: Iver and DeEtta Iverson, Somers

Favorite class: History

Most influential teacher: Brian Chike, AP U.S. Government and Politics

“Mr.Chike made me want to come to school everyday and learn. He encouraged me to do better and be the best that I could be. He wanted his students to succeed and he would do his best to try and accomplish that goal.”

Benjamin Chase


School: Tremper High School

Parents: William and Julie Chase, Kenosha

Favorite classes: AP Statistics and Spanish

Most influential teacher: Daniel Shimon, Perspectives In Literature and Composition

“Mr. Shimon taught me to view literature as more of an art than just words on a page. Because of him, when I read, I look deeper into the text to unravel its true meaning.”

Shyam Mehta


Parents: Chandresh and Falguni Mehta, Kenosha

Nickname: Mehtaphase

Favorite class: AP Biology

Most influential teacher: Patrick Metzler, AP Biology

“Mr. Metzler taught me the importance of focusing my time on the lesson behind the assignment rather than the assignment itself. For example, he encouraged us to go crazy with our projects and posters and create something out of the box, by overlooking the aesthetic beauty of it and instead praising our creativity and comprehension.”

Samantha Massoglia


School: Bradford High School

Parents: Todd and Cathy Massoglia, Kenosha

Favorite classes: Physics and math

Most influential teacher: Amanda Schwantes, math, Student Government

“Her work ethic in all that she does and devotion to Student Government and her students is inspiring. She really cares and puts in so many extra hours to better Bradford and the community. She is definitely someone I look up to.”

Sarah Dodd


School: Tremper High School

Parents: Eric and Kay Dodd, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite classes: Yearbook and Choir

Most influential teachers: Daniel Shimon, English; Alan Skripsky, math

“Mr. Shimon has influenced not only the way I write, but the way I think. Mr. Skripsky has advanced my knowledge and perception of math. Both of them give their students the tools and strategies they need to become successful, and an education that is valuable beyond a grade point average.”

Saagar Shah


School: Indian Trail High School & Academy

Parents: Prakash and Sona Shah, Kenosha

Favorite class: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Most influential teacher: Bhuvanasweri Baskaran, Calculus

“She was a really great teacher who came with a lot of energy and humor to a calculus class which can be very exhausting and, in turn, made it interesting.”

Deja Phillips


Parents: Daunte and Lashonte Phillips, Marilyn and John Huckabee, Kenosha

Favorite classes: AP Psychology, dance

Most influential teacher: Tina Wozniak, dance

“Ms. Wozniak has always been a huge support system and she allows me to do what I love everyday. I look up to her as a mother figure.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Performing in the annual dance show.”

Brendan Buhler


Parents: Roland Buhler and Laura May-Buhler, Trevor

Favorite class: AP Economics

Most influential teacher: Stefanie Younger, marketing and other business classes

“Ms. Younger is one of those teachers that truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. On a personal level, she has helped me develop into the person I am today by always pushing me to do my best and giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When I qualified for both DECA and FBLA state my freshman year. I had no idea how much these two organizations would impact my life, and I am so thankful for the opportunities that were presented to me the past four years.”

Justin Lavey


School: Tremper High School

Parents: Jeff and Kim Lavey, Kenosha

Nickname: J-Lav

Favorite class: AP World History

Most influential teacher: Dan Shimon, Perspective Literature/Composition Honors

Graham Andrews


Parents: Bradley Andrews and Laura Rasch, Salem

Favorite class: Advanced Marketing

Most influential teacher: Brian Monday, AP English Literature

“Mr. Monday has a passion for literature and he excites that passion in his students.”

Most memorable high school moment: “This year I was on the varsity cross country team. I will never forget breaking the school record and almost getting a perfect score at the conference meet.”

McKenna Ruchti


Parents: John and Renee Ruchti, Kenosha

Favorite class: Choir

Most influential teacher: John Choi, Choir

“Mr. Choi has he helped me grow as a vocalist and as an individual. It amazes me how he genuinely cares so much for all of his students. He doesn’t just teach us the notes in the music, he teaches us the meanings of the text, and how they connect to our lives. He has taught me what it’s like to be completely passionate about music.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Every couple of years, our choir takes a trip out of the country. My sophomore year, we toured around Italy and went to Rome, Assisi, Venice, Pisa and Florence. Going to Italy with some of my best friends was amazing enough, but we also got to experience singing in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. I will be able to say that I’ve gotten to sing in some of Europe’s most famous monuments, and that’s definitely something I will remember forever.”

Jeremy D. Willis


Parents: Ron and Tammy Willis, Kenosha

Favorite class: Vocal Technique

Most influential teacher: Holly Stanfield, Vocal Technique

“Her class and her rigorous training helps prepare students for a successful career in acting. She keeps students engaged and she cares for each and every one of her students and wants to see them grow, not only as an actor, but as a person.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Performing on the main stage at the International Thespian Festival and at the Wisconsin State Theatre Festival.”

Matthew O’Connell


Parents: Jim and Peggy O’Connell, Twin Lakes

Favorite class: Chemistry or physics

Most influential teacher: Erick Kaiser, honors pre-calculus

“Coach Kaiser was a great influence in and outside of the classroom. As a coach he pushed me and the other players to perform above the standards we set for ourselves, and motivated me to get better. Between the different lifting programs and seasons I played for him, I respected him greatly, for he showed a passion in wanting to improve us as athletes and people. He has left a hardworking mindset that I will take with me.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Sophomore year of basketball, our JV coach got two technical fouls in the 3rd quarter of our game so he was ejected. Our varsity assistant, Coach Truttschel, came and took over as the coach for the remainder of the game but did not know our team very well. I was injured at the time and was acting as team manager, so Coach Truttschel referred to me on what to do, basically making me the coach. The game was a close one, but we pulled out at 92-87 victory in the end. This was my first coaching experience and even though Coach T denies it still, this win will always be mine and I am 1-0 in my coaching career.”

Molly Robbins


Parents: Aaron and Regina Robbins, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: AP Calculus

Most influential teacher: Sarah Johnson, counselor

“She has been such a positive encouragement in my life. Not only has she helped me mold my future by answering my endless questions about college, but she also establishes a personal relationship with her students and makes them feel very loved and appreciated. Despite her busy schedule, she still found time to catch up with the important details of my life and calm my nerves about the future.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Being voted onto my school’s homecoming court for 2015 was an amazing experience. I always loved going to the homecoming dances, but being homecoming royalty brought that experience to new heights. From selling t-shirts to making a fun video, I enjoyed the entire experience.”

Breanna Palmen


Parents: Brian and Dawn Palmen, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Calculus

Most influential teacher: Katie Phillips, American Literature, AP Language, AP Literature

“Not only has Mrs. Phillips taught my science-math centered brain English, but she has also provided me with a resource of support. With college letters, job recommendations and general advice, Mrs. Phillips has provided me with a self-confidence I did not formerly have.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Dissecting a fetal pig in Human Anatomy and Physiology with Mrs. Awe. It really inspired my interest for surgery.”

Kaylee McNamara


Parents: Tim and Teri McNamara, Trevor

Favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology

Most influential teacher: Amy Andersen, English

“I had Mrs. Andersen as my English teacher for two years and she always made it my favorite hour. She broke away from what the other teachers were doing and happily did her own thing. She taught me how to hold down my own beliefs and opinions while still accepting what others have to say, as well as always considering things from different perspectives before making a final judgement.”

Most memorable high school moment: “It’s really hard for me to pick a single memorable experience, so I’ll just say the most memorable thing I’ve learned throughout several experiences during high school: happiness comes from within. I completely believe that happiness does not depend on your circumstances, and that, no matter what, happiness is always a choice.”

Sawyer Wightman


Parents: Craig and Tina Wightman, Wilmot

Nickname: Bean

Favorite class: Biomedical Innovations

Most influential teacher: Debbie Chike, AP Language and Composition

“Not only did Ms. Chike teach me how to effectively put my thoughts into logical, structured writing, she also taught me how to appreciate life and all the obstacles that come with it.”

Grace Burleson


Parents: Todd and Erica Burleson, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Human Geography

Most influential teacher: Charles Romano, Student Government advisor

“Mr. Romano has taught me countless lessons during my time at Tremper. He has influenced me in many ways, including encouraging me to break out of my shy shell and go after things that I want, whether it be small things like standing up for myself or larger things like running for Student Government president. Mr. Romano is someone I look up to and strive to be like. He has always reminded me to “keep the faith,” the faith in yourself, which is something I always intend on doing. My high school years would have been much less memorable and enjoyable had he not been a part of them.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Joining the cross country team.”

Patricio Herrera-Jaimes


Parents: Patricio Herrera and Maricela Jaimes, Kenosha

Favorite class: Dance

Most influential teacher: Holly Stanfield, drama/acting

“She always pushes students and myself to do better. She also inspires me to do something big in life and to follow my dreams.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When I performed a duet in Bradford’s dance show during my junior year and the audience loved it.”

Abby Greer


Parents: Peter and Alyssa Greer, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Government

Most influential teacher: Bhuvaneswari Baskaran, AP Calculus

“Ms. Baskaran is one of the most intelligent, hard-working, fun teachers that I have ever had. She encourages me, and all of her students, to embrace our full potential.”

Most memorable high school moments: “Being conductor for the Madrigal Feaste in December and performing on the main stage at the International Thespian Festival.”

Alyssa MacKinnon


Parents: George and Karen MacKinnon, Salem

Favorite class: AP Macroeconomics

Most influential teacher: Melissa Bahnson, Advanced Marketing, School Store Internship

“Mrs.Bahnson is always there for her students on an academic and personal level. As one of my cross country coaches, she was Coach Bahnson before she became my business education teacher. Her positive personality is encouraging on the course and in the classroom. Mrs.Bahnson’s passion in the education of her students is evident as she spends endless hours outside of the classroom as advisor to our school store. Much of our store’s accomplishments derive from her efforts.”

Most memorable high school moment: “During my spring break of my junior year, I participated in a student exchange to France. Traveling with my classmates to another part of the world was extraordinary as I was able to both interpret the culture by myself and with others. I stayed with a family in the Aix-en-Provence region for approximately five days. For the remainder of the trip, I traveled to Paris with the rest of the students. I never thought my friends and I would be able to take a selfie with the Mona Lisa.”

Sandra Quello


Parents: Jeffrey and Rebecca Quello, Kenosha

Nickname: Sandi

Favorite class: Science

Most influential teacher: Jeffrey Wirch, Human Anatomy and Physiology

“With going into the medical field, I found this class very interesting and useful to help advance my knowledge on the subject matter needed to succeed in my future career.”

Rebecca Alter


Parents: Jerry and Ruthann Alter, Trevor

Nickname: Becca

Favorite class: Medical Interventions

Most influential teacher: Lena Joch, Medical Interventions

“She is the one who inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. She also is a major contributor to my success throughout high school.”

Olivia Van Guyse


Parents: Mark and Rita Van Guyse, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite classes: Honors Human Anatomy, AP Psychology and acting

Most influential teachers: Chuck Romano, Student Government advisor; Julie Chase, AP Spanish

“Both have constantly been there for me since my freshman year and have guided me with great advice that has positively influenced my decision making.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When my soccer team had a tournament in Saint Louis my sophomore year. Our team really bonded and I don’t think I would have been as close with some of the girls without it.”

Norris Jones, Jr.


School: Indian Trail High School & Academy

Parents: Norris Sr. and Keeshia Jones, Kenosha

Favorite class: Wind Ensemble

Most influential teachers: Ken Wiele, band; and John Choi, choir

“I love playing and making music with others! Both band and choir are taught by teachers who love what they do, and instill a passion for music and learning within their students.”

Clara Kevek


School: Central High School

Parents: Steve and Justine Kevek, Bristol

Favorite class: AP English Literature

Most influential teacher: Amy Andersen, AP English Language

“She has helped me in so many ways both inside and outside the classroom. Her classroom influence allowed me to transform my worldview, encouraging me to think creatively and critically about literature and the world around me.”

Jay Lutz


Parents: Tom and Joan Lutz, Kenosha

Favorite class: Gym

Most influential teacher: Dean Hervat, U.S. history

“It was fun to learn in that class and he was funny at the same time.”

Most memorable high school moment: Homecoming 2015

Emily Walter


Parents: Scott and Michelle Walter, Twin Lakes

Favorite classes: AP Environmental Science, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble

Most influential teacher: Katie Bauer, band

“Miss Bauer was my middle school band director. Every time we were in lessons and we would reach a section of music we had deemed impossible, she would tell us that failure is forgiven but giving up is not an option. This saying has stuck with me ever since. Miss Bauer helped me to see that even though I may have to try 100 times before I achieve something, I will never give up. She taught me how to work hard for what I want in life and that even when things seem impossible, there is always a way to figure it out. I am forever grateful for the lessons she taught me, both musically and morally. Miss Bauer is the reason I never give up on my goals.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Bringing my best friend, who goes to online school, to her first homecoming dance and after-party.”

Amy Shircel


Parents: Thomas and Denise Shircel, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Psychology

Most influential teachers: Katie Korbas, AP Psychology; and Valerie Taylor, AP Biology

“Ms. Korbas, because she helped me to enjoy psychology and learn a lot as well. She made the class challenging as well as difficult. Ms. Taylor really cares about her students and the course, and makes us work hard all the time to prepare us for AP exams. She is fair and understanding, but pushes her students to succeed, qualities I always greatly appreciate in teachers.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Qualifying for the WIAA state swim meet for three years in a row. It is such a cool experience swimming with other incredible swimmers from around the state; one that I will never forget.”

Catherine Peterson


Parents: Jeff and Julie Peterson, Pleasant Prairie

Nickname: Cat

Favorite class: AP Calculus

Most influential teacher: John Choi, choir

“He has helped me grow as a person and a musician. He also has helped me develop a stronger appreciation for music.”

Lucas Wysiatko


School: Central High School

Parents: Robert and Michelle Wysiatko, Brighton

Favorite class: AP Biology

Most influential teacher: Jonathan Kao, biology

“Mr. Kao was my freshman biology teacher, SMART team mentor and soccer coach. He has taken ample time over these past four years to shape me into the man I am today. His class was easily my favorite and sparked my passion for learning. His motto as a coach was, “Leave it all on the field.” His coaching philosophy applies both on and off the field, and has inspired me to pour my heart and soul into everything I do.”

Triviana Meeks


Parents: Terrance Meeks and Jeannette Teeter, Kenosha

Nickname: Trae

Favorite class: Dance

Most influential teacher: Michael Raymaker, special education

“Although Mr. Raymaker was not personally one of my teachers, he did teach me a lot. His door was always open for me to vent and think. He helped me throughout all four years of high school and continuously pushed me to challenge myself. Most of my decisions were influenced by his amazing ability to encourage and guide me.”

Matthew Strother


Parents: Tracy and Kristen Strother, Twin Lakes

Favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology

Most influential teacher: Amy Speich, English, cross country and track coach

“She pushes me to be the best athlete, leader and person I can be.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Being on homecoming court with Becca Alter.”

Kyle Richter


Parents: Keith and Cari Richter, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: Math

Most influential teacher: Polly Amborn, choir

“Everyday Mrs. Amborn comes to school with a positive attitude. She relates to each and every student and is involved in their lives. She always is there to help students through anything. Through Choir and Madrigals, Mrs. Amborn encouraged me to be the best citizen I could be.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Starting on the varsity football team as a sophomore. It was a great feeling knowing Coach Matrise thought highly of me as a player and, more importantly, a person.”

Ryan Landgraf


Parents: Jim and Kathy Landgraf, Kenosha

Favorite class: History

Most influential teacher: Katie Phillips, English

“Mrs. Phillips is an outstanding role model for all of the students in the school. She makes the things we learn fun and interesting.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Going to the state tournament for volleyball.”

Olivia Rasmussen


School: Central High School

Parents: Ricki and Sheri Rasmussen, Salem

Favorite class: Chinese

Most influential teacher: James Senft, Introduction to Aeronautics (ground school)

“Mr. Senft has a true passion for aviation that I have found inspiring and I have gained many skills from my involvement in the program and much knowledge from participation in his class. The aviation program has given me the opportunity to get my pilot’s license and Mr. Senft has inspired my own passion for aviation.”

Haley Wolf


School: Bradford High School

Parents: Scott and Debbie Wolf, Kenosha

Favorite class: Vocal Technique

Most influential teacher: Holly Stanfield, Vocal Technique

“She understands that she is not only there to teach me about performing, but how to be a successful and caring individual. Because of Holly, I am on track to make a difference in the lives of children through the performing arts. She has taught me that work can be fun.”

Abbie Alter


Parents: Jerry and Ruthann Alter, Trevor

Favorite class: Psychology

Most influential teacher: Amy Speich, English

“Ms. Speich has pushed me to do my best inside and outside of the classroom.”Most memorable high school moment: “Being on the cross country team all four years and being able to create a bond with all of the members on the team.”

School activities: National Honor Society, Leadership Team

Da’lacey Hood


Parents: David and Mary Hood, Kenosha

Nickname: Diamond

Favorite class: Math

Most influential teacher: James Zuzinec, math

“Mr. Zuzinec is my most influential teacher because no matter what he pushes me to be my best, constantly motivates me, and never fails to make me smile.”

Danielle Gassie


Parents: Jerry Gassie and Heather McGuire, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Chemistry

Most influential teacher: Nick Goergen, chemistry

“His class was always my favorite class of the day because he knew how to wake us up from the monotony of school with humor and intellect. He made science appealing and sparked my interest in the world of chemistry. After discussing with him about a future in that field, I knew it was what I wanted to pursue. I will always credit him as the first teacher to finally bring about a genuine desire to pursue knowledge.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Qualifying for state in track my sophomore year in the 4x800m relay was an unexpected accomplishment that will inspire me to never underestimate myself or those around me.”

Edward Korando


Parents: Brad and Jean Korando, Pleasant Prairie

Nickname: Eddie

Favorite class: AP Macroeconomics

Most influential teacher: Thomas Lampe, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics

“The most impressive thing about Mr. Lampe is his class preparation. He has an organized and often methodical approach to achieving goals in and out of class. He has a vast knowledge and enthusiasm for the subjects he teaches; his passion makes every class period interesting. He is as much of a role model to me as a teacher.”

Nikolas De La Cruz


Parents: Angel and Margarita De La Cruz, Kenosha

Favorite class: History

Most influential teacher: Brad Fortney, math

“He has made me a better man by making me work harder in the weight room, on the field, and in the classroom. He pushes me to the extreme because he knows my potential and knows I am able to succeed. He believes in me and I know he will always be there for me.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Earlier this year, a freshmen came up to me and asked me for advice on how to become a better corner for football He reminded me of me from when I was a freshmen, so I coached him up and gave him some tips. It made me feel accomplished for what I did on the field.”

Carlie Banchi


Parents: Andrew and Diane Banchi, Trevor

Favorite class: Mathematics

Most influential teacher: Don Serkowski, Academic Decathlon

“In freshman year study hall he constantly talked about the Academic Decathlon team. Having recently moved from Pennsylvania, I was lost in my new high school. I desperately wanted to fit in. AcaDec seemed perfect for me. I have worked hard, breaking school records and even earning national titles with a tight-knit group of people I am proud to call my friends. Mr. Serkowski helped me adapt to my new surroundings and find my niche. He taught me that with hard work and passion, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Most memorable high school moment: “At the Academic Decathlon National Competition in Garden Grove, Calif., in April 2015. Our team placed first in the nation for Division II schools and I placed first individually in the Honors category for Division II schools. This moment marked the pinnacle of success for our team and the culmination of all of our hard work.”

Colin Robertson


Parents: Kirk and Shannon Robertson, Kenosha

Favorite class: Choir

Most influential teacher: Holly Stanfield, theater

“She has pushed me past what I thought my limits were on several occasions.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Performing at the International Thespian Festival for thousands of people.”

Tarin Peltier


Parents: Daniel and Justine Peltier, Kenosha

Favorite class: AP Calculus BC

Most influential teacher: Pablo Ortiz, U.S. History, economics, and sociology

“Mr. Ortiz has been a huge influence on me from my very first class on my very first day of high school, to one of my very last classes I will ever take as a high school student. He has inspired and pushed me to become a more driven and hard-working individual.”

Most memorable high school moment: When three classmates and I completed our project of designing a functional prosthetic arm for our Medical Innovations class. The assignment was to design and create a model of a prosthetic arm to pick up a cup of water. The design was partly created on Inventor, a 3D mechanical solid modeling design software, and the other part was crafted out of wood. The designs on Inventor were cut out of acrylic and then everything was assembled. We ran into many problems along the way, however, we completed it and successfully picked up the cup of water. After the entire process was over, there was just an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and gratification.”

Kimberly Lince


School: Harborside Academy

Parents: Matthew and Rebecca Lince, Kenosha

Nickname: Kimmie

Favorite class: AP Spanish

Most influential teacher: John Gransee, chemistry

Aracely Cordova


Parents: Alfonso and Maria Cordova, Kenosha

Nickname: Chely

Favorite class: Art

Most influential teacher: Pete Rallo, Guitar Studies

“He is one of the teachers that pushes us to do better. He also tells a lot of jokes to us and that helps when we’re in a bad mood.”

Jared Holloway


Parents: John and Leslie Holloway, Paris

Favorite class: Jazz Band

Most influential teacher: Adam Scheele, band

“Mr. Scheele has aided and instructed me for the past four years, and he has always urged me to keep learning and playing music.”

Most memorable high school moment: “During the musical “Anything Goes” last year, I played in the pit band. At one point a joke was told on stage, and the band gave the punch line “the dog paddle!” to which my friends and I still find great amusement.”

Sameer Alam


Parents: Ferdous and Husnus Alam, Kenosha

Favorite class: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Most influential teacher: Paul Fix, Human Anatomy & Physiology

“Mr. Fix is an outgoing teacher and always made the material come to life.”

Most memorable high school moment: “Receiving the Medical Sciences Academy Award for Outstanding Junior.”

Kasey Hedstrom


Parents: Matthew and Luann Hedstrom, Kenosha

Favorite class: Art

Most influential teacher: Tina Niemi-Johnson, art

“Mrs. Niemi has always been the most encouraging. Mrs. Niemi pushes me to do my best not only in art but in my other classes, too. She is very outgoing and connects with her students by always having a smile on her face.”

Most memorable high school moment: “The football games. Our school is very spirited and we always had the most fun cheering for our team. The best year was senior year though because we got to stand by the gate and jump around chanting for our friends. It was the last year so you have to make it count.”

Brett Muzzy


School: Wilmot High School

Parents: Kelly and Sharon Muzzy, Randall

Favorite class: Physical education

Most influential teacher: Greg Olsen, physical education and golf coach

“He goes out of his way to make all of our tournaments as enjoyable as possible, regardless of his own personal discomfort, and has a great sense of humor.”

40 years of outstanding teens


It’s been 40 years since the Kenosha News started recognizing impressive local students in “Today’s Teen.”

The first few columns were published in March and April of 1976, and included students like St. Joseph High School football captain Dan Watring and Tremper Honor Society president Jim Godlewski.

“My folks were bursting out of their britches. My mother in particular was extremely proud of the story that appeared in the paper,” Godlewski said. He’s now the city attorney for Neenah. “It was quite a wonderful experience.”

The early columns were called “Teen Tempo” and included a portrait of each student drawn by Paul Pollard. Watring’s father kept his portrait on his desk at work for years afterward. Watring still lives in Kenosha and reads the newspaper every day.

“For me, to have my picture printed in the newspaper was a big deal,” he said.

Chris Wojciechowicz


School: Tremper High School

Parents: Len and Laura Wojciechowicz, Kenosha

Favorite classes: Choir and Band

Most influential teachers: Polly Amborn, choir; and Kathy Ripley, band

“Mrs. Amborn and Mrs. Ripley have spent countless hours both inside and outside of school teaching me as much as they can so I am able to succeed. They have both taught me the importance of dedication and passion for music. Without their guidance I would be nowhere near the musician that I am today. Through these many hours spent together I have created a lifelong bond with these two wonderful women that I will cherish forever.”

Alexandra Chiasson


Parents: Bill and Debbie Chiasson, Kenosha

Nickname: Lexie

Favorite class: Studio Art

Most influential teacher: Rev. Todd Belardi

Class taught: Theology

Jakob Thut


Parents: Kirk and Jenny Thut, Mount Pleasant

Favorite class: American Government

Most influential teacher: Paul Strutz, American Government

“Mr. Strutz always makes class enjoyable, fun and exciting, as well as always bringing up interesting, worldly topics for the class to debate and share perspectives with each other. But the big thing is that in Mr. Strutz’s classes, you will always leave class with something to think about or apply into your daily life.”

Most memorable high school moment: “When SLHS football reached the state semifinal for the first time after knocking off the No. 1, 3, and 4 seeds in their regional playoff bracket. SLHS more than doubled their previous amount of playoff wins this season.”

Edward Davis


School: Reuther High School

Parents: Edward and Linda Davis, Kenosha

Favorite class: Guitar

Most influential teacher: Pete Rallo, Guitar, Choir

“I’ve had Mr. Rallo’s class my whole high school career and he has become like a second father to me. I’ve never met someone as patient and dedicated as Mr. Rallo. He has been a positive motivation in my life even when I wasn’t motivated myself.”

Jacob Christensen


School: LakeView Technology Academy

Parents: Jon and Kathleen Christensen, Somers

Favorite class: AP Computer Science

Most influential teacher: Casimir Uchegbu, AP Calculus

“Mr. Uchegbu has an amazing understanding of how students should be taught and does an excellent job in applying that knowledge. I have had him three times in high school as my mathematics teacher and each time he has challenge my classmates and I to expand our abilities not only in math but in the way we think and study.”

Kathryn Cooper


School: Indian Trail High School and Academy

Parents: Ed and Nicole Cooper, Pleasant Prairie

Nickname: Kat

Favorite class: Theatre Practicum

Most influential teacher: John Choi, choir

Brody Cornell


School: Harborside Academy

Parents: Matthew and Nancy Cornell, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: AP Psychology

Most influential teacher: Elizabeth Williams, fifth grade

“Mrs. Williams was the teacher that helped me to believe in myself and introduced me to Paideia Academy. It was my first introduction to expeditionary learning, and made me the student I am today.”

Yosep Lee


School: Christian Life High School

Parents: Bradley and Toni Shuler, Kenosha

Favorite class: 20th Century History

Most influential teacher: Lino Martinez, AP Spanish

“He has given plenty of life lessons in the classroom, and as my wrestling coach, he has helped me to grow physically and also as a man.”

Zachary Wermeling


School: Central High School

Parents: Steven and Janice Wermeling, Wheatland

Favorite class: AP Calculus BC

Most influential teacher: Amy Andersen, AP English Language

“Mrs. Andersen, in addition to being a phenomenal AP English teacher, is an amazing teacher of life in general. She understands what it is like to be a teenager and it is clear she cares about all of her students. She always says that she enjoys her classes because teenagers have that ‘I’m going to save the world’ attitude. My success in AP English and moreover my growth as a reader and writer came as she set the bar high for my class and rejoiced as we met the challenge.”

Kyle Sinclair


School: Bradford High School

Parents: Kurt and Kathy Sinclair, Kenosha

Nickname: CakeMan

Favorite class: Accounting

Most influential teacher: John Ruffolo, English

Anya Wank


School: Wilmot High School

Parents: Thomas and Elizabeth Wank, Twin Lakes

Favorite class: Engineering Design and Development

Most influential teacher: Eric Morrow, IED, CEA, Advanced Drafting

“We don’t ‘play school’ in his class; sometimes he makes us figure things out on our own, and sometimes we mess up badly and our projects fail miserably, but I have learned a great deal from those sorts of experiences. Mr. Morrow wants to make sure that we come out of that class with more than we came in with, whether that is new skills or the realization that we never want to do anything related to engineering again. He wants kids to learn, and spends a ton of extra time helping out needy kids like me apply engineering principles to many aspects of everyday life.”

Kazmarae Tyson


School: Tremper High School

Parent: Cheri Rashada, Kenosha

Nickname: Kaz

Favorite class: English

Most influential teacher: Louis Rideaux, math

Thomas Ambro


School: St. Joseph Catholic Academy

Parents: Thomas and Kristi Ambro, Kenosha

Nickname: Alex

Favorite class: AP Calculus

Most influential teacher: Justin Weber, AP Literature

Alissa Dubiak


School: Shoreland Lutheran High School

Parents: Tim and Laurie Dubiak, Somers

Nickname: Dubes

Favorite class: Advanced Language Arts

Most influential teacher: Daniel Schulz, General Chemistry/AP Chemistry

Amari Robinson


School: Reuther High School

Parents: Dandrius and Atifa Robinson, Kenosha

Nickname: Mar-Mar

Favorite class: Guitar Studies 2

Most influential teacher: Pete Rallo, Intro to Guitar, Guitar Studies 1/2 and Choir

Oscar Youngquist


School: LakeView Technology Academy

Parents: Grant Youngquist and Prisca Moore, Kenosha

Favorite classes: Digital Electronics and Principles of Engineering

Most influential teacher: Casimir Uchegbu, AP Calculus BC

“Mr. Uchegbu has greatly influenced not just how I have learned math but how I I view and think about mathematics as a whole. His dedication to ensuring that everyone in his class understands the material combined with his obvious passion for the subject has instilled in me a great love for mathematics and has given me a mathematically inquisitive mindset that influences how I approach mathematics, engineering and science classes.”

Jamie Bigelow


School: Kenosha eSchool

Parents: Deryk and Marnie Bigelow, Kenosha

Favorite class: Creative writing

Most influential teacher: Laura Zajicek, A.P. U.S. History

“She let the class form opinions and voice them; she encouraged students to debate and loved her students as if they were her own. I had only a few ideas for my future, but her kindness and dedication to her work confirmed without a doubt who and what I want to be, a teacher.”

Jake Clady


School: Indian Trail High School & Academy

Parents: John and Joy Clady, Pleasant Prairie

Favorite class: AP Calculus BC

Most influential teacher: Bhuvenaswari Baskaran, AP Calculus

“Mrs. Baskaran really cares for her students and is a great teacher. She thoroughly prepares her students for the AP exam and is also very humorous. The class had a carefree, yet insightful atmosphere and I enjoyed taking that class with her.”Most memorable high school moment: “Playing high school soccer in general.”

Jocelyn Aguirre


School: Harborside Academy

Parents: Javier Aguirre and Patricia Acuna, Kenosha

Nickname: Yoshi

Favorite class: AP Psychology

Most influential teacher: Luann Underwood, Creative Writing & AP English Language/Composition

Madison Reyes


School: Christian Life High School

Parents: Luis and Tricia Reyes

Favorite class: American Law, Food Science, Music Ministry

Most influential teacher: Sheri Larson, Bible, Community Group.

“Miss Larson has always been so supportive and encouraging towards me. She is so caring, thoughtful, kind and considerate. I appreciate her greatly.”

Brianna Wolkober


School: Central High School

Parents: Joe and Laura Wolkober, Brighton

Nickname: Bri

Favorite class: AP Biology

Most influential teacher: Cheryl Bell, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC

Madison Marko


School: Bradford High School

Parents: Bob and Heather Marko, Kenosha

Nickname: Mady

Favorite classes: AP Psychology & Human Anatomy

Most influential teacher: Nancy Granger, fourth grade (Stocker Elementary)

Today’s Teen 2016 launches Sunday


It’s that time of the year again.

Starting Sunday, the Kenosha News will once again be sharing the exploits of some of the top high school students in the county with the “Today’s Teen” feature.

We also plan on sharing some surprises along the way as the daily feature celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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