Grant Enwright. Today’s Teen Tremper H.S. Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

Parents: Brent and Mari Enwright, Kenosha

Most memorable high school moment: “Performing in Nebraska at the International Thespian Festival.”

Most influential teacher: Polly Amborn, choir

“Mrs. Amborn is a very welcoming teacher who supports every student in their efforts, whether it be for music or anything else, she is always there to give her support. Also, she has a great understanding of how important music is to a person’s life. She taught me that even when something may be hard, that if you put your mind to it, almost anything can be achieved. Mrs. Amborn inspires me both as a person and as a musician. She empowered all of her students to step up and lead by providing leadership opportunities. This exceptional and influential teacher, teaches rigorous music lessons as well as beautiful life lessons.”

School activities/clubs: Choir/madrigals, Future Business Leaders of America, Link Crew, National Honor Society, performing arts/theater, Renaissance Club

School athletics: Golf

School offices held: Vice president of National Honor Society; cabinet member of Link Crew

Honors, letters or awards: Mayor’s Youth Award; National Academy of Future Physicians; Wisconsin’s Ambassadors of Music

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: Helping at the nursing home; car enthusiast; snowboarding; fishing

College choice: Carthage College, Kenosha

Intended major/field of study: Pre-medicine

Role models: My parents

Three words that best describe my role models: Caring, dedicated and supportive

Lifetime goal: “My hope is to help people no matter the field that I choose to spend my life in. I hope to be remembered as a person who made everybody feel like a somebody. To me, a successful life is having a job that I love, and look forward to going to everyday.”