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Ken Dowdell - Publisher262-656-6249
Ron Montemurro - General Manager262-656-6301
Mary Serpe - Administrative Assistant262-656-6313

Customer Care/Classified Advertising

Jared Thorson - Manager262-656-6209
Steve Belotti - Supervisor262-656-6217
Theresa Hesse 262-656-6201
General Inquiries 262-657-1000
Irene Lucchetta 262-656-6252
Susan Paura 262-656-6251

Newsroom Services

Suzie Hildebrandt 262-656-6298


Jon Losness - Editor262-656-6270
Steve Lund - Editorial Page Editor262-656-6283
David Walter - Night News Editor262-656-6279
John Sloca - Production Editor262-656-6321
Joe Potente - Assignment Editor262-656-6293
Kathy Troher - Assignment Editor262-656-6363

Get Out

Brian Sharkey - Editor262-656-6282
Elizabeth Snyder 262-656-6271
Julie Vander Velden 262-656-6277


Kevin Poirier - Chief Photographer262-656-6330
Sean Krajacic 262-656-6330
Brian Passino 262-656-6330
Bill Siel 262-656-6330


Janine Anderson 262-656-6318
Terry Flores 262-656-6278
Diane Giles 262-656-6364
Bill Guida 262-656-6286
James Lawson 262-656-6284
Heather Poyner 262-656-6289
Jill Rozell 262-806-7336
Rachael Shaff
Deneen Smith 262-656-6287
Jessica Stephen
Melinda Tichelaar 262-656-6296
Jessica Tuttle 262-656-6392
Joe Ward 262-656-6377
Jeff Zampanti 262-656-6290


Dave Marran - Editor262-656-6294
Andy Horschak 262-656-6292
Mike Johnson 262-656-6288
Mike Larsen 262-656-6337
Paul McKillip 262-656-6291
Jeremy Reeves 262-656-6290

Retail Advertising Sales

Ed Gambardella - Director262-656-6243
Dennis Serpe - Asst. Director262-656-6255
Cheryl Radulovic - Administrative Assistant262-656-6231
Jill Andrews 262-656-6257
Allyson Barnes 262-656-6262
Anna Bauer 262-656-6246
Benjamin Bruno 262-656-6264
Abagail Ferkin 262-656-6241
Edna Gambardella 262-656-6326
Craig Grove 262-656-6248
John Littlepage 262-656-2357
Dennis Mahan 262-656-6244
Michael Pobiecke 262-656-6394
Jeffrey Stevens 262-656-6339
David Strash 262-656-6393
Tracy Thiele 262-656-6256
Mark Widmar 262-656-6261

Human Resources

Daphne Ursu 262-656-6360


Colleen Kappeler 262-656-6215
Kim King 262-656-6303

Media Services

Delia Chiappetta - Manager262-656-6227
Lisa DeAngelis - Supervisor262-656-6239

Web Services

Terry Maraccini - Supervisor262-656-6236
Jeff Seivert 262-656-6236

Today's Poll

Herb Kohl announced Wednesday the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks to a pair of New York hedgefund billionaires. As everyone knows, the NBA team is in need of a new arena. Kohl promised $100 million and the new owners will give $100 million as well. Who should cover the rest?
The new owners and investors should cover the cost.
The city and taxpayers should split the cost.
The Bucks don't need a new stadium.
Who cares? The team should look for a new home elsewhere.

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