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Local Oscar Contest

Sorry, folks. You had to be perfect to win our Oscar Contest.

With the favorites winning Sunday night, you needed to correctly predict the winners in all 11 categories correct plus our tiebreaker question (Which movie would win more awards, ?American Hustle? or ?Gravity??)

We had six entries that were perfect, so we had to draw the three winning names out of a hat. Sorry, Marie Frederick of Kenosha, Heather Sczygielski of Zion, Ill., and Neil Linden of Hoboken, N.J. You were all perfect in predicting the Oscars, but lost our random drawing. Better luck next time.

This year?s winners, all of Kenosha, are:

  • Elizabeth Jacob will receive 12 pairs of movie passes at Kenosha?s Tinseltown Theater, plus a year of NewsPerks and a pair of Kenosha News comics umbrellas.
  • Peter Krystowiak took second place, winning 12 movie passes, six months of NewsPerks and a Kenosha News comics umbrella.
  • In third place is Karyi Rutchik. She wins six movie passes, three months of NewsPerks and a Kenosha News comics umbrella.
  • We had 139 entries this year; 70 people entered online and another 69 sent in ballots/emails.

  • A growing number of Americans are making purchases online and on Cyber Monday this week. Where do you have your packages delivered?
    Home sweet home
    My office because I fear my package could get stolen on my front step or in my apartment lobby
    A friend's or relative's house that has a more secure drop-off location
    I don't shop online because I like to see the merchandise
    I don't shop online for fear of identity theft

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