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Classic cars aid wounded soldiers

Simmons Island was a destination for car enthusiasts on Sunday, but it was also one that served to raise awareness and funds to help wounded military veterans.

Music festival benefits suicide prevention
Bad weather shuts down concerts, delays flights
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4 shot to death in Chicago suburb of Elmhurst
3 killed, 2 injured in plane crash north of Denver
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Labor of Love music festival in New Munster today
A humid day
Power wins IndyCar season championship
Badgers lose opener
Moderate earthquake hits region near Fairbanks
Brewers lose fourth in a row
Pentagon: Iraq operations cost $560 million so far
5 U.S. airstrikes target Islamic State fighters
Tremper tops Antioch
More than 700 cars fill downtown streets
More than 900 book bags given away at event
8 foreigners among 10 killed in Bolivia bus crash

Classic cars aid wounded soldiers


Simmons Island was a destination for car enthusiasts on Sunday, but it was also one that served to raise awareness and funds to help wounded military veterans.

Amid the more than 400 classic cars dating back to 1901 were a number of military vehicles and military displays of paraphernalia from personal collections at the 12th annual event organized by the 82nd Airborne Division Association Inc.’s Southern Wisconsin All Airborne Chapter.


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Pleasant Prairie’s Daun captures Wilmot Raceway season title

Todd Daun capped his racing season on a high note on Saturday night at the Wilmot Raceway.

In the season finale for the Midwest Hoosier Tire Outlaw Sprint Car Series, the Pleasant Prairie driver won the 20-lap season championship feature to secure the Wilmot Raceway season championship crown.

5 Spot: Don’t thwart your retirement


When financial times get tough, some people make regrettable decisions — such as taking early withdrawals from 401(k) accounts. The number of Americans doing so hit a record in 2010, and in 2011 the IRS collected about $5.7 billion in penalties on roughly $57 billion withdrawn early.

Early withdrawals can do more long-term harm than short-term good. The longer you leave your money alone to grow, the more powerful your compounded growth becomes. Check out what time, patience and an average 10 percent return can do to a steady series of $10,000 annual investments: After 10 years, you have $175,000. After 20 years, $630,000. After 30 years, $1.8 million.

Work and wages on Labor Day

On Labor Day, it’s traditional to talk about work and wages.

This fall in Wisconsin, discussion of those topics will go on for months. It appears that jobs will be one of the top issues in the campaign for governor, and a referendum on raising the minimum wage is on the ballot in Kenosha and several other counties.

Don’t let summer slip away without having some last-minute fun


How did we get here?

September is about to start, which means we’re focused on getting back to school, getting back to healthier eating (that means not counting a strawberry-topped funnel cake as a fruit serving) and getting back to non-summer pursuits such as housework.

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