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Overcoming Inexperience On A Resume

If you want your resume to succeed in today's world of database-driven recruitment, you have three major considerations:

1. Your resume needs to be data-dense to be found in database searches.

Behavioral Interview Tips: How to Give Interviewers What They Really Want

A behavioral interview can be one of the more cringe-inducing aspects of the job search process. It's never easy being judged, yet that's what a behavioral interview is all about.

An employer needs to know how a candidate will respond under pressure once they're on the job, thus the worst thing you can do is to enter your interview nervous and fidgety. Start by preparing yourself for the types of questions you may be asked -- and the best possible answers -- and then take a deep breath and walk in confidently.

How to Build a Great Reputation at Your First Job

Building a successful career is a marathon, not a sprint and you are just at the starting line. As a new hire, your role is to get acclimated over the first few days and observe the flow of work. Whatever apparent madness you think you see in the early days at your first company, there is usually some very sound method behind it. The paychecks don't bounce, so the company's seasoned employees and officers must be doing something right.

With this in mind, do not make comments about how things should be done. No one will listen, you may earn the reputation of "the know-it-all" and you will quickly be put you in your place.

How Your Resume Builds A Foundation For Your Professional Brand

A resume is the primary tool that all professionals use to define and disseminate their professional brand to an ever-expanding world of contacts.


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