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How Your Resume Builds A Foundation For Your Professional Brand

A resume is the primary tool that all professionals use to define and disseminate their professional brand to an ever-expanding world of contacts.


Why Benefits Are More Important Than Salary

Looking for a job means compromising. You probably will not find the perfect position in the perfect location with the perfect salary (unless you're offered a job at Google). But you should not compromise benefits.

Although most of us look at a starting salary and get big green dollar signs in our eyes, benefits boil down to more than just being able to afford a doctor. Believe it or not, benefits are actually a better predictor for enjoying your job than salary alone.

Tricks of the Social Media Trade: Show Your Future Employer You're Legit

These days, it's not just about what you post online, but where. In fact, according to a recent study, 37% of employers check your social media accounts when making hiring decisions.


How to Fight Discouragement During a Job Search

Discouragement can quickly derail a job hunt. The longer a seeker goes without finding employment, the more difficult it can become to push forward with the attitude necessary to land a job.

Hiring budgets are usually staggered throughout each quarter when a company is going through a growth phase, and replacement hires can happen at any time.

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How to Fight Discouragement During a Job Search

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