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Looking for Big Bucks? Try Healthcare, Math & Engineering

Want to land one of the nation's best paying jobs? Brush up on the periodic table, grab a microscope and start studying math and sciences.
You might also need to clear your schedule for the next 8+ years.

Seven of the best paying jobs of 2014 are in healthcare, and of those, all seven require doctorates, according to a recent CareerCast Jobs Rated report. In other words, you can earn a huge salary in healthcare, but only after you invest a large chuck of your time.

How to Work From Home Successfully

Whenever the idea of working from home comes to mind, it's natural to fantasize yourself lounging around in pajamas, taking long lunches and embracing extended sleeping hours. Unfortunately, the reality for successful home workers is very different.

It's important to realize that even though working from home offers some amount of flexibility, it is still a professional job and needs to be treated that way.

Seven Job-Hunting Tips That Should Be Retired

Whether you've been out of the workforce for awhile or you're asking an elder for career advice, it's important to recognize that the rules of job-hunting have changed in recent years.

Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever to find a suitable position, but harder than ever to get noticed. By modernizing your job searching tactics, you'll be more likely to impress recruiters in an increasingly competitive environment.

Overcoming Inexperience On A Resume

If you want your resume to succeed in today's world of database-driven recruitment, you have three major considerations:

1. Your resume needs to be data-dense to be found in database searches.

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