May 24, 2017
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Treat your marriage like a business: Couples can build wealth togetherBy LIZ WESTON

My artist husband likes to say that if I were in charge of our spending, we’d be sitting on milk crates instead of furniture and that if he were in charge, we’d have no retirement accounts.

The fact that we have both nice furniture and retirement funds is a testament to compromise — and the wealth-building power of marriage.

Aerobics plus weights: ‘Fat and frail’ seniors benefit from right exercise comboBy CARLA K. JOHNSON

CHICAGO — Heavy seniors who want to lose pounds safely shouldn’t skip the weight machines or the treadmill, new research suggests.

Experts have worried about recommending weight loss to older, obese people because it speeds up bone and muscle loss, increasing the danger of falls and broken bones. Losing weight plus aerobic activity and strength training improved their health more than dieting plus either type of exercise alone.

Using the whole fish: Hollywood seafood restaurant makes an art of limiting wasteBy Noelle Carter

LOS ANGELES — There was a rhythm to the kitchen on a recent Thursday afternoon as cooks prepared for the evening’s service at Providence, the Hollywood seafood restaurant that’s been No. 1 for the last few years on Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants List.

The kitchen is a finely tuned machine, a model of efficiency. In one corner, a pastry chef made sakuramochi, folding pastel pink rice cake and red bean paste around house-pickled cherry leaves. A cook who’d just harvested edible flowers from the restaurant’s roof garden divided them into portions, each to serve as a garnish for the night’s dishes.

The art withinBy Kathryn Trogdon

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two dilapidated barns in North Carolina had a date with a bulldozer to make way for a new subdivision.

But where some people might have seen the knots, twists and warps of the aging timber and sent it straight to the dumpster, Brian Chiarizia saw a challenge, a work of art and his next project.

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Reveling in Frank Lloyd WrightBy Lori Rackl

With their clean, horizontal lines and open floor plans, many Frank Lloyd Wright buildings still feel modern today — a testament to the ingenuity and staying power of America’s most famous architect, born 150 years ago June 8.

The prolific pioneer of organic architecture built in 36 states as well as Canada and Japan before he died in 1959, a few weeks shy of 92.

Motorcycle mama makes it back to God: Donna Buzzell to speak at Magnificat breakfast BY KAREN MAHONEY

At 3 years old, Donna (Vitkus) Buzzell remembers being fearful of just about everything.

To help her through her angst, her mother and grandmother told her to go to Jesus and he would take her fear away.

Debut novel depicts lavish feasts of ancient RomeBy KIM CURTIS

“Feast of Sorrow: A Novel of Ancient Rome” (Touchstone), by Crystal King

If true gastronomy resides at the intersection of food, art and culture, then Crystal King’s debut novel can only be described as a gastronomical delight.



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