May 23, 2017
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Donna Buzzell ( submitted photo )

Motorcycle mama makes it back to God: Donna Buzzell to speak at Magnificat breakfast


At 3 years old, Donna (Vitkus) Buzzell remembers being fearful of just about everything.

To help her through her angst, her mother and grandmother told her to go to Jesus and he would take her fear away.

“I would talk to him and expected him to talk to me because I am from a verbal family, and he did,” she explained. “I would hear him tell me that he loved me, cared for me and would continue to take care of me.”

Fatima 2017: Area church, speaker to mark a century since Marian miracle


In 1988, when Peter Howard was just 13, his father was critically injured and paralyzed in an auto accident after being hit by a drunken driver.

The doctors told the family to say their goodbyes, that their father wasn’t likely to survive.

Heartsongs from the soul: Folk singer Anne Hills to perform local benefit concert


She weaves stories, poetry and life lessons through dulcet tones and lilting melodies. Anne Hills, the singer, writer, actress and musician from Bethlehem, Pa., will be bringing her folk songs to Immanuel United Methodist Church on Friday for a concert benefiting the Shalom Center.

Throughout her career, she’s received numerous awards, including the 2012 Posi Music Award in Social Justice for the song “That Kind of Grace,” co-written by David Roth, the 2009 Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Project Stream grant award, the same grant she received for her 2005 premiere of “The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley” and in 2007 for “An Evening of James Whitcomb Riley,” as well as other honors.

Miraculous conversion: Priest to speak at Holy Rosary Parish Tuesday


At nearly 21, the young atheist was home alone for the first time in a while.

There were no drugs, no distractions from music or wild parties and no parents at home to tell him what to do. It was late and his heart began racing as the familiar darkness enveloped his mind and heart.

First Baptist Church honors pastor for 25 years of service


Some might find it hard to believe that a couple of tablespoons can beat out the rhythms of bluegrass, big band and rock music.

Even more surprising is seeing the Rev. Phineas Marr, pastor of First Baptist Church, 3700 47th Ave., thumping along to foot-tapping gospel bluegrass during some Sunday morning worship services.

What’s the plan, Stan?

What’s the plan, Stan?

That is one good way to start a conversation about planning a funeral. It is an especially effective opening gambit when you are actually talking to someone named Stan.

Serving their neighbors: Friedens Lutheran Church opens outreach center


In today’s economy, basic needs like food and clothing are not always being met.

That’s why Friedens Lutheran Church recently opened an outreach center at 1920 52nd St., less than a mile from the church campus.

Ministry is in his DNA


The Rev. Peter Prange has a family heritage of ministry.

He grew up in a parsonage in Janesville, where his father was a Lutheran pastor. Both his grandfathers and great-grandfathers were also Lutheran pastors. And even though his father didn’t pressure him to follow in his father’s or grandfather’s footsteps, Prange ended up pursuing a career in ministry.

An Oasis of Blessing: Congregation converts former firehouse into community church


It seems fitting that the congregation of Oasis of Blessing Church meets in a renovated firehouse, since members, like firefighters, feel the drive to help those in need.

“We do outreach work and reach out to the community,” said the Rev. Alfonso Terrazas, pastor at Oasis of Blessing. “We are in the process of adopting a neighborhood for a block or two to clean up the area once a month. We’re also trying to start a food pantry and reach out to the community.”

What really is Lent? Whether you give something up or take something on, denominations mark it differently


The word Lent conveys different meanings to different people.

For many traditional Christians, it evokes ideas of penance, self-denial and fasting.

At the intersection of faith, life: Pastor received her calling at a youthful age


In looking back, the Rev. Susan Patterson-Sumwalt began to see that God began revealing his plan for her in small increments throughout her life.

“I felt called to the ministry of Christian Education in the local church, missionary work or teaching at an undergraduate or graduate school,” remembers Patterson-Sumwalt, senior pastor of First United Methodist Church.

‘Guns & Ice Cream’


Father Dominic Roscioli first met 10-year-old Andrew at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, in Ashford, Conn.

Diagnosed with brain cancer, the young boy had an infectious sense of humor, playing tricks on the camp counselors and running away from them whenever possible.

Faith Briefs: Somers church offers free diapers to needy

SOMERS — Somers Community United Church of Christ, 9918 12th St., is offering free diapers and wipes to families in need on Tuesdays from 2 to 5 p.m.

Parents or authorized caregivers need to bring photo identification and a utility bill with current address.

Family, faith, service: Kenosha Bible Church welcomes senior pastor Bill Culbertson


At the age of 8, the Rev. Bill Culbertson knew God was calling him to serve others.

“I was attending summer Vacation Bible School and a teacher read a story about a missionary and informed us that God calls some people to serve him full time,” he said. “I knew right then that I wanted to share the good news about God’s love as my life’s work.”

Saints in Training: Catholic school’s program has elements for infants, preschoolers


“Mom, did you know Jesus rose from the dead?” asked 3-year-old Luca Waddle to his parents, Bill and Michelle, during dinner one evening.

Both were pleased, but not overly surprised, as Luca, one of the Waddle’s quadruplets, has already learned much about his Catholic faith from his preschool teachers at All Saints Catholic School. Luca and his siblings Kenzie, Tate and Taylor attend the School’s Saints in Training program.

Meet the Rev. Tim Oswald, pastor of Hope Lutheran Church


Capt. Timothy Oswald recently turned in his Navy uniform after 25 years of service, and 22 of that as the military chaplain, to put on the ministerial robes of Hope Lutheran Church in Twin Lakes.

“I had the best job in the whole Navy,” he said. “They all were working to fix the equipment and I worked to fix the souls and had a lot of fun supporting the people I was working with. I was responsible for thousands of 20-something-year-olds who didn’t know right from left and up from down, making million-dollar decisions and being responsible for equipment and people’s lives, who personally did dumb things sometimes.”

Personalized learning clicks with All Saints students


Excellence in education is the theme on each campus comprising All Saints Catholic School.

The school’s newest location, the West Campus in Paris, sits on the grounds of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

The Way of St. James


Last fall, Kenosha residents and members of St. James the Apostle Catholic Church Carl and Sheri Holborn commenced a 500-mile pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and successfully completed the arduous journey.

El Camino de Santiago: The Way of St. James is a network of medieval walking pilgrimage routes, the most popular of which is the Camino Frances, stretching from the Pyrenees mountains at the French-Spanish border all the way to Santiago de Compostela, the capital city of the province of Galicia in the northwestern corner of Spain.

Meet the Rev. Matt Friese


The Rev. Matt Friese knew from the time he was a small child that he wanted to be a pastor and he brings his passion to Pleasant Prairie Baptist Church. In September, he began serving as the pastor.

“When I was 4 years old, I would accompany my mom when she visited people, and told them what it meant to have a relationship with Christ and about the transformative power of God,” he explained. “While my mom was talking one day, I told her that I wanted to tell people about the Lord, so she said OK and let me speak. There was a gentleman and his wife that both stood and listened while I spoke. When I was done, they paused and the man looked at my mom and told her to get me into law school. My mom said that she hoped I serve the Lord and invest my life in that.”

New year, new hope: Local religious leaders offer messages of peace, unity for 2017


In the aftermath of the presidential election, many are bleary-eyed from the roller-coaster campaign. This has been a divisive time, ending in lost friendships and family discord. For the past 18 months, the political climate has been acidic, ugly and corroding.

Some are deeply saddened by the results of the election, and some are elated in the change. Experts agree that, in many ways, the country is divided.

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