Guard your credit from thieves


    After Target and Neiman Marcus told tens of millions of shoppers that their credit and debit card information had been stolen, the retailers offered them a year of free credit monitoring. But that service does little more than give consumers a false sense of security because it does nothing to protect them from fraudulent charges on their credit and debit card accounts.

    More than 85 percent of identity theft cases involve existing account fraud, according to the Department of Justice. Credit monitoring, security freezes and fraud alerts are designed to thwart much less common — but much more serious — new-account fraud.

    In that type of identity theft, a crook uses your Social Security number and other personal information to open credit accounts in your name. If it happens to you, it’s worth considering credit monitoring, along with a security freeze or fraud alert. Here’s what each does:


Who’s caring for the caregivers?


The assignment is one of the weekly tasks proposed to help caregivers learn a critical lesson: take care of yourself so you can give the best care to your loved ones.

“Powerful Tools for Caregivers” is a program offered through Kenosha County Aging and Disability Resource Center, offered six times each year at several locations throughout Kenosha County.

Once a week for six weeks, class leaders from the ADRC and other community agencies present lectures and facilitate discussions, role playing and brainstorming for groups of about 15 caregivers. These are wives, husbands, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and friends who provide unpaid, often daily care for loved ones facing chronic or terminal illness or just the common effects of aging.


The grilling gourmet


For many people, outdoor grilling is a cool way to cook dinner on a hot summer night. For others it is an elevated art form, a way of life, a love story.

To hear those in the know speak of grilling out is to hear the pursuit for perfection.

It’s not just a charred steak, but chicken cooked at precisely 165 degrees on direct heat doused periodically in special sauce. Way beyond tossing shrimp on the barbie, it’s about vent settings and indirect heat and gas-assisted charcoal.

Your Home

    Cooking up a color-happy kitchen


    Kitchens in traditional and vintage homes often are dressed in conservative garb: neutral hues, stainless steel, white-on-white or beige-on-beige.

    Historically, however, kitchens were actually pretty peppy, according to Deborah Baldwin, editor of This Old House magazine.

    “Pastel greens, blues, creams and peaches reigned until the early 1930s, when casual, built-in eating areas were painted Kelly green, red and even black,” she says.


    Spotlight on Strait-Way Ministries in Pleasant Prairie


    Church name: Strait-Way Ministries


    A summer state of mind


    Midwesterners will tell you, this is what we live for. Summer is finally here, and people are out enjoying the outdoors, concerts and festivals, gardening, biking and, of course, construction.

    Photographer Brian Passino captured all these activities in the past few weeks, giving our readers a beautiful look at what people in the area have been doing, as well as an interesting perspective on the harbor dredging project in which the crane seems to dwarf the HarborPark condos.

    Meanwhile, Bill Siel attended the annual Music on the Border event, capturing the glittering brass of the instruments, the athletism of the color guard and vibrancy of the colorful uniforms.


    Don’t let go of ‘When I First Held You’


    “When I First Held You” by various authors, edited by Brian Gresko, c.2014, Berkley $15, 277 pages

    You’ve done some scary things in your life.

    It’s a wonder you survived your childhood, in fact: the heights you jumped from, rides you took, things you ate, dares you accepted. It’s a wonder you’re even alive.


    St. Paul shines as rail brings Twin Cities closer


    Some siblings come across as rivals who seem disconnected, and that’s the way I saw Minnesota’s Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul until this summer.

    Now light rail connects these sisters, which means there’s no reason to stay with one and ignore the other.

    The ride is 48 minutes between Green Line end points: St. Paul’s newly renovated Union Depot (where Amtrak and Megabus depart) and Target Field (home of the Minnesota Twins). In between are 21 quick stops.

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