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    Holiday wish list: Local service agencies seek donations


    The holidays are a time for giving. As we have done in previous years, the Kenosha News has requested “wish lists” from local agencies that support our community so our readers will have an opportunity to extend their gift-giving to include these fine organizations. So if you have the means, open your heart and your wallet to make their holidays a little brighter. If you intend to drop off your donations, call first for hours.

    19200 93rd St. (Highway C), Bristol 53104


10 foods that beat holiday bloat


The holidays can puff you out faster than you can say pumpkin pie. Cookies, cocktails and second helpings can lead to trapped air, water retention and belly-bloating constipation. But that doesn’t mean you have to look like the Michelin Man at your next party. Here are 10 foods and drinks that will flatten your belly fast, whether you want to squeeze into your little black dress or deflate after a night of overindulgence.

To preempt holiday party bloat, sip on some peppermint tea or pop a peppermint oil pill like Heather’s Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules about an hour beforehand, suggests Tamara Duker Freuman, a New York-based nutritionist who specializes in digestive disorders. “Peppermint is an anti-spasmodic. It calms down the entire digestive tract and allows gas to pass,” she says. Sipping tea post-party can also banish belchy gas.

Holiday travel can throw off your eating and sleeping, and wreck your regularity. This can lead to constipation, bloating and abdominal pain. “Pack a couple packets of plain instant oatmeal instead of grabbing a pastry in the morning,” suggests Freuman. “Oatmeal is a terrific source of soluble fiber to keep bowels regular.”


Got a holiday kitchen disaster? We’ve got a fix for that!


If you’re planning to entertain at home this holiday season, you’d be wise to bear in mind the words of Julia Child: “Never apologize. Never Explain.”

Because something is going to go wrong. Something always does. But that doesn’t mean you need to tell the world. Her philosophy was simple. Embrace the disaster, do what you can to fix it, but tell nobody. Just serve it as is and chances are good no one will notice or care. Did your souffle fall? Call it a pudding cake instead. Are your cookies overcooked? Crumble them over ice cream.

Which is to say, there’s almost no kitchen mistake that can’t be fixed so long as you stay calm and keep an open mind. In fact, as far as I know there are only two things that are unfixable. We’ll come back to those, but in the meantime, let’s talk about some of the most common holiday cooking problems and the best ways to fix them.

Your Home

    Need some space? How to make a room feel bigger than it really is


    As the weather gets colder and we come indoors, it’s easy to wish your indoor space had some of the open, airy feeling of the outdoors.

    It is possible to make a room feel larger than it really is: Choosing the right colors and finishes and arranging furniture properly can create the illusion of space.

    Here, three experts on designing small living spaces share their strategies for making rooms feel larger and more open, without the expense of construction or major redecorating.


    Answering the call


    Meet the new pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church.

    The Rev. Grace Cajiuat was born and raised in a pastor’s family. Her father was a Methodist minister, her uncle is a retired Methodist minister, another uncle is a Baptist minister; her brother is a United Methodist minister, her grandfather was a pastor of the indigenous Filipino Methodist church, her great grandfather was a Spanish friar and her mother was a deaconess.

    “I guess you could say that I come from a faith-filled family,” she said. “I’m originally from Manila, Philippines. No place particular in Manila, as my father itinerated as a minister every three or four years.”


    Share what you like: 6 social media networks, and a tip for each one


    I get a lot of questions based off my So Social columns, but there’s one theme that keeps repeating itself:

    What’s one thing I should do when I use —————————————?

    And that got me thinking. Why not combine some of those answers in one piece and share them with a wider audience?


    Beautiful books tell stories with imagery


    I first met David Wiesner at the seashore. He was showing me a close up look at a crab when a big wave rolled over us revealing the start of an adventure. That adventure is his book “Flotsam.” It won the Caldecott Medal that year. Wiesner’s wordless story introduced me to his boy’s eye view of the world and his boundless imagination. I’ve been enthralled with his books ever since.

    Wiesner grew up in New Jersey where he enjoyed beach vacations with his family. In high school he made a silent movie and drew wordless comic books. At the Rhode Island School of Design he created a 9-foot-long painting exploring different perspectives. His life prepared him to create his award winning books.

    “Free Fall” evolved from Wiesner’s design school painting. As a boy falls asleep, his pillows become clouds and mountains and his green checkered blanket becomes plots of land. The objects beside his bed become the characters and landscape of his dream. Image melts into image in an easy, dreamy manner. Size is relative. In the course of the night, the boy meets the queen, conquers a dragon, explores new lands, climbs to the highest heights (with pack pigs) and free falls until autumn leaves/swans bring him in for a water landing on a green checkered sea to morning. This story is eloquently told without a word.


    A day’s work in Vietnam


    Last in a series

    The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, shows how wrong it is to presume the country’s culture is homogeneous. Although Viet people make up nearly 86 percent of the population, 53 other ethnic groups call this home.

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