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    Back to school: Boost your teen’s money savvy


    The best way to help your teens avoid making common financial blunders in adulthood (living beyond their means, racking up credit card debt, etc.) is to start them on the road to savvy money management early. Here are some things you might do:

    — Encourage your teens to get a job. While supplying welcome disposable income, jobs also teach kids about the value of time and hard work. A purchase that looked perfectly reasonable when parents were paying for it can seem less necessary when they realize they have to work five hours to earn it.

    — Teach your kids budgeting skills. If they get allowances or earn money, help them prioritize their spending and decide how to spend their cash, weighing expenses such as fast-food snacks with friends against saving for a fancy phone. Have your teens contribute toward major expenses such as their car insurance.


Exciting (and scary) times: Help for back-to-school separation anxiety, fears and stress


Getting ready for a new school year can be exciting for children, parents and caregivers. It may also be a major cause of anxiety or stress. Whether kids are heading off to elementary school, high school or college, leaving the safety and familiarity of home can prompt feelings of fear.

Mayo Clinic Children’s Center psychologist Dr. Stephen Whiteside says that if back-to-school anxiety or separation anxiety become overwhelming and disruptive, taking steps to reduce those fears is important. “Some kids are more anxious than others, and transitions like going back to school can be more difficult for them. Talking to them and preparing them ahead of time by doing things such as visiting the schools and meeting teachers can be beneficial.”

Whiteside offers additional tips that can help:


From the orchard to a parking lot near you


When Tree-Ripe Citrus announces its fruit delivery schedule, people take notice.

They plan their days around when the trucks will be in locations close enough for them to stop in on a lunch break or way home from work. And they plan out what they’re going to do with the bounty of blueberries, peaches or citrus fruits — because you can’t buy a handful of anything from Tree-Ripe. You’re buying in bulk.

Blueberries are sold in 5-pound boxes, and peaches and citrus fruits in boxes of 18-20 pounds.

Your Home

    Shiny! Glossy cabinets give kitchens a smooth, stylish finish


    As ultra-contemporary kitchens gain in popularity, interest is soaring in shiny cabinets that contribute a huge modern cachet.

    New York-based designer Patrick Mele loves the sheen and reflection that variations on glossy paint, other finishes and lacquer add to a kitchen. He and other designers credit European cabinetmakers for producing some of the smoothest, glass- or mirror-like finishes, rivaling those from automotive manufacturers.

    Patty Vila is among American homeowners who like the look. She resurfaced kitchen cabinets in her Miami Beach home by having them spray-lacquered white. “They look amazing, and it’s a popular look for others living on the beach. It makes the room look larger, sleeker and cleaner,” Vila says.


    Mother Teresa film to be shown at St. James today


    A rare film of Mother Teresa will be available for public viewing at 7 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 5) at St. James Catholic Church, 5804 Sheridan Road.

    The film will be shown after the 5:30 Mass in Father Hauser Hall. Admission is free.

    Ted Larkin and Jim DeHarpportea worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and will give a short presentation after the film about Mother Teresa and their experiences with her.


    Heating up, cooling down


    As festivals roll into town, bringing with them musicians from near and far, so do thunderstorms.

    Summer weather in Wisconsin makes for stunning cloud formations, as lightning splits the dark skies. Photographers Sean Krajacic and Bill Siel both captured stunning clouds moving over Pleasant Prairie and Lake Geneva.

    The weather kept people away from the opening of the Kenosha County Fair, but as weather improved, attendance swelled at all events from the pedal tractor pull to the final auction.


    Off the Shelves: Cruisin’ for a bruisin’


    Thinking of taking a relaxing cruise to top off a pleasant summer? You might think again after reading these murder mysteries set aboard luxury liners.

    Actually, these cozy reads are perfect summer entertainment aboard ship or on your own home deck, combining leisure and lies, death and fine dining.

    A ship is a confined space where strangers are encouraged to mingle, often misrepresenting themselves in favor of a more glamorous persona while indulging in furtive liaisons. As a floating metaphor for decadent society, its possibilities for mayhem are boundless.


    Winning photos taken ‘Only in Wisconsin’


    Beautiful natural settings, culturally unique attractions and comical snapshots all were in the mix of “Only in Wisconsin” photo entries that you shared with me recently. Yes, we have winners, but these were not easy decisions.

    Good photography is a mix of skill, awareness, planning and luck. The instructions for this exercise: Submit an image of excellent photographic quality that demonstrates skill in depicting an only-in-Wisconsin destination that is accessible to the public.

    So pictures of gorgeous but generic landscapes — be they sunsets, autumn colors or waterfronts — were set aside. So were unique-to-us destinations that were clear but straightforward — shots that had nothing wrong with them, but nothing extraordinary in composition or brilliance of color.

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