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    Condominium living


    Jamie Warosh understands the advantages of condominium living.

    “We had the time to do other things in life versus spending our whole weekend at home doing yard work,” recalled Warosh, who owned a two-bedroom condo in Kenosha County with her husband, John, before moving to a single-family home.

    But, said Warosh, a Kenosha real estate agent and property manager, she knew the trade-offs of such a maintenance-free lifestyle, including monthly fees, strict rules and regulations for common areas, and what the age of a complex can mean for maintenance, potential assessments and resale value — all things she’s found many new condo owners haven’t necessarily considered.


Back on their feet


Josephine Mata, 74, doesn’t travel all the way from the north side of Racine to Kenosha lightly, but she’s happy to make the trip to receive an innovative diabetic neuropathy treatment at Dr. Cynthia Cernak’s office.

“My feet were bothering me. They were puffy and numb. Now they’re feeling good again. I can get up off the chair now,” Mata said.

For the past five years, Cernak has been using a combination of electric current and local anesthetic to help diabetics overcome painful stabbing, tingling and numbness in their feet. She and her team at Kenosha’s Midwest Foot and Ankle Institute, 10105 74th St., have treated 560 patients so far, a majority of whom, she said, have seen their symptoms dramatically reduced or eliminated. Most of these patients were on their last legs when they came in, she said.


All - day chili


Slow cookers have legions of fans. I am not among them.

It’s partly philosophical, partly practical. Let’s start with the latter. Truth is, I’m just not good at producing food that tastes all that great in a slow cooker. Whatever I make ends up either tasteless mush or wildly overcooked or — on days when I’m really shining — both mushy and wildly overcooked.

The philosophical side is even worse. I resent it when slow cooker recipes require me to pre-cook ingredients before adding them to the slow cooker. And so many recipes seem to require this. If I need to brown the meat and toast the spices and simmer the sauce all in different pans before I’m even allowed to touch the device that’s supposed to be making my work easier, I might as well just finish (more quickly!) the dish on the stove.

Your Home

    Outdoor decorating for fall


    Homes in the northern U.S. are treated to a measure of effortless outdoor decorating for fall: Nature does most of the work by turning the trees a vivid palette of reds, oranges and golds. Add a pumpkin or two on the doorstep and the look is complete.

    Before the weather turns too harsh, consider using some creativity to add to the season’s colors and textures by decorating your home’s outdoor spaces. But be careful, as Halloween decorating has become increasingly popular, many homeowners aiming for a festive fall look go overboard with big decorations and harsh shades of orange.

    With a light touch and some strategic choices, homes anywhere can be made more attractive through the beauty of the season, according to designers Betsy Burnham, Brian Patrick Flynn and Lee Kleinhelter. They offer advice on doing outdoor fall decorating right.


    Vatican mystery: Where did gay welcome originate?


    VATICAN CITY — It’s one of the great mysteries of the meeting on family life taking place behind closed doors at the Vatican this week: Just where did the authors of a draft report come up with such ground-breaking language that gays had gifts to offer the church and that even homosexual partnerships had merit?

    Officially speaking, the draft report was a synthesis of the interventions from more than 200 bishops, a starting point for small working groups to propose amendments, elaborations, additions and subtractions to the drafting committee preparing a final report that will be released today.

    But conservative cardinals have said their views were not reflected in the draft, they blasted the report as “unacceptable” and said it was in sore need of an overhaul.


    Fall for all


    The trees are donning their fiery suits.

    The days are getting shorter.

    And people are getting their yards and houses decorated in expectation for ghouls and princesses to come knocking with a cheerful “Trick or treat!”



    Haunting New Orleans


    One visit is enough for some places, but that’s not how I view New Orleans. The city has a flashy array of personalities, none boring.

    If I could be anywhere in the country as this month ends, it would be The Big Easy, and the Oct. 26 Packer-Saints football game is just one reason why.

    Inside the fiercely creative city with French roots, a free spirit and big love of jazz is a mix of mystery and beauty, with an appetite for gumbo and the risqué. Some of the locals seem to be in costume all year, which makes it OK for visitors to shed a few inhibitions, too, especially as Halloween approaches.

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