Protect yourself after a data breach


    Payment systems being hacked at Home Depot.

    Target data breach.

    When is this going to stop? Can you trust anyone to secure their network?


Losing weight their way


When it comes to weight loss, Shirley and Saul Perez are rule breakers: they don’t count calories or consume copious amounts of vegetables; if they want a snack they’ll have a snack.

But they are also personal-record breakers: together they have lost 327 pounds over the last three years — and kept the weight off.

The Kenosha couple, both 42, did not utilize personal trainers, gym memberships or nutritional coaches. Their keys to success: Personal responsibility, hard work and determination.


An American original: Wild rice rich with nutrients, history


September is Wild Rice Month. Not just because it’s on the calendar at the Whole Grains Council — which it is — but because this semi-aquatic seed is harvested during a fairly short window each September.

Wild rice is as exotic as its name implies. A breed apart from white or brown rice, its unique characteristics include dark brown to black coloring, nutty flavor and chewy texture. Additionally, its delicate botany makes wild rice challenging to harvest, which translates into a higher price point than most other grains or rices.

An American original, wild rice was once only native to the Great Lakes regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Today it is cultivated in other states, including California and Texas.

Your Home

    Why your next great home accessory might come from the sea


    Under-the-sea themes are a constant of coastal design. But one marine motif especially transcends styles, as a rich boost to almost any kind of decor, and that is coral.

    We love its connection to the sea as well as its organic feel — all branchy, tangled tentacles, tubes and plumes extending. Brain coral with intricate mazelike patterns. Soft coral sea fans, some with a lovely transparency and leaflike veining. And, of course, its namesake hue, which is a brilliant accent in neutral interiors.

    But in nature, in addition to 1,400 species of coral on the Great Barrier Reef alone, there are a rainbow of colors, from vivid blues to purples, yellows and greens, as well as the considerable gamut of red to orange. And some designers have been branching out to show less traditional types and colors, blue being especially robust this year.


    Spotlight on Southport Baptist Church in Bristol


    Church name: Southport Baptist Church


    They’re remembering to Live A Little


    Editor’s note: Reprinted with permission from the October/November 2014 issue of She, a magazine for southeastern Wisconsin women. For more information, go to

    The late Pat Lienau always had a dream of opening her own consignment boutique somewhere in downtown Kenosha.

    She wanted high-quality — whether designer or store brand — clothing that was still in great condition for customers looking for style and value.


    Cosby bio takes us back to childhood


    “Cosby: His Life and Times” by Mark Whitaker, c.2014, Simon & Schuster, $29.99, 544 pages


    ‘A’ is for agriculture and art


    What, besides corn and cows, might you find in farm fields near Reedsburg next month?

    A. A woodwind quintet and ballet dancers.

    B. A place to paint silage bags.

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