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    Holiday wish list: Local service agencies seek donations


    The holidays are a time for giving. As we have done in previous years, the Kenosha News has requested “wish lists” from local agencies that support our community so our readers will have an opportunity to extend their gift-giving to include these fine organizations. So if you have the means, open your heart and your wallet to make their holidays a little brighter. If you intend to drop off your donations, call first for hours.

    — ELCA Outreach Center, 6218 26th Ave., 652-5545.


10 minutes of dementia: Virtual tour aims to help caregivers understand illness


No one asks for Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia.

No one would willingly sign up for a disease that erodes one’s mental and physical faculties to nothingness. But on Nov. 10, 40 people in Kenosha did sign up for a dose of dementia.

These were caregivers of people with some form dementia who chose to have a virtual experience of the illness to better understand the world of those they care for.


Making the most of a make-ahead turkey gravy


For the home cook, Thanksgiving can be the most stressful day of the year. The crux of the problem is not only the extravagant length of the menu, but the need to serve every dish piping hot at exactly the same moment, a problem made all the more acute by the fact that the oven is probably going to be hogged by the big bird for most of the day.

What’s a cook to do?

I’ll offer two pieces of advice. First, keep in mind that the turkey will stay rip-roaring hot for up to an hour after you pull it from the oven. This gives us ample time to use the oven to cook the stuffing or pies. Secondly, many dishes can be made a day ahead. The obvious candidates are casseroles and stuffing. But there’s another do-ahead you may not have considered — the gravy. Here’s how it’s done.

Your Home

    Beware hot air! Debunking heating myths to stay warm, save money


    Advice about saving money on home heating costs abounds this time of year, but some of it is oversimplified, marketing hype or just plain wrong, while some long-standing myths persist about keeping warm on the cheap.

    For example, programmable thermostats are not the holy grail of home heating, cranking up the furnace does nothing to heat a chilly house faster and fireplaces used as heating sources literally suck — suck paid-for warm air up the chimney.

    Duct tape? Not good for sealing ducts.


    House of Worship: Journey Church


    Church name: Journey Church

    Location: 10700 75th St., Kenosha


    As the leaf turns ...


    Another leaf has turned.

    Fall is now behind us and winter is upon us; if the plummeting temperatures did not clue you in, the arrival of winter sports should.

    Bradford High School boys hoping to make the basketball team were rushing around head coach Greg Leech in a blur, going through drills and hoping that their dedication to the team showed as sweat poured out of them during the first day of practice on Monday.


    Books tell the tale of the night of the monsters’ creation


    It was a dark and stormy night in the unseasonably cold summer of 1816 when five young bohemians sat up late in a crumbling Swiss villa making up ghost stories.

    In attendance were the infamous and flamboyant Lord George Gordon Byron, his personal physician John Polidori, and the young couple Mary Godwin and Percy Bysshe Shelley, who had recently fled from England to marry abroad against her father’s wishes. They were accompanied by Mary’s stepsister Claire Claremont.

    Two group biographies tell the story of this night and its consequences, emphasizing the “curse” that seemed to befall each member: Andrew McConnell Stott’s, “The Poet and the Vampyre: the Curse of Byron and the Birth of Literature’s Greatest Monsters” (2014), and “The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein” (2006), by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.


    Museums offer special exhibits


    Art, history and other museums in Wisconsin offer ongoing opportunities to learn and appreciate the world and home. Consider this sampling of special exhibits that will carry us into the new year.

    “Changing Currents: Reinventing the Chippewa Valley” addresses at least 350 years of local history through a diverse array of local figures (including a lumberjack, fur trader, Ku Klux Klan fighter and Hmong refugee), interactive settings (Ojibwe wigwam, steamship and 1950s vacation cabin) and related activities.

    Visitors also gain how-to advice about pursuing family research. This major regional history exhibit opens Dec. 7 at Chippewa Valley Museum, 1204 E. Half Moon Drive, Eau Claire. cvmuseum.com, 715-834-7871

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