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    Slowly chipping away ...: New credit cards, readers are being phased in


    Although the liability for credit card fraud has shifted to banks and merchants, few consumers and businesses are prepared for the new security technology.

    While Oct. 1 was the deadline for banks to voluntarily issue cards with an embedded microchip and for merchants to voluntarily upgrade their credit card equipment, few consumers have the cards and many businesses have not made the upgrade, according to financial experts.

    It is estimated that 60 percent or more of consumers do not have the new Europay Mastercard Visa chip card. And more than 80 percent of merchants do not have the chip reader terminals.


The right dose: Machine helps patients take pills on time


“Time to take your medication!”

It’s a phrase that Laura Dean, 59, hears four times a day from a machine that looks like an oversized coffeemaker perched on her bookcase.

With a total of 28 pills a day, the Silver Lake resident has a taxing medication regimen that made living independently difficult.


Locals form ‘support group’ for garlic lovers


To those who know and love it best, garlic is not just a condiment: it’s a food group.

For garlic collectors, its many varieties are also worth close research, protection and preservation.

Not only is garlic a food group, but it is also an online community group. About a year ago, Curzio Caravati launched Kenosha Garlic Collectors, an online community committed to conversations about the propagation of heirloom garlic varieties, studies of the possibilities to develop new varieties, and the production of true garlic seed.

Your Home

    No carving required: Halloween pumpkins with style


    While some people can’t wait to get out the carving knife, there are lots of alternative ways to dress up a Halloween pumpkin.

    “No carving means less mess,” says Katherine Parker, senior digital editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

    She suggests painting the pumpkin black before adding cardstock features that will appeal to youngsters. “A tail, ears or bat wings can transform a plain pumpkin into a cute, festive creature.”


    Fueling the faith of youth


    The Bible teaches that despite past mistakes, poor choices or current problems, God’s love is limitless and can transform lives.

    “Limitless” was the theme of the 2015 Steubenville Youth Conference, based on John 10:10 in the Bible. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and to have it to the full.”

    Two buses filled with 83 teens from Kenosha and Racine traveled with adult chaperones and parish youth directors to the annual conference conducted by Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, on the campus of St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minn., from July 24-26. It was one of 20 summer conferences hosted by the university.


    Steep concrete


    But for a small area to allow construction vehicles to get access to the infield, the track at the Washington Park Velodrome is finished. But keep your bikes on the road, because it is not yet ready for the races.

    Up next is more standard concrete work: the curbs on the north side of the track, the inside track along the oval and the smaller asphalt warm-up track. There will also be additional grading and construction of a retaining wall and fencing before it is finally ready.

    The steep embankment that new racing standards demanded was an unusual job for the crew of Kenosha-based Rasch Construction & Engineering. A specialized piece of equipment 25 feet in length called a roller screed had to be used to pour the concrete track.



    ‘We Gotta Bingo’


    All-in-good-fun games of bingo keep the church lights on, subsidize school field trips, buy equipment for volunteer fire departments and make countless other charitable efforts possible.

    Add the fact that 43 percent of people in Wisconsin say they are of German heritage, and at least 25 percent consider themselves Catholic. We know “polka” and “Mass” are not necessarily mutually exclusive activities.

    If you are proud or at least amused by these observations, a new and interactive dinner theater might be just the ticket during your next trip to Chicago. “We Gotta Bingo,” a Chicago Theater Works production, is similar in spirit to the wacky “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” that opened in 1988 in New York’s Greenwich Village and still plays nationwide today.

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