Let them eat cake!

“Let them eat cake” is a phrase generally misattributed to Marie Antoinette in pre-Revolutionary France, and commonly understood to represent the aristocracy’s callous and dismissive attitude toward the hungry masses. The phrase also signifies the high regard we all have for cake — in all its buttery, flavorful richness and decadence.

Kenosha Public Library houses a multitude of books about cake baking and decorating. Here is a sampling:

Beginning with the preamble “We the people who love cake, in order to bake a more perfect dessert …” author and owner of CakeLove bakery Warren Brown shares a cake recipe from each and every state of the U.S. in his beautifully illustrated “United Cakes of America.” Some are obvious in their origins (Texas Sheet Cake, Boston Cream Pie), and all reflect the culture and culinary history of this diverse country. Wisconsin’s delicacy is Brown Sugar, Cranberry and Pecan Cake.

‘Ask a Science Teacher’ has answers we can all learn from


“Ask a Science Teacher” by Larry Scheckel, c.2013, The Experiment, $14.95, 348 pages

Check out these books on chess through the Kenosha Public Library

Kenosha Public Library

There are many fine books that explain how to play the game of chess, but what is almost as interesting is the history of the game itself.

‘Safe With Me’ a comfort food for book lovers


“Safe With Me” by Amy Hatvany, c.2014, Washington Square Press, $15, 342 pages

Best. Worst. You’ve known them equally. And, as in the new book “Safe with Me” by Amy Hatvany, you know that you’ll live through both of them.

Tips on saving money, investing available through library system

“A nickel ain’t worth a dime any more.” ~ Yogi Berra

If there’s one thing that can drive people nuts, it’s money!

Dave Barry’s new book a must-read


“You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty” by Dave Barry, c.2014, Putnam, $26.95, 224 pages

You never wanted to grow up to be a zookeeper.

‘Living Safely’ addresses issues of aging populiation


“Living Safely, Aging Well” by Dorothy A. Drago, c.2013, Johns Hopkins University Press, $16.95, 204 pages

The third step from the bottom squeaks when you tread on it — which is something you tried to remember when you snuck in after curfew.

‘One Room Schools’ a book with class


“One Room Schools” by Susan Apps-Bodilly, c.2013, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, $15.95, 146 pages

This morning on your way to school, you caught something: a ride.

Home is where the heart is in these children’s books

With winter still hanging on, it’s the perfect time to snuggle in with some cozy books about home.

In “This is our House,” Hyewon Yum chronicles one family’s life through two generations with snapshots of moments that take place in different parts of their house. The first half of the story moves from the outside of the house to different rooms and back to the front door, showing the first generation settling into the house and making it their own. The second half, following a second generation, mirrors the first, taking us back to the outside of the house, which has now become a true home where the whole family lives. Illustrated in Yum’s signature style, it’s a lovely portrayal of the little moments in life that turn a house into a home and the family that is at the heart of that home.

It will all become clear in ‘Tiger Shrimp Tango’


“Tiger Shrimp Tango” by Tim Dorsey, c.2014, Wm. Morrow, $25.99, 306 pages

It sounded too good to be true.

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