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From the orchard to a parking lot near you


When Tree-Ripe Citrus announces its fruit delivery schedule, people take notice.

They plan their days around when the trucks will be in locations close enough for them to stop in on a lunch break or way home from work. And they plan out what they’re going to do with the bounty of blueberries, peaches or citrus fruits — because you can’t buy a handful of anything from Tree-Ripe. You’re buying in bulk.

Blueberries are sold in 5-pound boxes, and peaches and citrus fruits in boxes of 18-20 pounds.

Wisconsin has a new beer, and it’s Surly


Wisconsin is being invaded by more beer, an operation that began June 2, and it’s a Surly one — Surly Brewing of Minneapolis-St. Paul, to be exact.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “surly” as bad-tempered; sullenly rude; hostile and uncivil. The Twin Cities brewer claims it’s the anger fueled by the inability to find good beer.

Feel like a nut butter?


For many parents, back to school time means back to packing lunch for the kids. And that means it’s time to revisit that old lunchbox mainstay, the peanut butter sandwich.

The star ingredient tends to come one of two ways — heavily processed or ultra-natural. The more processed peanut butters generally are pumped up with added fats (as if peanuts don’t have enough!), sugar and salt. Not a happy choice. Meanwhile, natural peanut butters may shed the added ingredients, but they often make up for it with gains in price. Ouch!

Make the most of summer vegetables with a Cobb salad


At the end of the summer, we all are awash in corn, zucchini and tomatoes. This is, by and large, a good thing. But it begs for a bit of creativity in the kitchen so the end-of-summer vegetables don’t mount up and threaten to overtake us.

If you are growing any of these items in a garden, you really need an arsenal of recipes to keep the influx at bay. I have a neighbor who once told me that when he was growing up, August was the only time the people in his town locked their cars. They did it because otherwise they might come back to find someone had left a bag of zucchini on the seat.

Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter IPA hits its mark


Sierra Nevada’s Hop Hunter IPA is more than a tasty new beer from a renowned brewery.

It’s a prime example of the the type of innovation and passion that are hallmarks of craft brewing in America.

Tropical taste: the flavors of ceviche and shrimp cocktail, together at last


Growing up North Carolina where seafood is plentiful, I tended to take shrimp in summer for granted. It — and all seafood, for that matter — was just a delicious part of life.

And even though I moved away, I’ve never lost my taste for summer seafood, particularly shrimp. It is one of my favorite foods to grill. And, as it turns out, shrimp — like chicken — is a culinary chameleon that shines in so many different preparations with flavors from around the world.

Presto: Basil beyond pesto


Got basil? No, not the dried-in-jar stuff, but fresh, full-flavored leaf basil.

And if the answer is “yes” to fresh basil, is it spicy globe, Siam Queen or maybe blue spice? What sounds like exotic varieties of coffee or tea are actually some of the many types of fresh basil.

Adnams is English for traditional ale


Many here haven’t actually sampled British beer, but most will claim it’s warm and flat.

This is an exaggeration, of course, and, as such, should not be taken seriously.

Summertime satisfaction: Grilled sausages, potatoes can feed a crowd


Sloppy, fatty, savory, starchy and delicious. Do you really need any other reasons to make this utterly satisfying and summery grilled sausage and potato dish?

And it doesn’t get much easier than this. You start by tossing a whole mess of new potatoes with olive oil and salt, then setting those on the grill until the skins get just crunchy while the insides get soft. Meanwhile, on the other side of the grill you drop down a disposable foil pan filled with Italian sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, whole garlic cloves, sliced onions and bell peppers.

Summer comfort: Keeping the mayo and the memories in an updated chicken salad sandwich


I have a serious comfort food association with chicken salad sandwiches. Particularly in summer.

That’s when Mom made them for me for lunch. And I don’t mean salads WITH chicken (the “ugh” of the healthy menu at fast-casual restaurants). I mean the sloppy, sticky diner-style chicken salads all gloopy with mayonnaise, speckled with sweet pickle relish and studded with crunchy bits of chopped celery. And the best part of the chicken salad? Those clumps that oozed out from between the bread slices to land with a plop on the plate. I ate those with my fingers.

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