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Bell’s Brewery rings in 30 years


I grew up on Bell’s beers.

As a novice home brewer and young venturer into any new beer that crossed my path, Larry Bell’s fledgling brewery in Kalamazoo came into view during frequent visits home to Michigan in the 1980s.

With a foothold inside a former hardware store on the outskirts of town, I met an eager spirit who was dedicated to breathe life into the notion that a small, independent brewery could count.

Take comfort in tomato soup


Do you tend to overlook tomato soup? I do. These days when there is soup on the menu, whether it’s at one of those soup and sandwich joints or any number of restaurants, there usually are plenty of more adventurous items on offer, like Thai lemon grass curry soup or Morrocan lentil soup. Tomato soup just seems sort of humble next to these choices.

But maybe I’m wrong. Because tomato soup remains one of the top sellers at the supermarket, right up there with good old chicken noodle. Clearly, plenty of people still see the appeal.

Eggs Benedict meets hash ’n eggs: Local chef dukes it out in national breakfast contest


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: so important it merits a five-week celebration and nationwide contest.

Sponsored by Thomas’, makers of English muffins, bagels and other specialty breads, 135 chefs from around the country have been invited to put forth their best Thomas’-inspired breakfasts. The number 135 celebrates the company’s 135th anniversary this year.

Cheers to Oktoberfest


Pick a holiday and it’s likely you’ve got a beer of choice to toast the festivities.

And then there’s Oktoberfest, which turns the tables as it IS a beer holiday, one that begins Saturday and ends Oct. 4.

Going organic: Wisconsin a mecca for growers, consumers


Dan Franks, a Kenosha father, buys organic milk from the store and organic cheese, eggs and meats from local farmers market vendors. He also grows his own organic vegetables.

His reason for going organic: his children.

Sprecher marks 30 years of craft brewing in Milwaukee


Craft brewing arrived in Milwaukee 30 years ago, when Randy Sprecher left Pabst and built a 25-barrel brewing systen using old stainless steel dairy equipment.

“We didn’t have any money,” admitted Sprecher.

Being green isn’t necessarily bad for tomatoes


The height of summer produce season is winding down, and soon home gardeners will be harvesting the last of their red tomatoes. In their wake, inevitably, will be a host of green, not-ready-for-salad tomatoes that may or may not look edible.

To many, a green tomato is just a poor relation to its red, ripe cousin, coveted all summer long by growers and consumers alike.

From the orchard to a parking lot near you


When Tree-Ripe Citrus announces its fruit delivery schedule, people take notice.

They plan their days around when the trucks will be in locations close enough for them to stop in on a lunch break or way home from work. And they plan out what they’re going to do with the bounty of blueberries, peaches or citrus fruits — because you can’t buy a handful of anything from Tree-Ripe. You’re buying in bulk.

Wisconsin has a new beer, and it’s Surly


Wisconsin is being invaded by more beer, an operation that began June 2, and it’s a Surly one — Surly Brewing of Minneapolis-St. Paul, to be exact.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “surly” as bad-tempered; sullenly rude; hostile and uncivil. The Twin Cities brewer claims it’s the anger fueled by the inability to find good beer.

Feel like a nut butter?


For many parents, back to school time means back to packing lunch for the kids. And that means it’s time to revisit that old lunchbox mainstay, the peanut butter sandwich.

The star ingredient tends to come one of two ways — heavily processed or ultra-natural. The more processed peanut butters generally are pumped up with added fats (as if peanuts don’t have enough!), sugar and salt. Not a happy choice. Meanwhile, natural peanut butters may shed the added ingredients, but they often make up for it with gains in price. Ouch!

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