No time for a workout? How to fit it into your workday


Next to “the dog ate my homework,” one of the most lamebrain excuses around might be this one: “Work keeps me too busy to exercise.”

To that, we roll our eyes, engage our core and lift both feet off the ground slowly, hold for a breath or two, and lower them.

“Do you have 60 seconds?” asks Dallas-area personal trainer Kristi Dear. “Do you have two minutes?”

Staying fit with the SilverSneakers


They go and they go. Faster than a silver streak, these senior citizens have a lot of spring in their step.

Welcome to SilverSneakers, a fitness group at the YMCA, where class members range in age from 65-95.

‘I feel so energetic and full of life’


Editor’s note: In a little more than two years, Nicole Cook has lost 146 pounds. She answered some questions about how she did that for Focus on Fitness.

Have you heard? Hearing tests recommended for people over 65


A funny thing happens as we get older: the junk mail that arrives to our homes changes. We hit 50 and every next piece of mail suggests a subscription to AARP; a decade later, the mailbox is screaming with ads for hearing screenings.

All marketing aside, the latter comes about with good reason: according to physicians, men and women in their 60s should consider getting a hearing assessment.

Before doctors check your vitals, check out theirs


WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans consider insurance and a good bedside manner in choosing a doctor, but will that doctor provide high-quality care? A new poll shows that people don’t know how to determine that.

Being licensed and likable doesn’t necessarily mean a doctor is up to date on best practices. But consumers aren’t sure how to uncover much more. Just 22 percent of those questioned are confident they can find information to compare the quality of local doctors, according to the poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Going for the gold


For some people, every year is an Olympic year. Unlike athletes involved in the international Olympic games, senior athletes in Wisconsin go for the gold, silver and bronze every year.

The Wisconsin Senior Olympics is a multi-game competition open to men and women age 50 and up. This year, from Aug. 22-Sept. 14, 22 events will take place in several locations throughout the state. On Sept. 3, Kenosha will host the golf event at Maplecrest Country Club.

‘Work a little harder for what you want’


Editor’s note: John Housner, 20, a student at Gateway Technical College, started working out about two years ago. Since then he has gone from 275 pounds to around 210. He answered some questions about that effort for Focus on Fitness.

1. What prompted you to start a new fitness routine?

Who’s caring for the caregivers?


The assignment is one of the weekly tasks proposed to help caregivers learn a critical lesson: take care of yourself so you can give the best care to your loved ones.

“Powerful Tools for Caregivers” is a program offered through Kenosha County Aging and Disability Resource Center, offered six times each year at several locations throughout Kenosha County.

Ready, set, juice cleanse


Juicer: 1) Noun: a person who drinks vegetable and fruit juices for health benefits 2) noun: equipment used to extract juice from vegetables and fruit

Heather Swick is a juicer. She makes and drinks fruit and vegetable juices because they taste good. She also drinks them for days at a time, in place of food.

Juice experts, doctors caution against longterm all-juice diets

The phenomenon of the juice cleanse first hit the limelight after the release of the 2010 documentary film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”

This American-made documentary covered the journey of Australian Joe Cross travelling the United States armed with a juicer and a mission: to improve his health through a 60-day all-juice dietary regimen. As he lost over 100 pounds he gained converts to the benefits of juicing.

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