DIY: Juicing for beginners


The idea of juicing your own fruits and veggies may be appealing but may also seem overwhelming. What kinds of fruits and vegetables taste good together? Which combinations produce desired health benefits? Are there best times during the day to consume them? What is the difference between different types of juicers?

While information can always be gleaned from Internet sources, sometimes in-person advice is best. One source of local hands-on help is Dama Foster, co-owner of Sol D’Licious Wholistic Cafe, 1351 52nd St. A juicer for the past 18 years, Foster conducts workshops and classes on the fine art and health benefits of juicing.

At her April Juicing 101 workshop, Foster explained the principles of juicing and smoothie cleanses, discussed the nutrition profiles of processed and fresh juices and demonstrated various juicer types.

Juice experts, doctors caution against longterm all-juice diets

The phenomenon of the juice cleanse first hit the limelight after the release of the 2010 documentary film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”

This American-made documentary covered the journey of Australian Joe Cross travelling the United States armed with a juicer and a mission: to improve his health through a 60-day all-juice dietary regimen. As he lost over 100 pounds he gained converts to the benefits of juicing.

Ready, set, juice cleanse


Juicer: 1) Noun: a person who drinks vegetable and fruit juices for health benefits 2) noun: equipment used to extract juice from vegetables and fruit

Heather Swick is a juicer. She makes and drinks fruit and vegetable juices because they taste good. She also drinks them for days at a time, in place of food.

7 Habits of highly fit people


Everybody knows that in order to accomplish something, be it big or small, you must set a goal. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to lose 10 pounds, to eat healthier or to work out consistently.

Although we probably all agree that goal-setting is necessary, the real problem is not setting the goal, but sticking with it. Talk is cheap, and if you really want to achieve your goals this summer, fitness or otherwise, you really need a plan.

Mosquito magnets


People who regularly get chewed up by mosquitoes in the summer say they’re a “mosquito magnet,” but do such two-legged feeding grounds for hordes of biting skeeters really exist?

The simple answer is, “yes.”

Aging with grace


A typical day in the life of Leonard Meyer: vacuum the house, wash the dishes, run to the hardware store for a part to fix some plumbing. On Saturdays Meyer will drive from his home in Salem to Waukegan, Ill., to place a little wager on the ponies at an off-track betting facility.

A typical day in Meyer’s life is actually pretty impressive considering that he marked his 93rd birthday on June 15.

Focus on Fitness: Don’t count anything, just keep training


Editor’s note: Laura Mueller, 48, has lost 80 pounds in about two years. We asked her to answer some questions about her success for Focus on Fitness.

Helping seniors stay safe at home


Home may not be the safest place for many local seniors living alone.

Nearly 65 percent of seniors have at least one potential safety hazard in their homes, according to a new survey of adult children conducted by Home Instead Senior Care.

Invincible? Stubborn? Scared? Cheap?


Invincible. That’s what we all think Dads are.

Fathers are supposed to be able to tough it out through pain. They’re always busy and don’t have time to address their own needs.

Tattoo health risks:Why you should think before you ink


DALLAS — Thirteen needles are simultaneously zinging in and out of Adam Metzger’s shoulder.

The 27-year-old is unruffled. He stares unblinkingly out the storefront window of Taboo Tattoo, a studio in the Bishop Arts District. To his right, Cody Biggs shades blue into a square of the Texas state flag. His movements are sure, even.

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