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10 minutes of dementia: Virtual tour aims to help caregivers understand illness


No one asks for Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia.

No one would willingly sign up for a disease that erodes one’s mental and physical faculties to nothingness. But on Nov. 10, 40 people in Kenosha did sign up for a dose of dementia.

These were caregivers of people with some form dementia who chose to have a virtual experience of the illness to better understand the world of those they care for.

Joyful journey to health


Editor’s note: Jamie Morgan, 38, of Pleasant Prairie, has lost 210 pounds over a four-year period and recently competed in a figure competition. We asked her to share her story by answering some questions for Focus on Fitness.

After spending almost 30 years overweight or obese, I fell into a depression after the sudden loss of my mother in 2004. It compounded several emotional issues from my past that were never addressed. Before I knew it, I was deep within an endless cycle of private binge eating coupled with a socially reclusive and sedentary existence. So, after someone close to me asked me to seek counseling, I began my journey to health.

How to manage fear and anxiety


Everyone knows what it’s like to be afraid.

A snake slithers unexpectedly across the path ahead, and your body automatically responds. You spring backward should it strike. Your heart pounds, muscles tense, breath quickens. You begin to perspire. All attention is on the snake.

Health fair to focus on nutrition


The fall session of Keys to Healthy Living health fair event to be held Thursday at Gateway Technical College promises to be a conduit to making healthier choices.

The event will also bring an integrative medicine specialist from Milwaukee to speak on “The Wisdom of Food.”

Back on their feet


Josephine Mata, 74, doesn’t travel all the way from the north side of Racine to Kenosha lightly, but she’s happy to make the trip to receive an innovative diabetic neuropathy treatment at Dr. Cynthia Cernak’s office.

“My feet were bothering me. They were puffy and numb. Now they’re feeling good again. I can get up off the chair now,” Mata said.

The eyes have it


Rapidly evolving technologies are changing the conversations people are having with their eye doctors. Particularly when it comes to the topic of cataracts.

“Ten years ago it was a very short discussion,” says local ophthalmologist Dr. I. Paul Singh. “The short answer was to have surgery that just removed the cataracts,” he said.

How to live well into your 80s and beyond


Sixty years ago, an American who made it to 65 could expect to live an additional 14 years. Today, Consumer Reports notes, it’s 19 years. So how do we grow older healthfully so that we can actually enjoy those extra years?

No matter whether you’ve just hit 50 or are well on your way toward the century mark, there are strategies that can help you stay healthy, keep you socially and intellectually engaged in the world around you and create a living situation that is comfortable and safe.

Losing weight their way


When it comes to weight loss, Shirley and Saul Perez are rule breakers: they don’t count calories or consume copious amounts of vegetables; if they want a snack they’ll have a snack.

But they are also personal-record breakers: together they have lost 327 pounds over the last three years — and kept the weight off.

Silent disease: Most who have hepatitis C show no symptoms


It wasn’t until William J. Riley, 54, got a new doctor last year that a simple blood test revealed why he had been feeling crappy on and off for so many years.

“He called me in and I went down there and that’s when he told me I had hepatitis C,” Riley explained. “I said ‘Well, how long have I had it?’ He said, ‘I’m assuming from the things you’ve told me, you’ve had it 25 to 30 years.’”

No time for a workout? How to fit it into your workday


Next to “the dog ate my homework,” one of the most lamebrain excuses around might be this one: “Work keeps me too busy to exercise.”

To that, we roll our eyes, engage our core and lift both feet off the ground slowly, hold for a breath or two, and lower them.

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