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3 vaccines you may need now


Don’t put off getting these three shots that could ward off serious illness, warns Consumer Reports.

Though last year’s flu vaccine was the least effective it has been in the last eight years — reducing risk of illness by only about 23 percent — experts say that even a not-so-good flu shot is far better than none. If you do get sick in spite of getting the vaccine, symptoms are often milder.

“The vaccine may prevent you from having to go to the emergency room or intensive care unit, and protect you from dying,” says Vanderbilt University Medical Center infectious disease specialist Dr. William Schaffner.

The journey beyond addiction: Moyers to speak at Help & Hope conference at UW-Parkside


Getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is important. But for William Cope Moyers, treatment is only the beginning; the real work is the journey that follows.

“Addiction treatment is always addressed as the acuity — in the moment — but it is what happens after the moment that is critical,” Moyers said in a recent telephone interview.

High-tech hearing assistance: Club to present program that explains options


For hearing impaired people, the world is changing at the speed of sound.

Or so it seems.

Let’s all calm down: How you can help your child ‘reset’ after a meltdown


You’re trying to get out the door to an appointment and your 4-year-old can’t find his favorite Lego toy.

His frantic searching gives way to a meltdown of epic proportions, and you’re at your wit’s end.

Do you know your cholesterol numbers?

September is National Cholesterol Education Month — a perfect time to get your cholesterol levels checked and take steps to lower your numbers, if needed.

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level can lead to a healthy heart, while lowering chances of developing heart disease or experiencing a stroke. Yet according to a recent Quarterly Health of Wisconsin Study from Aurora Health Care, less than half (48 percent) of Wisconsin residents receive regular screenings for cholesterol.

Weighing in on protein drinks


Are you trying to lose weight, gain weight or pack on muscle? Want a liquid meal on the go or to recover from surgery with all the vitamins, minerals and calories you can get?

Whatever the medical or cosmetic goal, there’s a protein shake or liquid nutritional supplement for it. Protein drinks and shakes are blowing up pharmacy and grocery store shelves and across America, consumers are scooping them up and slurping them down at a brisk clip.

Helping kids eat right


My morning commute to work is suddenly filled with big yellow buses and cars darting through traffic to drop off kids at school. Yep, the school year is here once again. This is also Kids Eat Right Month, an ongoing initiative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to teach families how to shop, cook and eat smart.

How do we get kids — in the midst of our busy lives — to eat right? Registered dietitian Tess Warwick, who works with the Kids Eat Right program at Community Hospital of the Monterey, Calif., Peninsula, offers these healthy behavior goals that parents can help kids practice:

Exciting (and scary) times: Help for back-to-school separation anxiety, fears and stress


Getting ready for a new school year can be exciting for children, parents and caregivers. It may also be a major cause of anxiety or stress. Whether kids are heading off to elementary school, high school or college, leaving the safety and familiarity of home can prompt feelings of fear.

Mayo Clinic Children’s Center psychologist Dr. Stephen Whiteside says that if back-to-school anxiety or separation anxiety become overwhelming and disruptive, taking steps to reduce those fears is important. “Some kids are more anxious than others, and transitions like going back to school can be more difficult for them. Talking to them and preparing them ahead of time by doing things such as visiting the schools and meeting teachers can be beneficial.”

Bionic arm: Woman fitted with ‘i-limb’ appreciates every movement


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Weeks after becoming the first woman nationally to be fitted with an i-limb quantum bionic arm, Lizbeth Uzcategui continues to discover — and surprise herself with — what she can do.

The new, high-tech limb, made by Massachusetts-based Touch Bionics, allows the Fort Lauderdale resident to enjoy small movements that many people might take for granted. Things like giving a thumbs-up (or down), moving a computer mouse, shaking hands, opening up her new hand to rest her phone in it, or using the electronic thumb and index finger to pinch something.

Gut reaction: Fermented foods help create happy balance in digestive system


A little culture never hurt anyone. In fact, experts recommend it.

When it comes to overall health, bacterial cultures are a digestive tract’s best friend, they say.

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