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A Capitol tradition: Teacher passes on memory from her own school days


When she was in elementary school, Kim Worcester and her classmates made Christmas ornaments for the state Capitol’s Christmas tree, part of an annual program put on by the governor.

She and her mom made two so Worcester could keep one. Today, that ornament, a glittery cutout of the state of Wisconsin, still adorns her tree every year.

“I always make sure to put it up,” she said.

Share what you like: 6 social media networks, and a tip for each one


I get a lot of questions based off my So Social columns, but there’s one theme that keeps repeating itself:

What’s one thing I should do when I use —————————————?

On the job — decade after decade: Three women, 166 years of service


Some people work to live; others live to work.

They find something they want to do, get paid to do it and stick with it for the rest of their lives. Like the baker who made sweet treats for her family’s business for 56 years and the beautician who dressed the hair of Kenoshans for six and a half decades.

Fall’s finale: Autumn provides colorful backdrop, on the field and off


Fall is in full swing; leaves are turning bright and falling, crunchy under the hiker’s foot as a chill settles in the air.

At this time of the year, fall sports are coming to a close. Some local athletes are moving on to the postseason, the stage for a lot of emotions: the thrill of victory and the crushing heartfelt heaviness of defeat.

Through the lens: Pumpkins with a purpose


Family, friends and jack-o’-lanterns are some of Kris Peterson’s favorite things.

This Halloween season, Peterson and his family have once again taken on the task of carving hundreds of pumpkins for charity. The pumpkin-carving festivities have been a yearly event for the past seven years.

Don’t wig out: Let your partner pick their own Halloween costume


Are two people decked out as Barbie and Ken on Halloween the epitome of a healthy relationship?

Not necessarily.

5 surprising signs your dog might need to see the vet


Our pets can’t talk, so it’s difficult to know when they’re feeling under the weather. If you’re paying attention to your dog and watching for the more obvious signs of illness — such as not eating, not drinking and lethargy — you’re already doing one thing right. But the American Kennel Club has five subtle signs of a possible medical issue:

— He’s got bad breath: Nope, “doggie breath” isn’t normal. When dogs have bad breath, it’s because they have bacteria in their mouths. This bacteria results in the build-up of plaque, which can travel to the arteries, affecting the heart. Regular tooth-brushing and cleanings by a veterinary dentist can keep those choppers pearly and white and your pet happy and healthy. If your dog is wilting leaves with his death breath, it might be time to take him to the vet for a check-up.

Steep concrete


But for a small area to allow construction vehicles to get access to the infield, the track at the Washington Park Velodrome is finished. But keep your bikes on the road, because it is not yet ready for the races.

Up next is more standard concrete work: the curbs on the north side of the track, the inside track along the oval and the smaller asphalt warm-up track. There will also be additional grading and construction of a retaining wall and fencing before it is finally ready.

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