Boating season returns at Southport Marina


Crews at Southport Marina last week began the process of moving boats from the storage building to the water.

It takes a crew of five or six people to move a boat from the building to the marina. They begin by turning the boat around on a flatbed in a tight parking lot. Then the boat is hoisted by straps onto a traveler lift and lowered into the water.

The weather affects when boats are put in the water. Cold weather can have an impact on the water pipes connected to the docks. If there’s any chance of the pipes freezing, Southport Marina pushes the launch date.

A baptismal treasure


What started as a surprise gift has become a lasting family treasure.

Photo Frames: Music & moves


Sexual violence is no laughing matter, yet Carthage College found a way to raise money for Women and Children’s Horizons in a fun way by having some of the male students walk in high heels around the indoor track of the Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center.

“The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes charity event at Carthage was pretty wild. As one could expect, most of guys didn’t have a clue about the real-world physics of locomotion with a five-inch spike protruding from their heels. I was able to capture quite a few laughable scenes from the event right from the start, like the guys figuring out how to put the shoes on. Some struggled more than others. They all struggled once in an upright position. A candy apple red pump attached to hairy leg is enough to make anyone do a double-take,” photographer Sean Krajacic wrote.

What goes around ...


The white noise of slight static, steady hums and soft ticks beneath the music creates a deep, imperfect sound that makes listeners feel every note and lyric with all their senses. It’s the way most adults today first listened to music and heard some of their favorite albums, and this group is not ready to let it go for digital downloads.

Tremper High School’s Vintage Vinyl is an after-school club for students to share their appreciation for music produced on records. The club was started last year by adviser Jeremy Kalbfell, a special education teacher at the school.

St. Patrick’s serenaders


The Kenosha Area Pipes and Drums Association began its annual St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl in 2002, when it only had eight members. Today, the group boasts 10 bagpipers and 11 drummers.

To be a part of the group, which is mostly firefighters and members of law enforcement, a commitment of time and capital is necessary. It takes a piper 12 to 18 months to become proficient enough to perform in public, and that’s after he’s bought his own bagpipe that costs about $1,500.

Beloved Bible


PLEASANT PRAIRE — When it comes to identifying her most treasured possessions, it’s an easy call for Pleasant Prairie resident Shirley Dworak.

Region remains in winter’s cold clutches


Winter continues to hold the Kenosha area in its icy grip. There are benefits to that, however.

Recently, downtown Kenosha was treated for the first time to a series of ice sculptures by local artist Max Zuleta, a renowned ice artist who has competed professionally all over the world.

Breaking the digital divide


As new technologies transform how Americans communicate and manage their finances, some Kenosha-area seniors are taking steps to become more accustomed with personal computers and high-speed Internet; others already feel left behind.

“There is definitely a divide between the generations when it comes to computer usage,” said Tom Carson, head of reference services with Kenosha Public Library.

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