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Whether you’re planning a company picnic, a birthday party, a wedding or a grand soiree, there are dozens of public buildings and locations available for rent in Kenosha County. Many of the area’s prettiest locations are also shockingly affordable — you can get married on the lakefront for just $75. Some park shelters go for as little as $40, which might appeal to parents trying to plan a birthday party and avoid having the house torn apart.

Anderson Arts Center

121 66th St., 262-653-0481

Anderson Arts Center offers indoor and outdoor options for events; renting the entire property for a full day costs $4,000. The only tent rental company allowed on the property is Top Choice and your catering is limited to companies that already have contracts with Kemper.

Kemper Center

6501 Third Ave., 262-657-6005

Kemper Center offers several options for weddings, meetings and parties. If you are holding a wedding ceremony, you can rent the chapel for $450 for two hours (plus a $100 refundable damage deposit) or the outside grounds for two hours for $225. Wedding receptions and parties can be held in the Simmons Auditorium ($850 to have access 8 a.m. to midnight); Founders Hall ($800); or the outside grounds ($500 for five hours). Kemper has a hospitality coordinator who can help with arrangements.

Southport Beach House

7825 Third Ave., 262-653-4080

The Southport Beach House can hold up to 150 people. There is a dance floor, stage and kitchen. Tables and chairs are available. Residents can rent the space for $50 an hour, while non-residents pay $75 an hour. If you’re going to serve beer, you’ll have to pay an additional deposit of $300; beer-free, you’ll pay $100.

Oribiletti Center in Lincoln Park

6900 18th Ave., 262-653-4080

The Oribiletti Center can hold 100 people for wedding receptions, showers and family reunions. Rental fees are $50 an hour for residents and $75 an hour for non-residents. If you’re serving beer, you’ll pay an additional $300 deposit. Beer-free, you’ll pay $100.

City of Kenosha picnic areas


Reserveable picnic areas are available at Alford, Anderson, Hobbs, Kennedy, Lincoln, Nash, Poerio, Simmons Island, Roosevelt and Washington parks. The daily fee for a resident is $100; non-residents will pay $125. If you want to serve beer, you’ll pay an extra $25. If you leave a mess, you’ll pay $50 an hour per city worker for cleanup. Picnics at Southport and Baker park are a little cheaper: $75 for residents, $100 for non-residents.

Concession buildings

Forest Park, 4803 61st St.

Lincoln Park, 6900 18th Ave.

Washington Park, 1901 Washington Road

The concession buildings can be rented for $20 to $40 an hour, with a deposit of $150. The buildings are not equipped to cook food; they’re only meant to be a place where you serve it.

Pennoyer Park Sesquicentennial Band Shell

3601 Seventh Ave., 262-653-4080

Want to hold your own concert? Who wouldn’t. You can rent the band shell at Pennoyer Park for $100 a day if you represent a non-profit group ($200 a day for residents; $225 a day non-residents) plus a $150 deposit.

Rec Plex

9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, 262-947-0437

The Rec Plex offers rental spaces for everything from business conferences to kids’ birthday parties. The Lakeview Studio rents for $60 to $65 an hour. If you’re thinking big, you can rent the entire fieldhouse for $240 to $400 an hour; it can hold 800 to 2,400 people. Smaller rooms are available for $25 to $40 an hour.

Lake Andrea and Prairie Springs Park

Pleasant Prairie, 262-947-0437

The enclosed beach pavilion at Lake Andrea (which can hold 80 people) can be rented for $45 to $50 an hour, and the building has a fireplace and refrigerator. The outdoor shelter at the ballpark rents for $35 to $40 an hour, and you can reserve a picnic site for $15 to $25 an hour.

Lincoln Park Warren Taylor Memorial Flower Garden

7001 22nd Ave., 262-653-4080

This wedding location can be rented for $75 for three hours. Non-residents pay $100 for three hours and non-profits have to shell out just $40. If you’re hoping for a floral backdrop, be warned: the Park Division does not guarantee there will actually be flowers there.

Wolfenbuttel Park

5901 Third Ave., 262-653-4080

The gazebo at Wolfenbuttel is another popular option for outdoor, lakefront weddings and costs residents $75 for three hours.

Carthage College

2001 Alford Park Drive, 262-551-5727

Carthage offers a variety of venues for events ranging from the small and casual to large and dramatic. The A.F. Siebert Chapel seats 1,800 for $1,500. More intimate spiritual gatherings can be held in the Fritsch Meditation Chapel, which seats 40 people and costs $250 a day. The Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center fieldhouse can accommodate 4,400 for $2,250 a day. The Wartburg Auditorium inside the Straz Center (home to Carthage’s music, dance and theater programs) can seat 400 for $900 a day.

Hawthorn Hollow

880 Green Bay Road, 262-552-8196

Outdoorsy types have a choice of three different locations at Hawthorn Hollow, all for $400 each: the perennial garden, the 100-seat amphitheater, or the open prairie near the historic buildings. Bonus: If the weather is bad, they’ll let you move your event into the nature center.

Pringle Nature Center

9800 160th Ave., Bristol, 262-857-8008

Businesses and individuals can rent Pringle for $50 an hour; non-profits pay $25 an hour. Want to spend the night? You can rent the entire building overnight for $150.

Bong State Recreation Area

26313 Burlington Road (Highway 142), Kansasville, 262-878-5600

Bong has five shelters, an amphitheater and an auditorium available for rental. All locations are available May through October. The shelters can hold 75 people and cost $40 to $45 to reserve. The amphitheater and auditorium are available for $10 an hour.

Petrifying Springs

761 Green Bay Road, 262-857-1869

Pets has five picnic areas available for rental, offering amenities like indoor/outdoor shelters, fireplaces, electricity, and picnic tables. Each location costs $70 for residents, $90 for non-residents.

Brighton Dale Park Shelter

830 248th Ave., Kansasville, 262-857-1869

The shelter, which has electricity and can accommodate up to 96 people, can be rented by county residents for $70 (non-residents, $90).

Bristol Woods Park Shelter

9800 160th Ave., Bristol, 262-857-1869

The shelter has electricity and a fireplace. It can hold up to 60 people at 10 tables. Residents pay $70, non-residents pay $90.

Fox River Park ‘Green Space’ and Shelter

9521 304th Ave., Burlington, 262-857-1869

You can reserve the “Green Space” and 18 picnic tables for $40 (non-residents pay $50). The shelter, which has electricity and can accommodate 110 people, rents for $70 a day (non-residents, $90).


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