Newsperks Frequently Asked Questions

What is NewsPerks?

NewsPerks is a rewards program for loyal Kenosha News subscribers. NewsPerks members pay a fixed price and have full access to their choice of print and electronic news services. That means they can get Kenosha News coverage online even when traveling. NewsPerks members receive special offers from participating sponsors, special discounts on Kenosha News services and store products, and access to members-only areas of our website.

How much does NewsPerks cost?

A NewsPerks membership costs $19.95 per month on easy pay, or $21.95 with any other payment method. Many Kenosha News subscribers already qualify for membership without any additional cost.

If they both cost the same, what's the difference between NewsPerks and a regular subscription?

Kenosha News subscribers may choose from three print subscription options (7-Day, weekend or Sunday Only delivery) and receive limited access to on the days they subscribe to the print edition.

NewsPerks members may also choose from three print subscription options – or choose no delivery at all – and get unrestricted access to content every day of the week. In addition, members enjoy other privileges like freebies, discounts, contests and give-aways.

How do I become a NewsPerks member?

If you are a Kenosha News subscriber, we can check your subscription plan to see if you already qualify for NewsPerks enrollment. If your plan doesn't qualify, we can adjust it to make you a NewsPerks member. If you are not a subscriber now, one of our friendly our Customer Care representatives can help you enroll in the NewsPerks program. You may also sign up online HERE. You'll need to have your subscription account number handy and will need an email address to enroll. Membership materials, including a membership card, will be mailed to you.

I don't have an email address, can I still be a NewsPerks member?

To access online member benefits – and to find out about promotions and special offers – you must have an email address. We will not be able to complete your NewsPerks enrollment without one. If you do not have an email address, there are several free services available including, and

How often will you send me emails?

NewsPerk members can expect to receive email notices about member benefits and special promotional offers once per week. They will also find a list of updated offers published in the Kenosha News print and online replica editions.

What if I go on vacation?

NewsPerks members, like regular subscribers, have a couple service options for the time they're on vacation. We can hold your papers and delivery them when you return from vacation, or we can temporarily suspend print delivery and provide online only access. Since you can carry your NewsPerks membership with you where ever you go, membership doesn't "stop" while you are away. This gives you options to full use of our membership areas on our main website and to the replica electronic edition which is just like looking at the newspaper pages.

What are the current benefits of being a NewsPerks member?

Current member benefits include, but are not limited to:

Who do I call if I have questions about or problems with NewsPerks? Call our NewsPerks hotline at 262.657.1000

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