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Name the New Kenosha
Baseball Team

Name the Team!

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Here are the rules:

  • There is no limit to how many times a single person can submit a new name. In fact, the person who submits the most unique and creative ideas will win a prize!
  • Each name submittal must be accompanied by the person's name, phone number, email and mailing address.
  • Space will be provided to explain why the name you submitted should be the winner.
  • A special focus will be given to names that tie into the unique history of Kenosha. Just a reminder, somebody already came up with the idea to name a team after the great brewing history in our state.
  • Bribes in the form of cheeseburgers from Kenosha's signature drive in restaurants may or may not affect your chances of winning.
  • Kenoshanews.com is the only place names can be submitted. Names submitted via any other method will not be eligible for any prizes. Unless the names come hand delivered with a bunch of really great homemade brownies to team offices at Simmons Field.
  • At the completion of the first phase of the contest the top names will be announced and a vote will take place on Kenoshanews.com for fans to vote for their favorite name.
  • This summer Kenosha Baseball will host an event at Simmons Field to unveil the winning name and the team logo.
  • In the event that more than one person submits the winning name, the winning entrants will be entered into a pool with one entrant being selected as the Grand Prize winner. Every person that submits the winning name will be recognized with a permanent plaque to be posted at the renovated, historic Simmons Field.
  • The Grand Prize will be four 7-Game Ticket Packages for 2014 that includes great seats, ballpark food, soda, guaranteed giveaway items and our "Never-a-wasted-ticket" policy, along with an official team uniform, a plaque at the stadium, and official bragging rights that you named your hometown team for the rest of time.

Local baseball returns to Kenosha

Northwoods League Baseball is coming to a restored, historic Simmons Field in June, 2014. The Northwoods League has become the nation’s premier summer collegiate baseball league by combining the best amateur baseball players in the country along with a creative focus on affordable family entertainment. In partnership with the City of Kenosha, the team will help restore the 83 year-old Simmons Field by making the following improvements:

  • Major League style folding stadium seats from Camden Yards in Baltimore.
  • An expanded concrete seating structure offering more seats with better sight lines.
  • Hospitality areas for group entertainment.
  • An updated and expanded concession area and courtyard.
  • New dugouts and field perimeter brick wall.
  • A new, indoor souvenir store that will be open year round.

Simmons Field Renovation
Simmons Field Renovation

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