August 25, 2016
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Fix It: Kenosha water tower on Green Bay RoadBY BRIAN PASSINO

Today’s problem: Jeremy Andrews wrote, “ The (City of) Kenosha water tower on the (northeast) corner of 75th Street and Green Bay Road. It’s badly rusted and needs a paint job. (It) makes the city look tacky almost for those arriving into town either on Highway 50 from the west or Green Bay Road from the north or south. It looks really unhealthy there. Also, its light beacon keeps burning out and it has not been fixed since the last time it burnt out several years ago. The city really needs to take better care of this specific water tower.”

City responds: Ed St. Peter, general manager of the Kenosha Water Utility, wrote, “I typically budget annually to paint one of our 10 water tanks. This year we are painting the west tank at 60th Street near the fire station. I will be proposing to paint the 75th Street and Green Bay Road tank in next year’s budget. The estimated cost to paint that tank is $450,000. The budget is approved by the Board of Water Commissioners in November.” As far as the light on top of the tower, St. Peter wrote, “The lights are not required by FAA, but we do replace them. I will check into it. I didn’t know it was out. Thanks for the reminder.”

The Agenda: Potbelly first in the next wave of new Pleasant Prairie eateriesCOMMENTARY BY REX DAVENPORT

I doubt that even on the coldest January evening the potbelly stove in the newest quick casual restaurant in Pleasant Prairie will be lit, but it’s part of the aura of one of the nation's fastest growing chains.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop opened this week at 9330 76th St., making it the first in a new wave of eateries all within sight of one another near Costco.

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