April 28, 2017
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Fix It: Deteriorating pavement on 89th Street

Crumbling concrete a continuing concern



Today’s problem: Jim Roach said, “And of course, you get a lot of calls about the street deterioration in the city. Well, mine is no different.”

Roach says that 89th Street, which he calls a main east-west thoroughfare, “is absolutely a disgrace to the City of Kenosha and certainly to my property and to the neighborhood. Falling apart chunks of concrete all over the place. So they’ll come, they’ll put in a hot patch which lasts for a little bit.

“Of course, the snowplow takes care of that when they come through... (It’s) falling apart as we speak. I continue to speak to our alderman. He in turn has spoken to the proper authorities, evidently. Well, no money, not in this year’s budget, blah, blah, blah. You know, the usual stuff.”

Roach said, “Oh, and by the way, being an east-west thoroughfare, doesn’t include eighteen-wheelers coming down the street. It (shouldn’t) happen, but it does continue to happen. Eighteen-wheelers, not a good thing. (It) just adds to the chunks of concrete being torn out of the street.”

“It’s a pathetic situation,” said Roach in a later phone conversation.


Fix It visited the location and found 89th Street between 32nd Avenue and 39th avenues is indeed rough.

And directly in front of Roach’s home in the 3400 block is a roughly 200-foot long section of really decrepit pavement. The eastbound lanes are particularly bad.

Fix It thinks a good visual is this; lay out a grid of Saltine crackers on a kitchen cutting board, then roll over them repeatedly with a huge pastry rolling pin. Yup, that’s what the pavement looks like. Fix It didn’t see any street signs prohibiting heavy truck traffic.

Fix It contacted Ald. Keith Rosenberg, 9th District, to see if the City has any plans to take care of this.

Alderperson responds:

“I’m well aware of that situation,” said Ald. Keith Rosenberg, who agrees the roadway is in bad condition. Rosenberg says he did convince the mayor to consider getting it into next year’s budget. Rosenberg said, “We have to get an agreement with Pleasant Prairie” because there are still a few homes in Pleasant Prairie on the south side of 89th Street. Rosenburg said you can tell those homes because they don’t have sidewalks.

Rosenburg said the project would be a complete rebuild of the road between 32nd and 39th avenues.

“That’s what it desperately needs. That by far is the worst road in my district. I’m doing everything in my power to get that road fixed. It is a main arterial for the south side…It’s just a question of when we have the money.”

As far as the tractor-trailer trucks roaming a residential neighborhood, Rosenberg said, “That’s another thing I’m getting addressed.”

So maybe Mr. Roach can look forward to some street signs saying something to the effect, “No Big Honking Trucks.” And maybe even some improved pavement conditions.

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