Habitat seeks applicants for second home



Habitat for Humanity of Kenosha hopes to select by spring the second family to move into a home built by the organization.

Families that want to be considered can print an application online at www.habitatkenosha.org/apply-become-habitat-homeowner. Instructions are included in the application, which should be filled out in ink and mailed to the group’s office, 6203 28th Ave. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

Habitat builds homes mostly with volunteers and donations and sells them to selected families. The homes are sold at no profit with zero percent interest mortgages.

Applicants must have a need for housing, the ability to pay the mortgage and a willingness to work with Habitat to maintain the home.

The application must be submitted with documents such as bills, tax papers, income proof and savings. The group’s staff does background criminal, job and credit history checks. An in-office interview and current residence visit are required. The group’s board of directors gives final approval.

The family must contribute at least a few hundred hours of “sweat equity” in constructing the home.

The process from approval to occupying the house takes about one year.

The Jose Vega family plans on moving into Habitat’s first Kenosha home, at 3914 14th Ave., by this spring.


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