John Slanchik




John Slanchik




2624 33rd St.




Architectural Design and Construction, 1976

Elected experience:


What is the most pressing city issue that warrants council attention?

I believe addressing our crumbling infrastructure and improving the quality of our streets in both the 6th District and across the city is a basic service that needs to be front and center. I also believe improving our emergency services on the north side is a critical area that needs to be addressed.

Assess the state of city services. Does anything need improving, and how can that come about?

Increasing our ambulance services is vital to protecting the public. As our city grows in population, I supported the plan to add those services while making the necessary budget adjustments to keep property taxes down. We can do a better job maintaining our roads. The improved safety in many of our neighborhoods is a direct result of our successful neighborhood watch programs, and it should be expanded. Our core services are the vital expenses.

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this office?

My engineering background will add to quality decision-making that is necessary on our City Council. A thorough examination of issues coupled with a willingness to listen to the citizens will result in more efficient spending and increased service levels. The constituents I would like to serve have been my friends and neighbors for 18 years, and I can help bring their needs to the City Council with my experience and willingness to serve them.

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