There’s no joy in taking out the trash, or is there?

Trash day is a real bore for many, especially on a rainy, cold or snowy day. Almost no one ever wants to do that unpleasant task.

For families with children, that unpleasant chore often falls to the eldest teenager, then is later passed on to the next in line.

That succession also happened in the Matteucci family of Kenosha. It also became a transforming idea that has helped turn their grumbles into a moneymaking venture.

The Matteuccis want your trash and are looking to get your neighbor’s trash too.

Formed service company

The Matteucci brothers have formed Dirty Work, a neighborhood business where they do the chore no one else wants to do — carting out garbage cans and containers to the curb in preparation for trash collection.

For several months now, 16-year-old Mario, 14-year-old Rocco and 13-year-old Marco have been in business with big brother Matt, an accountant who co-founded DirtyWork with a friend, Alec Nelson, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate.

They have been growing their trash-to-the-curb business through cold-calling, word-of-mouth advertising and a flyer campaign.

Matt’s sister, Gina, in San Francisco, serves as the company’s chief marketing officer.

Their first clients have been in the Allendale neighborhood, but plans call for a an expansion into other sections of Kenosha.

Variety of ways to pay

Brightly colored flyers boldly read: “We’ll Do your Dirty Work for $5 your first month.”

DirtyWork will schedule a a pick-up at a client’s home and haul their trash cans to and from the curb on trash day.

Prospective clients can purchase monthly, semi-yearly and yearly trash collection plans.

Their current promotion features a $5 introductory charge that can be deducted from other pricing plans, according to Matt, who handles overall business and financial operations. Nelson and Mario serve as managers who coordinate activities while Matt is working his day job working with a Chicago accounting firm.

An annual plans costs $70 after the initial $5 is deducted. A semi-annual plan is $45, according to Matt.

Ready, willing to work

While a number of their first customers are senior citizens, Matt said the business wasn’t designed to target any particular age group.

“We’re not saying you’re too old, or too lazy, to take out your trash. We’re offering a convenient service. We’re more than happy to do that,” explained Matt.

Since the younger brothers are still in school, they usually take the trash out during the evening and in the early morning before their classes.

Matt said the idea grew after studying for his certified public accountant’s exam. Rocco, who was running late for school, offered one of other brothers $5 to take out the family trash.

While the company was formed to provide a service, it also was founded to help his brothers develop a work ethic and give them real-life experience.

“I wanted to teach a valuable lesson about hard work and dependability,” Matt explained.

“I think we’re the first to offer this kind of service. We think of this somewhat like newspaper delivery, or the mail,” Matt said. “It’s a job that has to be done just like in the postal carrier’s motto: ‘Neither snow, nor rain nor gloom of night shall keep them from their appointed rounds.’”