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March 2 will be Laura Kaeppeler Day



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Laura Kaeppeler now has a day to call her own in Kenosha.

The Kenosha City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday to declare March 2 “Laura Kaeppeler Day” in honor of the Kenosha resident winning the title of Miss America last month.

The council said Kaeppeler, a graduate of St. Joseph High School and Carthage College, deserved to be celebrated for her achievements.

“She has brought great honor to her community,” Alderman Ray Misner said.

March 2 is Kaeppeler’s 24th birthday. Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman said the city is also attempting to arrange for Kaeppeler to return to Kenosha on that day for a homecoming celebration.

Kaeppeler has not been back in Kenosha since winning the crown. She has been traveling the country, and was in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

All appearances for Kaeppeler must be arranged and approved by Miss America Pageant officials.

Bosman said he also hopes to stage a citywide celebration for Kaeppeler near July 4.

“We are all very proud of Laura,” Bosman said.

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