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Novak sentenced to 30 years for killing father

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KENOSHA — A Kenosha man was sentenced today to 30 years in prison for killing his father in 2010.

Brian Novak, 38, also was ordered to spend 15 years on extended supervision after release from prison for second-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon in the death of Michael Novak. The defendant faced a maximum penalty of 45 years in prison and 20 years of extended supervision.

Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Mary Wagner added that a date would be set for a hearing on restitution, which has been requested by the prosecution.

Novak killed his father, 59, by punching, stomping on and beating him in the head with an electric guitar on Sept. 1, 2010 at the father’s Kenosha house. The Brian Novak and his girlfriend had been living with Michael Novak for a while before the attack.

Brian Novak originally was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, which carried a mandatory life sentence. But jurors during the June trial accepted the lesser-included charge because they believed he was adequately provoked.

The bludgeoning of Michael Novak happened after several months of conflict between them, including the father’s alleged sexual interest in the son’s girlfriend. Michael Novak also reportedly taunted the couple by playing drums and cleaning loudly outside their basement bedroom.

The defendant’s aunt, Connie Vaughn, told Judge Wagner during sentencing that she was torn between loyalty to her brother, the victim, and love for her nephew, the murderer. She did say her brother was bipolar and had alcohol and drug issues, making him difficult to be around.

But Wagner said whether or not Michael Novak had a challenging personality, the son was the aggressor.

Brian Novak told jurors during the trial and the judge today that he lost control during the final confrontation. He apologized to his family and “for my dad passing away. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It’s real hard on me every day. I still can’t believe to this day that this happened.”

Wagner noted Brian Novak did not apologize for killing his father.

“I and my family know what I am sorry for,” Brian Novak responded. “I didn’t hate my dad. I loved him with all my heart.”

“You don’t hit people out of love,” the judge replied.

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