Press releases show tie between Potawatomi, Enough Already! WI

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Recent press releases issued by a mysterious anti-casino group have a digital footprint that ties them to the Forest County Potawatomi.

Properties data on PDF files of some releases issued by Enough Already! WI Inc. list Potawatomi lobbyist George Ermert as the documents’ author. Ermert, in past published reports, denied any Potawatomi involvement with Enough.

Milwaukee talk show host Mark Belling disclosed the connection on his WISN radio show Tuesday afternoon.

Ermert deferred comment to Enough spokesman Brian Nemoir, who responded with a written statement offering a technical explanation for the situation.

“Earlier this year, at my request George Ermert provided factual information on the gaming industry to me,” Nemoir wrote. “I inadvertently used a Word document Mr. Ermert provided in creating a release for Enough Already! WI. This release became a template used in a handful of other communications, hence his name appearing in the properties of these documents.

“At no point in time has Mr. Ermert ever produced work product for Enough Already! WI beyond the providing of requested industry information. I apologize to Mr. Ermert for any problems this may have caused.”

While Enough has waged a campaign against any expansion of casino gambling in Wisconsin, the Potawatomi have focused their opposition efforts on Kenosha, where the Menominee Nation is awaiting Gov. Scott Walker’s approval to build an $808 million casino complex about 40 miles from Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee.

Evan Zeppos, a spokesman for the Kenosha project, dismissed Nemoir’s statement in a Tuesday evening telephone interview.

“To anyone who believes that, I’d ask if they’d contact me about a bridge that I have for sale,” Zeppos said. “I think that explanation is almost comical, and I hope people read it word for word so they fully understand what this group is claiming.”


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