Soil tests underway at Chrysler site



Investigative crews are conducting studies on the soil beneath the former Chrylser plant in Kenosha to determine the extent to which remediation will be needed.

City officials have plans to redevelop the former automobile plant along 60th Street now that the 109-acre site is in the city’s control. But first, an extensive clean up of the site is needed. Crews contracted by the city are working now to determine how large of an operation that cleanup will be.

Because of the type of work that was done at the former plant, the ground beneath the site will need to be treated for chemicals and other contaminants. Crews were testing that soil this week, said City Administrator Frank Pacetti.

“We’re still gathering some information to figure out where we need to start,” he said.

Pacetti said the operators of the plant didn’t test the soil beneath their buildings. Much of that work needs to be done now.

“They never did any core samples,” he said. “They were all about maintenance. We’re, of course, looking at a full remediation with the site.”

Pacetti said he is not sure when the clean up of the site will start. Buildings at the site have already been razed. Much of the remediation will be done using Department of Natural Resources funds.


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Soil, groundwater testing underway at Chrysler site

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