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Working with the voter ID law

We continue to believe that Wisconsin’s voter ID law is an unnecessary burden for some voters, but clerks, poll workers and voters are going to have to work with it.

At a press conference Tuesday, Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the Government Accountability Board, said, “Our job is to administer the law as it’s presented to us and take the partisanship out of it. We’ll do whatever we can in the next 49 days to shed light on it.”

Roundabouts performing as advertised

Some roundabouts — those intersections of roads formed around a central circle with all the traffic moving in the same direction — may be confusing, but so are four-way stop signs.

Surely almost every driver has had one of those dangerous moments at a four-way stop when it’s not really clear which of the two or three cars arrived first. The drivers glance at each other trying to see if everyone is in agreement about whose turn it is to enter the intersection, then everybody moves at the same time. Then, everybody stops again, and the little dance continues, only now the cars are closer together.

Rail spur needs better warning devices

The hearing examiner who listed to Pleasant Prairie officials’ requests for better safety precautions at a rail spur apparently was not impressed. He recommended yield signs with constantly blinking lights. The village had requested automatic flashing lights with gates.

The village has already committed itself to adding overhead streetlights in the vicinity of the spur that crosses Highway H (88th Avenue) a short distance south of 93rd Street. That would be an improvement, but the record of accidents — two already this year — indicates that more ought to be done.

Local Columnists

Everyone wants to take credit for Kenosha

By Steve Lund

The economic boom in Kenosha County — an Amazon fulfillment center under construction, a major expansion at Uline and numerous other developments in the past year — have drawn a lot of attention, and not just locally.

U.S. policies toward ISIS must emphasize regional context

By Arthur I. Cyr

The challenge to governments and people of the Middle East and North Africa by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria has to be met effectively. To succeed, United States leaders above all must be realistic as well as determined.

This means understanding the complexities of the region, including characteristics of our current and potential allies. Stating desirable goals must be accompanied by effective practical work.

Gems are produced in wake of ‘economic disaster’


We hear a lot about the failings of downtown Kenosha. Too many empty buildings, no Trader Joe’s yet, a trolley that some say goes nowhere and so on. I say it’s time to sing the praises of one or two of our signature successes — HarborPark and the Kenosha HarborMarket.

One thing we should never take for granted is lakefront access, which we have in spades. A lot of towns along Lake Michigan can’t touch the kind of lakefront parks we have. The loss of the downtown American Motors assembly plant in the 1980s, while seen then as an economic disaster, was a actually a blessing in disguise. What we gained from that loss is one of the best lakefront parks on either side of Lake Michigan.

Syndicated Columnists

Wondering ‘what if’ as U.S. forces head back to the Middle East

By Leonard Pitts Jr.


Two letters long, it is arguably the most fruitless word in the English language, an evocation of paths not taken, possibilities foreclosed, regrets stacked high — and it lies like a pall of smoke over President Obama’s Wednesday-night announcement that this country is returning to war, albeit with air strikes only, in a place we just left behind in 2011 after spending almost nine years, over a trillion dollars and 4,425 lives.

Hillary Clinton needs to tell us her vision


Judging by her weekend appearance in Iowa, it looks as if Hillary Clinton is indeed running for president. Now she has to answer one simple question: Why?

“It is true, I am thinking about it,” she said Sunday at the final Harkin Steak Fry, an annual cholesterol-boosting fundraiser that retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin has hosted for the past 37 years. Given the context, this was pretty close to an announcement of the Clinton 2016 campaign.

Many life milestones are out of millennials’ reach

By Catherine Rampell

We want to move out. We want to own our home. We want to marry. We want to work.

The problem is, many of us can’t.

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