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Today's Opinion

DARTS & LAURELS: Walker budget errs on cuts to DNR

DART — To Gov. Scott Walker for his continued insistence on cutting 64 positions from the Department of Natural Resources as part of a $4.7 million budget reduction to state parks, trails and recreation areas. In essence, the governor’s budget removes direct state funding and creates a system that relies on private sponsorships and user fees for support. The state parks are a superb tourism attraction, drawing lots of visitors from neighboring Illinois and elsewhere. Cutting state support is penny wise and pound foolish.

OUR VIEW: Something new with Memorial Day traditions


There is always plenty of opportunity to express appreciation on Memorial Day for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Numerous area veterans organizations host observances on Monday, and there is traditionally a big ceremony the day before Memorial Day at the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in nearby Union Grove. Gov. Scott Walker will be the keynote speaker at that event, which starts at 11 a.m. Sunday.

OUR VIEW: Welcome to Wisconsin, speed limit 70

In a surprise move Wednesday, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation announced that the section of I-94 through Kenosha County will be one of the areas where the new top speed limit of 70 mph will apply.

The state Department of Transportation said it will post the section of I-94 from the Illinois border to the Milwaukee County border with the 70 mph limit, along with numerous other parts of the state. More than 700 miles of roadway are expected to have the 70 mph speed limit.

Local Columnists

BETTYE GRIFFIN: Don’t give up on Amtrak


Late in the winter of 2014, I began searching for a cheap flight to Denver, because my husband and I planned to attend the high school graduation of my grandniece in May.

I quickly became disillusioned because there were no cheap flights. We’d have to pay about $900 for two round-trip tickets. Throw in the cost of a three-night hotel stay and a rental car, and we were spending some serious money to go someplace that didn’t have a sandy beach and drinks served with little paper umbrellas in them.

STEVE LUND: City councils and social change

By Steve Lund


Once upon a time, the city councils across the state, including Kenosha’s, were agents for change.

STEVE LUND: Treadmills and bicycles

By Steve Lund


Sometimes news stories can remind you of particular people.

Syndicated Columnists

RAMPELL: Big Brother goes to Europe


From this side of the Atlantic, developments in the government surveillance debate look a little disorienting.

Over in Washington, supposedly the great innovator in “1984”-style surveillance, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., just spoke for 11 hours against the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. A week earlier, the House overwhelmingly voted to limit the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection, which might force the agency to shut down, at least temporarily, its most controversial surveillance programs. And earlier this month, a federal appeals court unanimously declared much of the NSA’s work to be illegal.

GOLDBERG: Jeb has other problems

By Jonah Goldberg

By now everyone has had their say about Jeb Bush’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. The consensus is that Bush misheard Megyn Kelly’s “knowing what we know now” question about the Iraq war. I’m not convinced.

Politicians routinely answer the question they wish they were asked rather than the question they were actually asked. Indeed, those are the only kinds of questions some politicians — particularly ones with the last name Clinton — ever answer. The question Fox News’ Kelly asked is the tougher one, at least for Bush, so perhaps he opted to answer in a way that let him take a shot at Hillary Clinton, who also supported the war?

GEYER: Jeb Bush follows the wrong path

By Georgie Anne Geyer

One really has to wonder, why all the fuss about Jeb Bush? Yes, of course, he does have a careless tongue and a delivery that reminds you of your tax accountant. And after listening to him for a while, one has to stop oneself from asking how he got the moniker in Bush family lore as the “smart son.”

But, hey, give him at least some credit. He’s being criticized for clinging to his family in his thinking on the Iraq war; but if you take a closer look, that isn’t the case at all.

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