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Affordable Care Act milestone

President Barack Obama was bragging about the Affordable Care Act last week.

How about yielding the right of way?

DART — To the two drivers who caused accidents a week ago because they failed to yield the right of way. One driver was taken to the hospital after colliding with another car because he did not yield while turning from 50th Avenue onto 60th Street. A motorcyclist was turning from 19th Avenue onto 52nd Street when he had to swerve to avoid a car driven by a man who failed to yield. What is the big rush? Drivers should take their turn and be a bit more civil.

A victory for smart phone customers

A move by members of a wireless phone industry trade group to equip new phones with “kill switches” is a victory for consumers.

Smart phone theft is a serious problem. More than 3 million Americans were victims in 2013, according to Consumer Reports. With the amount of personal data on the phones, a lost or stolen smart phone leaves its owner vulnerable to identify theft if the data on the phone can be accessed.

Local Columnists

United Way eyes the future

By Thomas Kelley

As a general matter, I think it’s fair to assume that each of us wish to live in a community where all of our community members can thrive and succeed. The age-old challenge with this dream is developing and implementing a community-wide plan to make this a reality. For more than 90 years United Way of Kenosha County has been focused on addressing community challenges in Kenosha County. Thousands upon thousands of Kenosha County community members have benefitted from services provided by United Way and their supported partners, but there is still a great amount of work left to do to improve the lives of the less fortunate in our community.

United Way recognizes the world is constantly evolving and, toward that end, United Way needs to evolve from a mere fundraising organization to a community convener that propels and mobilizes all sectors of our community — individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and government to create long-term social charge that produces healthy, well-educated and financially-stable individuals and families.

Social progress, income and education

By Steve Lund

First we lose status — the United States ranks 16th in the Social Progress Index released earlier this month — then we find out the average Joe in America isn’t as rich as we thought. What’s going on?

Staying on a vegetarian diet is challenging here

By Marissa Harrison

Life as a vegetarian can be a challenge. Go to any potluck-style event and there will be a cornucopia of hot dogs and sloppy joes. Summer church festivals seem to offer nothing but Italian sausage, Italian beef, red-blooded hamburgers and pepperoni pizza.

Dining at local restaurants is even worse. Except for a select few places, a vegetarian entrée consists mostly of a plate of sides that is combined to equal a meal. Yes, being a vegetarian in this area is not easy, and I hope this column will bring some much needed relief to those of us who don’t eat meat.

Syndicated Columnists

Will Obamacare’s losers out-vote its winners in November?

By Byron York

When it comes to the politics of Obamacare, there’s really only one question that matters: How many Americans are benefiting from the new health care system, and how many are hurting? Problem is, we know more about the first part of the question than the second.

Obamacare’s advocates have pushed hard against Republican attempts to highlight Americans who have been particularly hard hit by the new law. “There’s plenty of horror stories being told,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in February. “All of them are untrue.”

The key to 2014


The Democrats’ biggest strategic challenge in maintaining control of the U.S. Senate involves motivating the party’s base while simultaneously attracting swing and even Republican voters in contests being waged in conservative states.

This base-versus-swing dilemma exists in every election, but the tension is aggravated for Democrats this year because they are trying to hold so many seats in Republican territory. Incumbents such as Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Mark Begich in Alaska and Kay Hagan in North Carolina can’t win with the base alone. The Democrats’ hopes to take seats away from the GOP in Kentucky and Georgia also hinge on reaching beyond loyalists.

Grandmother Hillary


The word is out that Chelsea Clinton is with child, making the favorite Democratic presidential nominee a soon-to-be grandmother.

The headlines were inevitable — “Grandma Hillary” — followed by the similarly crucial question: Will being a grandmother help or hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances in the 2016 election?

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