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Today's Opinion

OUR VIEW: Share the road with bicycles

The number of fatal bicycle-autombile collisions this year is about at the six-year average — and it’s still August.

That’s discouraging, because there had been signs that automobile drivers and bicyclists were learning to get along better.

OUR VIEW: Elections agency is doing its job

How many gold stars does a state agency need to keep Republicans in the Legislature from wanting to dismantle it?

More than two, apparently.

OUR VIEW: Something special on the I?


Earlier this year, soon after Gov. Scott Walker rejected the Menominee-Hard Rock casino project, many people were speculating about what might be the ultimate use for the Dairyland Greyhound Park property now that the casino was out of the picture.

Local Columnists

Sen. WANGGAARD: John Doe law reform needed

By State Sen. Van Wanggaard

Wisconsin’s John Doe laws are a powerful investigatory tool. John Doe investigations are by definition secretive and can be far-reaching. They are open-ended and can be used to investigate any crime. The right to free speech and right to counsel are limited. In its review of the recent John Doe investigation, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals raised constitutional concerns about the process.

As a former police officer and investigator, I am familiar with the John Doe process. I have participated in and used this process to solve crimes. Some argue that concerns with the John Doe require it be abolished. I disagree. This is a powerful tool that can be used to solve crimes that might otherwise go unsolved. However, recent abuses of the law show that the process can, and should, be improved to protect constitutional rights.

STEVE LUND: Succeeding in politics through bad decisions

By Steve Lund


Gov. Scott Walker has made a good career out of bad decisions.

TOM STILL: Cool cities are hot as talent attractions

By Tom Still

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna is direct when he’s asked why Appleton and its neighbors collaborated with private supporters to build the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in the early 2000s.

“It was done primarily to attract talent,” Hanna told a League of Wisconsin Municipalities meeting Thursday in Elkhart Lake.

Syndicated Columnists

DIONNE: Trump masters the game


This summer’s political madness was nicely captured by a confluence of events over the last few days: While global financial markets teetered, the campaign news was dominated by Donald Trump’s personal feuds with journalists.

Trump’s insults directed toward Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and his confrontation with Jorge Ramos, Univision’s anchor, were bound to get some attention, especially from journalists inclined to stand up for our colleagues. But the tale wasn’t primarily about journalism. It was just another episode in a TV series, a sign of how brilliantly Trump has succeeded in transforming a battle for the presidency into a reality show starring himself.

GOLDBERG: Constitutional tinkering and liberal hypocrisy

By Jonah Goldberg

When is it outrageous to amend the Constitution?

Donald Trump, the front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination, wants to overturn the constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship. Whether out of panic or sincerity, a number of other Republican candidates have joined the bandwagon. This is probably good politics for the GOP nomination and almost certainly bad politics for the general election. I am inclined against the idea as a matter of public policy, because the costs would outweigh the benefits. But I am far from convinced it is something to be outraged about.

PITTS: Carter’s inspirational faith

By Leonard Pitts Jr.

“To want what I have, to take what I’m given with grace; for this, I pray.”

— From “For My Wedding,” by Don Henley

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