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Today's Opinion

Wisconsin law influences national debate


Last winter in Wisconsin, the Legislature debated a bill to require outside agencies to investigate shooting incidents involving police. That bill eventually passed.

It was in part a tribute to the effective advocacy of Michael M. Bell of Kenosha. His son, Michael E. Bell, 21, was fatally shot in a struggle with police in November 2004, a shooting that was ruled justified by the police department and the Kenosha County district attorney. The family raised questions about the investigation and filed a civil rights suit against the city of Kenosha and the police department in 2008. Before it went to trial, the city settled with the family for $1.75 million.

Welcome change to asset seizure policy

Earlier this month U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash and property without warrants or criminal charges.

AMC museum a natural for Kenosha

Some ideas are so good that when you hear about them for the first time, you have to wonder why no one has been talking about it before.

Developing a museum in Kenosha devoted to American Motors Corp. and Nash Motors is one of those ideas. It’s a natural for Kenosha.

Local Columnists

Another unexpected path

By Teri Franklin

It’s Saturday afternoon and the house is quiet. It’s rest time, that part of the afternoon familiar to all families with kids 5 and under. We use the phrase, “resting our bodies,” but as I open my eyes and look around, I am quite aware that I often need the nap as much as everyone else.

I look around the room and see my dresser, my desk and a few photos, things that are obviously mine. But this is not my room, not my house, not my life; at least not the one I knew. It’s the new norm.

Cameron visit underscores vital Britain-U.S. ties


While President Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 State of the Union address garnered much the greater media attention, the joint press conference the previous week with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron was revealing — and perhaps more important. The State of the Union speech can be summed up as the now-standard highly partisan Washington exercise, with Obama combining cheer-leading and credit-taking for Democratic policies with righteous preaching at the Republican sinners on the other side of the aisle.

The Jan. 16 session before Washington media by the leaders of two traditional allies underscored the established cooperation. They emphasized the importance of tough nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Reflecting on MLK’s legacy


Over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, I found myself reflecting on what Dr. King’s legacy means to me.

By the time I was born, the March on Washington was an event recorded in the pages of a history book. Though I was familiar with many famous quotes plucked from Dr. King’s speeches, I had never read any speech other than “I Have a Dream” in its entirety. I felt that the least I could do while enjoying my day off of work was devote some time to reading a couple of Dr. King’s sermons.

Syndicated Columnists

Hillary stands alone


And now for a look at the Democratic presidential field for 2016 — hey, hold on, where’d everybody go?

All right, at the moment there’s little suspense. Make that no suspense. If Hillary Clinton wants the nomination — and there’s no indication to the contrary — she can have it. Winning the general election is another story, but the Republican Party seems willing to be more of an aid than an impediment.

The immigration minefield


Any Republican event convened by Rep. Steven King — he of “calves the size of cantaloupes” fame — could easily have degenerated into a festival of immigrant bashing. It is to the credit of the serious GOP presidential prospects in attendance that the Iowa Freedom Summit generally was not.

Yes, Donald Trump emerged from his stretch clown car to say that “half of them are criminals.” And King declared that protesting Dream Act supporters were from “the other planet.” But the Republican script in Iowa was mainly focused on criticizing President Obama’s immigration executive actions rather than negatively characterizing illegal immigrants themselves. Avoiding offensive language is admittedly a low bar. But it is progress for Republicans to realize that they are walking in a minefield instead of a meadow.

Europe responds indignantly to Fox News ‘facts’

By Leonard Pitts Jr.

Steve Doocy said on Fox that NASA scientists faked data to make the case for global warming. They didn’t.

Rudy Giuliani said on Fox that President Obama has issued propaganda asking everybody to “hate the police.” He hasn’t.

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