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Today's Opinion

Waynes, Gordon serve as role models

LAUREL — To former Bradford High School football players Trae Waynes and Melvin Gordon for being excellent role models for young people. The two football stars left Bradford for superb careers in the Big Ten and now Waynes is a defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings and Gordon is a running back for the San Diego Charges. Both players worked hard over many years to get better at their craft. That resulted in both of them being first-round picks in the 2015 NFL draft. It’s wonderful that both guys give back to their community and only make headlines for their on-field accomplishments.

OUR VIEW: Statue honors park’s history


It’s good to remind people where good things come from.

Kenosha County’s Fox River Park just had one of those reminders installed — a statue commemorating the Civilian Conservation Corps.

OUR VIEW: On this issue, Americans are united

As divided as our nation is politically and culturally, there is at least one issue on which nearly 80 percent of Americans agree: Allowing corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money on political causes is wrong.

A new Bloomberg Politics poll released this week indicates 78 percent of the respondents said they would like to overturn the Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) that corporations and unions have a First Amendment right to spend as much as they want to support political causes. Only 17 percent said the court’s ruling was a good one.

Local Columnists

Boehner’s resignation presents challenges

by Arthur I. Cyr

John Boehner, R-Ohio, appears to have stunned everyone, including friends and allies, with his announcement on Sept. 25 that he is leaving the post of speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives — and also retiring from Congress. This concludes a tour of service in the top leadership post that has been especially difficult.

Boehner is a partisan Republican but also a dedicated legislator. He has rightly taken pride in getting the job done. That has meant compromise on occasion with Democrats while working simultaneously to hold together increasingly fractious House Republicans.

MY TURN: Visualizing veterans’ stories

By David Chrisinger

Sometime between when you read this and Nov. 15, you have to find time to visit the Kenosha Public Museum. Once you arrive, head upstairs and take a long look at the exhibit that is currently on display — The Things That Remain. You’ll find 40 fine art prints that tell stories told by military veterans.

Half of the prints were created during a veteran reintegration class I taught last spring at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. We partnered my veteran students with student artists on campus, and the results are as powerful as they are beautiful.

JACK ROSE: We need to use mental health resources wisely

By Jack Rose

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Kenosha County is in our 32nd consecutive year of service to local folks affected with severe and persistent mental illness and their families.

This is Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Syndicated Columnists

New tax may bring raises


Hillary Clinton has officially joined the hue and cry for repealing the “Cadillac tax,” a controversial but important Obamacare provision slated to take effect in 2018.

Despite the cutesy vehicular nickname, this tax is actually on high-cost health insurance plans (those costing at least $10,200 for a single person and $27,500 for families). It’s no wonder that Clinton, like other poll-sensitive or perhaps misguided politicians, has come out against it: This tax, like so many other taxes, has proved hugely unpopular, repelling an unholy alliance of unions, businesses and the public at large.

Vladimir Putin cuts Obama down to size

By Jonah Goldberg

On Monday, President Obama and Vladimir Putin had a meeting at the United Nations. All Putin wanted from it was a photo of the two men huddling together. The Russian president needed to show his people that he’s still a major player on the world stage, a big man driving events. Obama, who spent much of the last year trying to isolate the butcher of Ukraine, gave Putin exactly what he wanted. In wall-to-wall coverage, Russian media celebrated the big man’s diplomatic triumph and his geo-strategic genius.

What was Obama’s price for granting Putin this PR windfall? The leader of the free world made the Russian autocrat listen to another tedious lecture about how Putin doesn’t understand his country’s interests as well as Obama does. No doubt Putin would have preferred to avoid yet another seminar on how the word should work. But if Paris was worth a mass for Henry IV, no doubt Syria (and not just Syria) was worth yet another sonorous tutorial about the moral arc of the universe doing jobs our president won’t.

SOWELL: Next speaker should seize chances to talk

By Thomas Sowell

The impending departure of Speaker of the House John Boehner gives the House Republicans a real opportunity to accomplish something. But an opportunity is not a guarantee. It is a little like a football team being first down and goal at the 10-yard line.

You have a good chance of scoring a touchdown from there — if you can get your act together. But you could also find yourself having to settle for a field goal. Or for a missed field goal.

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