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Surprising security lapse at White House

The news has been full of shocking incidents recently, but one of the most surprising was the report Friday about a man who scaled a fence and ran across the lawn into the White House before he was arrested.

President Barack Obama was not in the White House at the time, having just left with his daughter on a helicopter.

Clerks work fast to implement voter ID

LAUREL — To local election officials who are working quickly to implement voter ID in time for the November election. On Sept. 12, a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Wisconsin’s voter ID law. That forced clerks to work with the Government Accountability Board to sort through a lot of issues, including what to do with absentee ballots already cast. Clerks are working frantically to get the word out to voters that they will need an ID to vote, complicating an already hectic day for all of them.

Streetcar expansion is the right move

The City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on expanding Kenosha’s streetcar line.

If the Council says yes, the federal government will pay close to 80 percent of the cost of adding a north-south loop to the east-west route that currently runs from the Metra station to the museums in HarborPark.

Local Columnists

Students need to own their scores on high-stakes tests

By Beth Adelsen Djuplin

I was a junior in high school the first time I took a “high-stakes” test, the ACT.

To prepare, I studied, learned test-taking strategies, and took practice tests. I knew the stakes were high for me.

Scotland referendum reflects global challenges

By Arthur I. Cyr

Special to the Kenosha News

“Identity politics” is how former U.S. President Bill Clinton sums up the continuing powerful drive for independence in Scotland. He describes the growing worldwide phenomenon of identification with an ethnic or other group as a major challenge to international cooperation.

What I did on summer vacation


I’ve been putting off writing this because I don’t want this summer to end, but with the Best of 2014 ballots appearing in the paper I guess it’s time.

As with most Kenoshans, I welcomed summer with the Fogstice Celebration on June 21. This year it was a dense Fogstice indeed. It seemed like we had an extended Fogstice this year because for a few weeks the forecast was only “Dense Fog.” Slowly the sun started breaking through on the western end of the county, and eventually it made it down to the lakefront, though not before the Kingfish went into the record books for having the most games in a season called on account of fog.

Syndicated Columnists

Signs of hope for the climate



We are taking a huge gamble with the world’s future. Individual nations — and citizens — must choose to do the right thing to reduce carbon emissions and limit climate change, even if it means paying an economic cost. Counting on altruism is risky.

The mystifying election


There is something deeply satisfying about the troubles punditry is having in nailing down exactly what’s happening in the 2014 elections.

The careful statistical models keep gyrating on the question of whether Republicans will win control of the Senate this November. The prognosticators who rely on their reporting and their guts as well as the numbers are sometimes at odds with the statisticians.

‘Job creators’ get too much


They say the house always wins, but the state of Nevada is letting Tesla walk away with the store.

Back in June, the electric car company and its partner Panasonic broke ground near Reno for a multi-billion-dollar “gigafactory.” As the company described it to its shareholders, “processed ore from mines will enter by rail car on one side, and finished battery packs will exit on the other.”

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