Congressman Paul D. Ryan rode the “pro-life” horse for all it was worth. Problem is, you can’t be pro-life and at the same time support a massive nuclear weapons program (e.g. one thermonuclear weapon can turn 500,000 living humans into vapor in an instant).

Ryan voted in favor of every budget that spends billions of taxpayer dollars every year just to maintain these weapons. The NRA gives Ryan an A+ for his votes. Meanwhile, thousands of our children are being murdered by well-armed, crazed gunmen and Ryan does nothing.

Following the teachings of the Prince of Peace is admirable, but you can’t serve two masters! Ayn Rand is Ryan’s favorite author and he made all of his staff members read “Atlas Shrugged.” His budgets follow teachings of Rand and not those of Jesus Christ. Ryan has been a phony his entire career.

Dennis Corey