April 29, 2016
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Salaries for Bristol

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Kerkman, Randall  Administrator  $83,361  2014  
Panek, Joseph  Public Works/fd  $68,023  2014  
Parker, Peter  Fire Chief  $65,937  2014  
Hole, Michael  Public Works/fd  $62,737  2014  
Smith, Trent  Public Works/fd  $57,958  2014  
Andersen, Benjamin  Public Works/fire Department/lt. Fd  $56,180  2014  
Hansche, Jessica  Public Works/fd  $52,696  2014  
Mondelli, Matthew  Fire Department/pw  $49,532  2014  
Panek, Matthew  Public Works/fd  $47,346  2014  
Gerretsen, Kathleen  Finance Director  $44,846  2014  
Klemko, Amy  Clerk  $38,399  2014  
Grimm, Eileen  Public Works/fd  $34,955  2014  
Wronowski, Mary  Office Clerk  $27,367  2014  

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