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Salaries for Bristol School

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Ryczek, Gale  Administrator  $104,730  2011  
Terry, Jeff  Principal  $80,163  2011  
Birch, Lisa  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Erdman, Connie  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Fawver, Patti  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Holmstrom, Chris  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Jensen, Mary  Counselor  $66,902  2011  
Powell, Jane  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Rachwal, Ron  Teacher  $66,902  2011  
Weiner, Lisa  Lmc Dir.  $66,902  2011  
Andrews, Susan  Teacher  $65,591  2011  
Rittmer, Jackie  Teacher  $65,591  2011  
Olsen, Connie  Teacher  $64,305  2011  
Gardina, Jordan  Teacher  $61,226  2011  
Kerkman, Michelle  Teacher  $61,207  2011  
Nolan-olson, Patti  Reading Spc  $61,207  2011  
Clark, Mary Jo  Teacher  $60,009  2011  
Mckeown, Meighan  Teacher  $60,009  2011  
Wolff, Elizabeth  Teacher  $59,443  2011  
Dabbs, Judy  Admin Assist  $58,927  2011  
Vandehei, Tara  Teacher  $58,259  2011  


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