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Salaries for Gateway Technical College

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Albrecht, Bryan  President/ceo  $328,897  2014  
Page, Cristina  Instructor, Office Technology  $187,791  2014  
Haywood, Zina  Executive Vice President/provost  $177,053  2014  
Infusino, Achille  Instructor, Business Management/marketing  $171,367  2014  
Ucakar, Cheryl  Instructor, Microcomputer Specialist  $167,699  2014  
Whyte, William  Vice President, Human Resources And Facilities  $153,763  2014  
Lofy, Richard  Instructor, Mfg Processes, Lean Concepts, Six-sigma  $149,465  2014  
Brouk, Soheila  Instructor, Psychology  $139,873  2014  
Buhnerkemper, Richard  Instructor, Cnc/machine Tool  $138,622  2014  
Skowronski, Sara  Instructor, Business Management  $136,030  2014  
Janisin, Matthew  Instructor/coordinator, Nc3  $134,843  2014  
Zakutansky, Donald  Instructor, Life Sciences  $133,635  2014  
Wollwage, Seth  Instructor, Human Services Associate  $133,161  2014  
Grochowski, Edward  Instructor, Marketing  $132,111  2014  
Hoppe, Patrick  Instructor, Electronics  $130,937  2014  
Mcfarland, Benjamin  Instructor, Welding  $129,518  2014  
Mueller, Randall  Instructor, Communication Skills  $129,228  2014  
Marschner, Rebecca  Instructor, Cis Microcomputer Specialist  $129,166  2014  
Gottfried, Heidi  Instructor, Dental Assistant  $127,735  2014  
Nelson, John  Instructor, Automated Manufacturing  $125,948  2014  
Kirkwood, Larry  Instructor, Academic Development/mathematics  $125,463  2014  


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