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Salaries for Kenosha

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Pacetti , Frank   Administration   City Administrator   $137,333  2012  
St. Peter , Edward   Water Administration   General Manager-kwu   $121,166  2012  
Stancato , Carol   Finance Department   Director Of Finance   $115,517  2012  
Morrissey , John   Kenosha Police Department  Police Chief   $115,109  2012  
Thomsen , John   Kenosha Fire Department   Fire Chief   $114,641  2012  
Antaramian , Edward   City Attorney Office   City Attorney   $112,559  2012  
Krueger , David   Kenosha Police Department  Police Captain   $109,772  2012  
Stanczak , Stephen   Personnel   Director Of Human Resources   $108,665  2012  
Labahn , Jeffrey   Dept Of Community Develop  Director Of Community Dev & In  $104,737  2012  
Santelli , Daniel   Kenosha Fire Department   Deputy Fire Chief   $103,502  2012  
Poltrock , James   Kenosha Fire Department   Ems Administrative Officer   $102,514  2012  
Haerter , Matthew   Kenosha Fire Department   Battalion Chief   $101,953  2012  
Riley , David   Kenosha Fire Department   House Captain   $101,603  2012  
Lemens , Michael   Public Works   Director Of Public Works   $101,593  2012  
Sinnen , Gregg   Kenosha Fire Department   House Captain   $101,319  2012  
Bernhardt , Wesley   Kenosha Fire Department   Battalion Chief   $101,315  2012  
Miskinis , Daniel   Kenosha Police Department  Deputy Police Chief   $100,482  2012  
Lindquist , Lewis   Kenosha Police Department  Police Inspector   $100,415  2012  
Walton , Kenneth   Kenosha Fire Department   House Captain   $100,400  2012  
Flasch , Jeffrey   Kenosha Fire Department   House Captain   $100,350  2012  
Baker , Douglas   Kenosha Public Library   Director Of Library   $99,552  2012  


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