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Salaries for Pleasant Prairie

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Top 20 Salaries
Pollocoff, Michael  Village Administrator  $136,943  2014  
Spence, Michael  Village Engineer  $106,174  2014  
Steinbrink, John  Dpw Director  $102,983  2014  
Smetana, David  Police Chief  $101,662  2014  
Mcelmury, Douglas  Fire Chief  $100,202  2014  
Goessl, Kathleen  Finance Director/vlg Treasurer  $98,450  2014  
Honore, Daniel  It Director  $98,388  2014  
Willke, Carol  Human Resources Director  $98,363  2014  
Vita, Rocco  Village Assessor  $98,227  2014  
Werbie-harris, Jean  Community Developmt Director  $98,115  2014  
Shircel, Thomas  Assistant Village Administratr  $92,681  2014  
Clark, Thomas  Fire Lieutenant  $92,019  2014  
Wilkinson, David  Fire Lieutenant  $91,425  2014  
Romanowski, Jane  Village Clerk  $91,234  2014  
Barnes, Michael  Fire Lieutenant  $88,766  2014  
Mogensen, David  Deputy Police Chief  $87,776  2014  
Fineour, Matthew  Village Engineer  $85,794  2014  
Finkel, Christopher  Assistant Recreation Dirctr  $85,661  2014  
Perez, Sandro  Building Insp Superintendant  $83,850  2014  
Myles, Randal  Police Sergeant  $81,734  2014  
Laib, Jennifer  Assistant Finance Director  $80,831  2014  


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