February 9, 2016
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Salaries for Randall Township

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Kaskin, Phyllis  Town Clerk  $41,000  2014  

Community headlines

STEVE LUND: Resilient shorelines 
BETTYE GRIFFIN: Live, from the red carpet 
Homeroom: Central hosts middle school band, choir festival 
DEBORAH FORD: Parkside students, businesses connect with internships 
Homeroom: Students’ works to be displayed at art museum 
MY TURN: The love of trolleys, trains 
BOB DONNELLY: Iowa caucuses should have had commemorative coins 
YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW: Concerns remain about ‘transitory’ records 
MY TURN: Does the guilt gene really exist? 
WAYNE G. JOHNSON: On peacemaking 
Homeroom: Unified cheer teams win state championships 
Fix It: Simmons Island erosion 
AMY GARRIGAN: Independent restaurants need community support 
Fix It: Fixes in the works for Somers traffic bottleneck 
MY TURN: Acceptable risk? 
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