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Salaries for Salem Township

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Salary information on all employees making more than $25,000 is available in this database either by electing to "show all" or by performing a search.

Top 20 Salaries
Casey, Patrick  Town Hall- Administrator  $102,580  2014  
Murdock, Michael  Hwy Dept - Dept Supervisor  $86,851  2014  
Slover, David  Fire/rescue - Dept Chief  $85,851  2014  
Zautcke, Bradly  Sewer Uitlity - Dept Supervisor  $75,390  2014  
Rowland, Jack  Bui - Dept Supervisor  $63,808  2014  
Stalker, Jason  Hwy Dept - Dept Foreman  $60,241  2014  
Peterson, Gregg  Sewer Uitlity  $55,735  2014  
Paulsen, Marc  Hwy Dept   $54,530  2014  
Herreid, Randy  Hwy Dept   $54,142  2014  
Ehlert, Scott  Hwy Dept   $53,307  2014  
O'rourke, Donald  Hwy Dept   $52,931  2014  
Eckhart, David  Sewer Uitlity  $52,222  2014  
Powroznik, Michael  Sewer Uitlity  $52,149  2014  
Ernest, Cynthia  Appointed Official - Clerk  $50,995  2014  
Lamb, Christine  Appointed Official - Treasurer  $49,651  2014  
Howard, Dennis  Hwy Dept   $49,641  2014  
Soehn, Mary  Fire/rescue  $49,630  2014  
Andersen, Kai  Sewer Uitlity  $48,008  2014  
Witte, Jason  Fire/rescue  $47,795  2014  
Coppelman, James  Fire/rescue  $47,129  2014  
Brown, Gregory  Hwy Dept   $39,853  2014  


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