Leading Off: ‘The Voice’ a wise choice



You don’t have to tune your radio too far to find one of the best basketball announcer around.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, calls a better game than John Weiser.

At Carthage, he is known as “The Voice.” In our department, he is “Johnny The Wise.”

The voice of the Carthage College men’s and women’s basketball and football teams has me listening to nearly every game on WLIP-AM 1050.

And that’s saying something considering I didn’t grow up here and have no academic connections to the place.

Yes, my job has something to do with my tuning in but there is more to it than that.

Weiser is 100 percent professional, informative and entertaining.

He has that quality that is needed in every announcer affiliated with a team: You can tell how the team is faring immediately upon tuning in.

If Carthage is winning, Weiser is upbeat. If Carthage is losing, there is concern ­— but not silence or bitterness — on the call.

Weiser does not insult your intelligence with “homerism.”

He doesn’t sugarcoat a negative or uncomfortable situation but he doesn’t embarrass anyone either.

Following a turnover or a questionable foul, he will sternly say: “Come on, now.”

As with every broadcast, officiating is part of the broadcast. No question, Weiser calls it from a Carthage perspective but he sees both sides and is always classy in his criticism.

The harshest thing Weiser will say about the officiating is a firm: “I don’t like that call. I don’t like that call, at all.”

The man is a workhorse, too.

On Saturday, Weiser did the Carthage women’s and men’s games back-to-back with barely enough time to take a breath.

Thank you, too, John for sticking to the game. Many times, broadcasts, particularly local ones, get bogged down in distractions and tedium. That does not happen with the “Wise.” It’s all Carthage, all basketball, all Division III.

Carthage is lucky to have a play-by-play announcer who could easily work at the next level and the level beyond that.

From a selfish standpoint, I hope he’s around for awhile.

Honor roll

Among my other favorite play-by-play announcers are the Brewers’ Bob Uecker, the Blackhawks’ Pat Foley and John Wiedeman, Marquette’s Steve “The Homer” True, the Packers’ Wayne Larrivee and the Bucks’ Ted Davis.

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