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Kenosha Area Delinquent Property Taxes

The following properties were listed as tax delinquent as of Sept. 1, 2011.

Note: Payments made since then are not reflected in this list.

For up-to-date information about a property's tax status and to search by parcel number for a property's address, see the county's property inquiry database at kenoshacounty.org.

The initial list below shows the 20 highest amounts of delinquent taxes. Use the fields below to search the database by name or city.



Parcel Name Due     Special     City
03-121-01-301-300  BRISTOL-KENOSHA VENTURES LLC  $49808.67  $2779.36      Kenosha
03-122-04-376-011  BF PROPERTIES LLC  $48724.68  $3525.42      Kenosha
07-222-13-426-010  NADA PROPERTIES OF WISCONSIN LLC  $41092.86  $1038.87      Kenosha
03-121-01-420-212  REGENCY HILLS DEVELOPMENT CORP  $38967.49  $2079.75      Kenosha
11-223-30-202-003  NMTS LLC  $37244.54  $18616.27      Kenosha
35-4-121-121-0248  7500 KENOSHA LLC  $34796.36  $2343.49      Brighton
10-223-18-204-011  TRI-CORE PARTNERS LLC  $24691.92  $1858.39      Kenosha
03-122-10-226-052  RAP OF PEWAUKEE LLC  $22620.15  $421.73      Kenosha
86-4-119-281-1175  JON CUDZIK  $22397.79  $268.40      Twin Lakes
85-4-119-214-2070  ERWIN HINTZ  $19991.38  $319.00      Twin Lakes
12-223-31-489-011  LAKEVIEW INVESTMENT LLC  $19675.04  $749.34      Kenosha
04-122-12-130-013  SOUTHPORT LUMBER CO  $17714.50  $3078.59      Kenosha
08-222-35-176-017  Y & Z PETROLEUM INC  $17231.51  $86.90      Kenosha
03-122-04-426-030  D HAYDEN & ELIZABETH GREEN  $16881.37  $1653.11      Kenosha
80-4-222-143-0124  RICHARD R & MARIA L YUENKEL  $16719.31  $1172.88      Twin Lakes
85-4-119-214-1450  LISA R WALSH  $16386.26  $249.50      Twin Lakes
05-123-06-203-002  DHINDSA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS LLC  $14510.13  $877.70      Kenosha
04-122-12-401-001  U S PETROLEUM INC  $14177.74  $4593.10      Kenosha
67-4-120-362-0800  BOGATAS REALTY MANAGEMENT LLC  $12955.27  $414.00      Salem
03-121-02-350-139  BILLY & CRYSTAL MCCOLLUM  $12167.51  $553.60      Kenosha

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