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Snowmobile Trail Hotline

(262) 671-4944

Find out local trail conditions and trail closings.

  • There must be four inches of snow if the ground is frozen to open the trails.
  • There must be six inches of snow if the ground is not frozen to open the trails.
  • The temperature must be below 34 degrees for trails to be open.

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Useful Websites

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All snowmobiles operated in Wisconsin must be registered and registration decals must be visible on both sides of the snowmobile cowling. Online registration is available From the Wisconsin DNR.

State residents have two registration options:

Public registration - Snowmobile can be operated in any area open to public riding and on private property with the appropriate permission. Public registrations are valid for 2 years. Proof of registration must be carried with while riding. $30 fee.

Private registration - Snowmobile can be used by the family on land owned or leased by the holder and immediate family members. Proof of registration must be carried with while riding. No fee.

Snowmobile Registration Application

Snowmobile applications MUST BE VALIDATED prior to operation of the machine. Refer to the list of Validation Stations to find the one nearest you.

You may register your snowmobile online HERE.

Safety Certificates Required

Any person who is at least age 12 and who is born after December 31, 1984 is required to possess a valid Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

in order to operate a snowmobile on public trails, lands or frozen waters. All snowmobilers under age 16 must obtain certification in a classroom certification course.

Internet certification is only available to persons age 16 or older.

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Rules of the Road

Riding on public roads is illegal.

The Speed Limit for all Snowmobiles is 55mph from Dusk till Dawn

Snowmobiles may travel:

  • Along numbered federal highways and state and county highways at a distance of 10 or more feet from the roadway. Travel on the median of a divided highway is prohibited except to cross.
  • Along town highways outside of the roadway.
  • In either direction during daylight hours. In the same direction as vehicle traffic at night. At 10 mph or less within 100 feet of a person who is not on a snowmobile, or in or on a vehicle, or when riding within 100-feet of an ice fishing shanty.
  • Download the State of Wisconsin Snowmobile Rules of the Road

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Trail Map

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Large Trail Map

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Where am I?

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