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As reported by, Sen. Roger Roth says a new bill would help Wisconsin show support for Taiwanese democracy while improving trade. The Appleton Republican in a Senate Housing, Commerce and Trade Committee public hearing said SB 659 would foster a mutually beneficial relationshi…

It’s Brownie Day ... the dessert, not the Girl Scout organization. The best way to celebrate Brownie Day, naturally, is to hunker down over a big ol’ slice (or two) of rich chocolate goodness. The perfect pairing is a warm, gooey brownie and vanilla ice cream, but perhaps you prefer your bro…

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If things had gone according to plan, Lucille Ball would have been a major movie star. Instead, she had to settle for being the queen of television comedy for over 25 years. Not exactly a lousy alternative. But the new film “Being the Ricardos” does make one wonder if Ball may have had a few other successful careers, like director (and not just of her own show) had she been born just a few years later.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Rev. Craig Duke has been a Methodist minister for three decades, building a reputation as a staunch advocate of LGBTQ inclusion. His pastoral duties have now been terminated — the result of a bitter rift surfacing in his Indiana church after he sought to demonstrate solidarity by appearing in drag alongside prominent drag queens in the HBO reality series “We’re Here.”

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