Details for Raze Order CE1902-007

Pub. July 22, 2021. Village of Pleasant Prairie, WI 9915 39th Avenue Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158 Raze Order June 17, 2021 Case Number # CE1902-007 CASCADE FUNDING MORTGAGE TRUST HB5 2900 ESPERANZA CROSSING AUSTIN, TX 78708 Dear CASCADE FUNDING MORTGAGE TRUST HB5 According to Village of Pleasant Prairie records, you are the legal owner of the property located at 12437 41ST AVE, which is further identified as Tax Parcel Number 92-4-122-354-0250 in the Village. The property is located within the R-5 Urban Single-Family Residential District. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the undersigned building inspector/compliance officer has found the above described building is old, dilapidated, or out of repair, and consequently, dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or unfit for human habitation and that repair of the building is unreasonable. I have specifically determined that the cost of repairs to the building would exceed 50% of the assessed value of the building divided by the ratio of the assessed value to the recommended value as last published by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for the Village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and therefore the repairs needed are presumed by statute as being unreasonable. The undersigned building inspector/compliance officer has also found that the above described building(s) is in violation of the following Pleasant Prairie Municipal Ordinance: SECTION 370-19 M BUILDING MAINTENANCE/DISREPAIR The building inspector has found that the building, structure or part thereof is dangerous to life, health or the adjoining property by the reason of bad condition, defective construction, overloaded floors, decay, lack of guards against fire, general dilapidation, lack of routine maintenance or other cause, and hereby requiring you to have the building be made safe or to be removed, maintained or corrected as in the judgment of the inspector. You are hereby ordered to repair or raze the above described structure(s) located at 12437 41ST AVE within 30 days from the date of this letter. If you do not bring the structures into compliance pursuant to the above ordinance within 30 days from the date of this letter, the Village of Pleasant Prairie will begin formal enforcement action, which may result in the Village razing the structure on your behalf, pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 66.0413. Please be advised, pursuant to the aforementioned State Statute, "the cost of razing or securing the building may be charged in full or in part against the real estate upon which the building is located, and if that cost is so charged it is a lien upon the real estate and may be assessed and collected as a special charge, but may not be assessed and collected as a special tax." Legal Land Description: The South 40 feet of Lot 116 and the North 30 feet of Lot 117 in Pleasant Homes First Addition, being a part of the Southeast ΒΌ of Section 35, Township 1 North, Range 22 East, and lying and being in the Village of Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County, Wisconsin To be Razed or Repaired: Primary House/garage and Detached shed The Village and your neighborhood would really appreciate your cooperation and compliance in this matter. Please feel free to contact me at the Village Hall if you have any questions at (262) 925-6712. Sincerely, Gregory P. Czarny Municipal Code Enforcement Officer WNAXLP