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Amazing New Joint Pain
Pill For Seniors Boosts
Immune System;
Reduces Risk Of Falli
Clinical studies show it even protects the
respiratory tract; relieves joint pain and stiffness
without harmful side effects or drug interactions.
By J.K. Roberts
Interactive News Media
INM — Seniors with sore
joints can now get their
hands on a remarkable new
pill that boosts the immune
system, protects the respiratory tract, and even reduces risk of falling.
News of this remarkable
pill is creating a virtual
dlood of letters to the small
company that developed it.

Even though the active
ingredients in this pill are
extremely effective and
proven to work in double-blind clinical trials, it
contains no drugs whatsoever.
This pill is at the forefront in a new class of
“pro-survival” molecules.
This means it works to help
activate T cells, also known
as the “killer-cells” in the
With clinically controlled, scientidic testing,
the research has shown
this pill’s active ingredients
actually boost the production of T cells. T cells help
decrease your susceptibility to infection while actually detecting and destroying
foreign pathogens - like
“That makes it especially
crucial for maintaining a
functioning immune system that’s capable of dighting back,” says Roger Lewis,
Chief Researcher behind
this amazing new discovery.
Clinical trials were conducted by scientists in 14
countries on four continents. The studies included
participants up to 95 years
of age.
They were not instructed to change their diet or
exercise habits. They were
told only to take the active
ingredient found in FlexJointPlus.
The results were stunning.
Every participant who
took the active ingredient as directed showed an
overall protective effect
against respiratory tract
Users also showed signidicant improvements in
immune system balance
and function.
In fact, studies showed
that patients with low levels of this key ingredient
were more susceptible to
respiratory attacks, had a
weakened immune system,
and saw poor cardiovascular function.
Sophisticated scientidic
testing was necessary to
discover exactly why this
pill produces such amazing
immune-boosting benedits.

The brand name of this
pill is FlexJointPlus. It’s
taken once per day with or
without meals. It’s small,
easy to swallow, and there

More Than Joint Pain Relief: Top doctors are recommending
advanced new $2 joint pain relief pill to their patients because it
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are no harmful side effects.
The active ingredient is a
natural molecule that does
not cause harmful interactions with other medications.
Research shows that seniors with joint pain are at
higher risk of falling, and an
imbalanced or weakened
immune system.
The result can be elevated indlammation, pain and
progression of wear and
tear on the joints.
Scientists believe the
active ingredients in FlexJointPlus work to protect
and nourish the joints that
have been damaged by
stress, injury, indlammation, and age.

Researchers marvelled at
the dramatic turnarounds,
condirming FlexJointPlus’
key ingredients repair and
rebuild damaged joints
throughout the body, providing fast acting pain relief
within days.
Soreness and stiffness in
the joints also dramatically
After one clinical trial
using these active ingredients, mobility and dlexibility improved.
Users report being able
to walk, move, and climb
stairs with greater ease and
less discomfort. They even
report being able to sleep
better with greater comfort
and less pain.
Another study published
in the Journal of Arthritis
showed greater than 50%
reduction in pain and stiffness in just 60 days.

In a 2015 Arthritis Care
& Research Study, people
with pain in more than one
knee or hip joint were 74
percent more likely to fall.
Researchers say pain
makes people avoid using
the affected limb, leading
to muscle weakness, poor
function and greater unsteadiness.
What’s amazing is that
FlexJointPlus’ active ingredients contain a powerful
molecule that prevents

muscular atrophy and reduces risk of falling in seniors.
And even more amazing
is the clinical study showing a 72% reduction in
falls in seniors taking the
recommended daily dose
found in FlexJointPlus.
The dindings are impressive, no doubt, but results
will vary.
But with results like
these it’s easy to see why
thousands of callers are
jamming the phone lines
trying to get their hands on

“Based on my 20 years of
experience treating people
with osteoarthritis, FlexJointPlus receives my highest recommendation to any
person suffering from joint
pain and stiffness,” said Dr.
David Vallance, Rheumatologist from Ann Arbor, MI.
“One of my patients
taking FlexJointPlus has
reported a signidicant decrease in pain when going
up or down stairs, sitting
with legs bent for an extended period of time, and
even getting up from a seated position,” said Dr. Richard Gibson, chiropractor
from Windsor, ON.
“I use FlexJointPlus everyday for my stiff and aching joints. I also have my
wife and daughter taking it
regularly as well,” said Dr.
Oozer, G.P. from Lasalle, CA.

This is the ofdicial release
of FlexJointPlus in Wisconsin. And so, the company is
offering a special discount
supply to any person who
calls within the next 48
A Regional Order Hotline
has been set up for local
readers to call. This gives
everyone an equal chance
to try FlexJoint.
Starting at 7:00 am today, the order hotline will
be open for 48-hours. All
you have to do is call TOLL
FREE 1-800-329-2748. The
company will do the rest
FlexJoint’s recent media
exposure, phone lines are
often busy. If you call, and
do not immediately get
through, please be patient
and call back.
FlexJoint are limited. So
get through to the order
hotline within the next
48-hours will have to wait
until more inventory is
produced. This could take
as long as six weeks.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
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