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New ‘UCP1’ Protein
Triggers 17 Pounds
of Fat Loss
Shed pounds effortlessly —
without restricting carbs or calories

Palm Beach, FL — Patients who
are testing a new approach to
healthy weight loss are reporting
astonishing results.
Incredibly, this new approach
is helping them shed pounds
without giving up starchy
favorites like pasta and pizza.
Some people are experiencing
breathtaking results…
“I’ve lost 17 pounds of pure
fat and 23 inches throughout my
entire body,” says Amanda. “I
lost 4 inches around my waist,
7 inches around my hips and 3
inches off each thigh.”
The secret to this effortless
weight loss is a seasoning that
helps explain why the Japanese
are among the slimmest people
in the world — despite eating
tons of rice and noodles.
“I discovered a seasoning
that the Japanese consume with
virtually every meal,” says Dr.
Al Sears, founder and director of
the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging
Medicine in Royal Palm Beach,
“Now you can use this same
secret to activate all five weightloss triggers in your body and
shrink your waist, hips and
thighs — all while enjoying
healthy amounts of your favorite

Why So Much Excitement?
Japanese cuisine features rice
bowls at every meal. Rice balls
for snacks. Rice in sushi. Not to
mention noodles!
Add it all up, and the average
Japanese diet is 70% carbs — far
more than what most Americans
Yet the average Japanese
woman weighs just 115 pounds…
and the typical Japanese man
tips the scales at just 150 pounds.
This gives them some of the
lowest rates of obesity in the
Scientists used to think
Japanese people stayed thin
because they exercised more and
ate less.
But Dr. Sears’ research found
that it’s actually a seasoning they
add to almost every meal that
lets them get away with eating so
many carbs.
And new scientific research
confirms it can shrink your
waist, too.
In one double-blind clinical
study, patients took a placebo
or added small doses of this
seasoning to their diet.
The placebo group lost 3
pounds in four months, while
those who added the seasoning
lost 15 pounds during the same
period. That’s 5 times more
weight loss.
And they did it without
changing their diet or exercising

New Formula Flying
Off the Shelves
So what’s the secret behind
this Japanese seasoning?
It triggers a protein in your
body called UCP1... so your body
releases fat from your cells and
you lose weight — while also
gaining a surge of energy.
Dr. Sears discovered that the
source of this fat-burning miracle
is a substance in brown seaweed
called Fucoxanthin.

contains a little-known herb
called Irvingia gabonensis, or IG
for short.
In one clinical study, 102
overweight or obese volunteers
took 150 mg of Irvingia
gabonensis or a placebo twice a
day for 10 weeks.
For the IG group, the results
were phenomenal — they lost an
average of 28 pounds compared
to just 1.54 pounds for placebo
The IG group also lost 6.3%
of their body fat compared to
1.99% for the placebo group, and
took 6.65 inches off their waist
compared to just 2 inches in the
placebo group.
Dr. Sears also added the
ultimate “carb blocker” to Ultra
Primal Lean: white kidney bean
White kidney bean works by
supporting a very low level of
carbohydrates from being picked
up in the digestive tract.
In one clinical study, 60
slightly overweight volunteers
took 445 mg of white kidney
bean extract or a placebo a day
before eating a carb-rich meal.
After 30 days, compared
to those taking the placebo,
those taking white kidney bean
extract had significantly greater
reductions in:

4. The fullness trigger…
so you feel fuller, more
satisfied and don’t
5. The blood sugar
trigger… so food
cravings vanish.

Now you can finally eat
again and still enjoy the lean,
healthy body that makes you
look great.
Ultra Primal Lean is safe
and effective, and fully backed
by our 100% satisfaction, “no
questions asked” guarantee —
which means you have nothing
to lose but the fat!

How to Order Ultra
Primal Lean Today

To secure bottles of this
should contact the Sears
Toll-Free Health Hotline at
1-866-728-5679 within the next
48 hours.

In another clinical study,
participants took white kidney
bean extract or a placebo every
day for 30 days.
Those taking white kidney
bean extract lost three times
more weight than those taking
the placebo — without any
changes in their lifestyle.
Even better, 73% of those
taking the extract kept their
weight off without any dietary

Garcinia Cambogia supports
a healthy appetite. It helps you
control cravings and feel fuller
faster so you eat less and cheat

But fucoxanthin is just one
secret in Dr. Sears’ breakthrough
5-in-1 fat burning solution.

Chromium helps cut cravings,
curb binge eating and improves
your mood.

Four More Potent
Fat Burners

How It Works

3. The carb-metabolizing
trigger… so you don’t
have to say goodbye to
the carbs you love.

That’s right — those taking
white kidney bean extract lost
weight while still consuming
a carb-rich diet of 2,000-2,200
calories a day!

It’s an easy way to activate
UCP1 — your body’s “energy
release” trigger — to help release
fat from your cells and burn it for
energy every single day.


2. The fat-burning
trigger… so you can
lose pounds of fat and
never fear the scale

Right now, the only way to
get this powerful fat-burning
combination of nutrients is with
Dr. Sears’ breakthrough Ultra
Primal Lean formula.

Ultra Primal Lean contains
two other potent weight loss


1. The energy-release
trigger… so you get
more energy while you
lose weight when cells
release trapped fat.

• Body weight
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Fat mass
• Belly fat thickness
• And waist/hip/thigh

And that’s why he made
fucoxanthin the first ingredient
in his weight-loss formula Ultra
Primal Lean.


activates not one or two but all
five of your body’s weight-loss

Ultra Primal Lean is the first
and only natural weight-loss that

“It’s not available in stores
yet,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline
allows us to ship the product
directly to the customer.”
Dr. Sears feels so strongly
about this product, he offers a
100% money-back guarantee on
every order.
“Just send me back the bottle
and any unused product within
90 days of purchase, and I’ll
send you your money back,”
he says.
The Hotline will be open for
the next 48 hours. After that,
the phone number will be shut
down to allow them to restock.
Call 1-866-728-5679 to secure
your limited supply of Ultra
Primal Lean. You don’t need a
prescription, and those who call
in the first 24 hours qualify for a
significant discount.
NP0120UPL90 when you call in.
If the lines are busy, keep trying
— all calls will be answered.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
The testimonials are from those who have taken Dr. Sears’ original Primal Lean formula.
Others are from his new and improved Ultra Primal Lean.
*Individual results may vary. For best results, combine Ultra Primal Lean with healthy eating and regular exercise.