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Urology Services at Froedtert South

Men’s Health Center
Restoring Function

We specialize in erectile dysfunction, low testosterone,
no needle/no scalpel vasectomies, prostate enlargement and
any urinary flow problems.
Dr. Eric Kirshenbaum pursued a career in urology in order to improve

the lives of his patients by offering solutions to their life-altering urologic
problems. He has dedicated his career to restoring functions lost with
aging, trauma and cancer treatments. “My pursuit of medicine has
always focused on impacting those around me in a positive way. I am
passionate about helping others in their most vulnerable moments and
coming up with patient-centered solutions.”

Dr. Marc Nelson chose a career in medicine and surgery to combine

his passions of helping others, scientific reasoning, and working with
his hands to heal. Dr. Nelson is specifically attracted to the use of
technology to make maximal impact on patient quality of life while
minimizing risk - a distinct advantage of minimally invasive surgery.
Dr. Nelson was drawn to several addressable life-limiting problems
within the field of urology, including sexual and urinary dysfunction.

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