Details for SELECTIVE HEARING CENTERS - Ad from 2020-09-13

True Story...

Do Your Friends and Family a Favor-Get
Your Hearing Checked

For one reason or another you have put off getting
your hearing checked even though your friends
and family have been bugging you about it for
some time. I hear this story repeated over and
over by patients who finally decided to come in.

Listen, it’s September 13th and the holiday season
is right around the corner. Wouldn’t you like to
know what everyone is laughing at when you
gather together to celebrate. Wouldn’t you like to
understand what’s being shared by those you love
while sitting around the table? Wouldn’t you like
Jeffrey Johnston, BC-HIS
to stop smiling and nodding your head when you
Vice President of the Wisconsin
have no idea what was just said? Honestly, the
Alliance of Hearing Professionals
only person you are fooling is yourself.
Often the thing that keeps people from addressing
their hearing loss is fear. They are afraid of what people will think if they
have to wear hearing aids. Here’s the thing, your friends and family are
frustrated and wondering why you won’t do something about it. Because
of your poor hearing you appear to be missing a step since you don’t
reply when someone talks to you or you answer totally inappropriately.
In the words of a patient of mine who is 97 years old, “Honey, your
hearing loss makes you look older than any hearing aid will!”
I want to make this as easy as possible. Schedule a hearing evaluation
before Halloween and it will be entirely free. I will ask you some
questions, and check your hearing and explain it to you. Then I will let
you listen to hearing aids programmed for your loss. If you want to move
forward we will. If not, I will shake your hand and thank you for coming.
No strings attached.

Selective Hearing Centers
Patient Benefits

• Free Hearing Screenings
• Free hearing aid demonstrations
• Buy one-get-one free batteries for life
• Your choice several manufacturers
• Loss & damage coverage included
• Low price guarantee

Connecting You to Life

• Referral program
• Extended service hours
• Mobile service
• Rechargeable aids available
• Same Day Fittings (See office)

On the southwest corner
of Green Bay Road &
67th Street, Across the
parking lot from
Dollar Tree


Kenosha Family Owned & Operated

6804 Green Bay Road, Suite 113 • Kenosha, WI 53142