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True Story...

Your Hearing Loss Affects
Them Too!
About half the time that people call and make an
appointment for a hearing evaluation is because they
have reached the point of frustration with not being able
to hear the tv, group conversations, and family as well
as they used to. They can hear but not understand what
is being said. They want change. The other half of the
time it’s the persons family members and close friends
who are the driving force behind the patient taking the
crucial first step of calling our office.
I have had so many patients tell me that they really
had no idea how much stress and strain their hearing
loss was causing the people in their lives. What finally
Love Aunt Cheryl &
drove one gentleman to call was his grandson asking
Uncle Jeff
why grandpa didn’t want to talk to him. Another guy said
his daughter was refusing to visit unless he addressed his hearing loss. Just the
other day a lady in her late 50’s came in to get help because her husband refused
to watch tv in the same room anymore. She said that her father had the same
hearing loss and refused to get help which affected many of his relationships and
she didn’t want to end up the same way.
With the release of several studies over the past few years about hearing loss in
relation to cognitive decline, anxiety, loneliness, and depression, there is really no
reason to put off addressing hearing loss. More than that you have some pretty
important people in your life who want you to be a part of what’s going on around
you. If not for yourself, do it for them.
I hope we see you soon.

Selective Hearing Centers
Patient Benefits

• Free Hearing Screenings
• Free hearing aid demonstrations
• Buy one-get-one free batteries for life
• Your choice several manufacturers
• Loss & damage coverage included
• Low price guarantee

Connecting You to Life

• Referral program
• Extended service hours
• Mobile service
• Rechargeable aids available
• Same Day Fittings (See office)

On the southwest corner
of Green Bay Road &
67th Street, Across the
parking lot from
Dollar Tree


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