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True Story...

For 2021 Let’s Seek God
No matter who I talk to, everyone agrees
that 2020 was a year like no other. From
a pandemic to riots to a bizarre and very
divisive election season, not many will be
sad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror.
At this point every year I spend some time
in prayer reflecting on the past year and
pondering the year ahead. I am not one who
cares much for New Year’s resolutions but I
do appreciate assessment and planning. I do
this for our business and in my personal life
as well.

Jeffrey Johnston, BC-HIS
Vice President of the Wisconsin
Alliance of Hearing Professionals

Last year I decided that my “focus” for 2020
would be on kindness. Looking back, I can
see how important this was. In 2020 kindness seemed to be
in short supply. Unless you knew where to look. We found it in
the nurses and physicians taking care of covid victims and their
families. We found it among the police forces across the country
who have been under constant attack for the behavior of a few
and yet showed up to protect and serve. We found kindness in
the teachers who in a very short time had to adjust to teaching
online. We also found it in many black communities where they
peacefully protested to have their voices heard. We also didn’t
have to look too closely to find the opposite of kindness. As
I have been reflecting on the behavior of our politicians, the
increase in violence and crime, the lack of mutual respect, and
the overall absence of “loving our neighbor” I think I have my
direction for 2021. Will you join me?

It’s time to seek God like our lives depended on it…..because
they do. We need Him. Jesus is the only thing that can fix this
mess. There are many scriptures in the Bible that have great
promises attached to seeking God. I don’t mean seeking Him
for what He can do for us but seeking Him just so that we can
know Him. When we draw near to God, He draws near to us. We
can’t help but be changed in His presence. If everyone did this,
all of our current problems would vanish. Why? Because God is
Love and when we spend time with God, we desire to please Him
instead of looking out for our own self interest. Let’s seek God
with all of our hearts!

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