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“Asking Others to Repeat
Makes Me Feel Stupid”
This is a direct quote from my wife who has worn a hearing
aid since she experienced sudden hearing loss at age 46.
My wife is a highly intelligent woman. I mean, she chose me
to be her husband, what other proof do you need?  Kidding
aside, a lot of people experience the feeling of being weak,
unintelligent, abnormal, or different because of their hearing
loss. They feel that by admitting there is a problem and
addressing it, it will actually make them feel worse. The truth
is that most of my patients who get fit with hearing aids will
share how much more connected, sharp, and “normal” they

Jeffrey Johnston, BC-HIS
Vice President of the Wisconsin
Alliance of Hearing Professionals

The sobering thing is that a person with hearing loss can
come across as not as being not as sharp as they used to be,
not paying attention or zoning out, or they get accused of having selective hearing. Often
times our patients think they are becoming forgetful when in reality they are not hearing
the information correctly so they are not remembering the proper information. I have had
countless patients tell me they feel they have a better memory since being fitted with
hearing aids. What I believe is really happening, is that they are hearing more accurate
information and are then able to repeat it.

There have been several studies linking brain function/health to hearing. We already know
that in most cases the longer a person waits to get hearing aids, the harder it will be to
adapt, and the less benefit they are likely to experience.
What are you waiting for? Call us for a free hearing screening and consultation. I don’t
believe in high pressure so if you are not ready for hearing aids we’ll wait until you are.
Take the first step and see if we can help.

Selective Hearing Centers
Patient Benefits

• Free Hearing Screenings
• Free hearing aid demonstrations
• Buy one-get-one free batteries for life
• Your choice several manufacturers
• Loss & damage coverage included
• Low price guarantee

• Referral program
• Extended service hours
• Mobile service
• Rechargeable aids available
• Same Day Fittings (See office)

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