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It Took Dad 5 Pairs of
Hearing Aids to
Find Success
My father worked 40 years at Snap-On-Tools, next
to the drop forge. Needless to say he developed
hearing loss in that time. In his mid 50’s, I fit
him with his first pair of hearing aids. He would
wear them on and off, struggling with how they
felt and how sharp the sounds were. I had been
fitting hearing aids for about 5 years and felt
pretty confident that we had achieved a good
fitting. Problem is, he would only wear his hearing
aids part time. Over the next 12-14 years I tried
several other pairs of hearing aids from different
manufacturers with about the same results.

Jeffrey Johnston, BC-HIS
Vice President of the Wisconsin
Alliance of Hearing Professionals

My success rate, (people keeping and liking their
hearing aids), is above 95%. Dad’s was a tough case.

About 2 months ago I fit him with a new, mini behind the ear, blu tooth aid
that I have had great success with. He is wearing his hearing aids 12-16
hours a day and LOVES them!
He loves that they don’t need batteries because they are rechargeable.
He loves that his phone calls and music come through them without
taking the phone out of his pocket. Most of all he loves that he can hear
clearly again.
If you have struggled with hearing aids in the past, give us a call because
technology has changed and I won’t quit until we get it right. The hearing
evaluation and consultation is free and without obligation. Take the first
step and give us a call.

Selective Hearing Centers
Patient Benefits

• Free Hearing Screenings
• Free hearing aid demonstrations
• Buy one-get-one free batteries for life
• Your choice several manufacturers
• Loss & damage coverage included
• Low price guarantee

• Referral program
• Extended service hours
• Mobile service
• Rechargeable aids available
• Same Day Fittings (See office)

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